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Our files are filled with page after page of written testimonials, most from workshop attendees, and also others who were dedicated enough to pursue learning from reading the books and viewing the on-line courses on their own. In fact, scarcely a week goes by that we are not engaged in conversation with, or visited by a graduate of Holodynamics who is in gratitude for the “gift” of understanding that is the foundation of the Holodynamics body of information. The names are real.

“For 15 years I have been unsuccessful in dealing with my allergy. It has now been two years since I “tracked” it’s “intent”, and the affliction has completely disappeared!” Ryan

“The pain in my right hip was so uncomfortable I no longer wanted to walk or take stairs. In less than one hour of tracking (in a restaurant, no less) I learned the “message” that was hiding in this experience, and the pain went away immediately. I learned that I was on the wrong track with my career, and as soon as I made a commitment to make an appropriate adjustment the pain went away and has not come back.” Julia

“Wow! I’m not angry any more!” Van….

“I was hesitating about a few things in my life….but no more. I have overcome my fears.” Allyson

“The night after the tracking I was guided to stop taking the allergy medicine I have had to take every day for over 40 years. My throat not only opened up but I am able to sing like I did when I was young. I feel free now. Thank you.” Bonnie (Although Bonnie’s experience is not surprising to us, we do not participate in the tracking experience other than to facilitate it, and do not recommend people stop their medications. This is Bonnie’s personal journey which she shared sometime following the tracking session.)

“I have always been shy. After the tracking I found I have overcome my terror of speaking to groups.” Joan

“My toddler son was having problems I was unsuccessful dealing with. Going back in time I was able to talk with a grandfather who shared with me what the problems were about. This was the exact information I needed to help my son.” Heather

“Oh, my gosh, life is going to be different now! We’re not in Kansas anymore, are we?” Ellen

“I didn’t know where to go next with my life. I knew I was here to help people and couldn’t figure out how. After the workshop it is really clear to me it is time to do the music I have set aside. I’m just going to DO it!” Lisa

“I was a minister, frustrated by a structure too confining for my creativity and effectiveness. Now I understand it’s all about being who I really came to be. I can inspire people anywhere I am. I expect the adventure to unfold gradually, but I can see where to start.” Sharon

“I am a consultant in a large corporation. When layoffs began I might easily have been the first to go. With holodynamcs under my belt I spoke to the boss about how I could help him make this transitional process as effectively as possible for the company. Instead of being laid off he gave me a raise!” Jody

“I am a massage therapist, and when I use the Holodynamics tracking and relive/prelive processes (in conversation) my clients are healing very quickly.” Sharon

“I am a physical therapist. I have always been successful, but my schedule was not as filled as it might have been. After taking Holodynamics, then applying new wisdom to my sessions with clients, results amplified. Now I am booked over a year in advance, and people are healing much more quickly.” Robin

“I was in a good place when I learned about Holodynamics, although I am always interested in learning more. What I learned is that I was so mental—so analytical that I was limiting my own progression. I learned, with practice, to be really “present”. Now when I am in sessions with people I enter in “wisdom”. Rich

“I haven’t had something this alluring for healing – ever! Thank you! Donna

“I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life, and now it is so obvious.” Brandon

“I called Sue for a tracking en route to the hospital where I was told I would likely die. Twenty minutes later (after the tracking) I realized I was on the way to the hospital to “live!” Lita

“This is such a one stop shop! I wish I had known about you a lot sooner. It all seems easy now.” Theresa

“I have searched my whole life for what you have taught so beautifully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” James

“I am checking in after using the principles of Holodynamics for several years to say thank you once more. I have shared the principles and processes with many friends in order to help them overcome physical and emotional discomforts, and there is much gratitude for this information. Thank you very much, again.” Tim

“I had taken a couple of other courses, then read a few books by best selling authors, and still did not find a path to the knowing and wisdom I was seeking. The books were written by wise authors, but they weren’t making me feel wiser myself! Holodynamics provided an understanding of what others were attempting to communicate. I needed real information instead of someone else’s personal or channeled experiences. Now everything makes sense. Thank you so much.” Sue

“I am a life coach, and one of my new clients told me she was a greater improvement in herself after just two sessions with “tracking” than she had experienced over the last several years! This is such a great way to help people.” Paul

“Thank you, again, Dr. Woolf. If I were asked to rate your program 1-5, I’d give you a 10! This is making such a difference in my life!” Kim

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for tracking me on such short notice. Friday I was rushed to the hospital where I was told I had cancer and was given only a short time to live. Today (Monday) when the doctors arrived to determine the best medication to prescribe they could no longer find any cancer. I used their state of disbelief to insist they release me from the hospital, went home and started to pack to launch a journey I had only dreamed of previously. I would have loved to have tracked their disbelief, but didn’t dare hang around long enough!” Alexis

“I got in my car recently to drive home from a Holodynamics evening meeting. I didn’t realize a man had entered the car and was hiding in the backseat. He appeared to me when we had reached an isolated area. He said he was going to rape me. He looked tough. Knowing the only thing that is real is love and acceptance, I opened my arms to him, saying I LOVE YOU! He got so scared he fled! Too bad, I would have liked to track him! (name withheld)

“This training is both powerful and elegant at the same time. I have taken so many courses, but I can see that all my previous studies prepared me for THIS. Holodynamics is so practical. I am really grateful for this experience.” Andrew

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