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The Holodynamic Science of Consciousness Workshop
(Five Holodynamic Courses in One Workshop)

Taught by Founder, Victor Vernon Woolf, PhD

Workshop Brochure

The Holodynamics Program of courses and books offers a real, scientific and multi- dimensional explanation of how human consciousness unfolds. The layman-friendly approach explains how this information works in everyday life so that people can successfully navigate through the many challenges and changes that are occurring in our experience with optimal effectiveness.

The information reveals to each person how they can personally contribute to desired global changes by transforming the things that show up individually within and around them. It is about accessing other dimensions for solutions to real problems.

The Workshop (five courses) offers the first five sequential courses on Holodynamics that progress from micro to macro. Everything presented has been tested and proven to be effective in solving both simple and complex problems in multiple cultures around the world (see www.holodynamics.com for details).

Course One: An Introduction to Reality as One-Whole-Dynamic Information System:
Taking a holographic look at reality, and using a quantum framework to understand human consciousness, the dimension of the “real” self, also known as the Full Potential Self that is projecting us from the field called “hyperspace”, is accessed. Information theory and developmental psychology provide an understanding of the natural order of development. This understanding allows us to access dimensions where solutions to problems and challenges can be found.

Course Two: Unfolding Potential:
Accessing and addressing the information systems (holodynes) that control thoughts, feelings and behaviors provides the opportunity to transform these systems from their downdraft influence into an updraft dynamic that results in unfolding the potential of the participant. Exercises provide the opportunity for communication with both the information systems and the Full Potential Self to achieve the desired result. It becomes clear that—outside the dimension of time—the challenges being experienced are caused by their solutions!

Course Three: Accessing and Transforming Relationships:
Understanding of how individuals interact in relationship to each other and to systems, money, things, habits, etc. provides the means by which real intimacy and productive relationships are established. Bringing the focus to the positive intent of each challenge results in the desired transformation in areas such as illnesses, financial challenges, identifying “place” in a changing world, addictions and more. The path to manifestation is explained.

Course Four: Field-Shifting:Transforming Collective Consciousness:
Understanding genetic codes, as well as hyperspacial influences, permits a penetration of the matrix of inherited patterns, in turn supporting the shifting of “fields” of information. Application of the Relive and Prelive processes makes it possible to step outside of time to transform the past and the future. This considered to be the most valuable of all the courses, because viewing the origin of challenges is effective in up-drafting collective consciousness, creating greater maturity and effectiveness for everyone in the field. Exercises serve to support finding our place in time.

Course Five: Potentializing Systems: Implementing Changes:
Gaining an understanding of the information fields that control our collective systems provides the means by which the systems can become more mature, fair, sensitive, and effective for the many. Systems such as governments, businesses, social systems and churches that are poised for positive changes can be influenced to move more quickly towards their most mature potential state. This course provides information on how working at a micro level greatly influences the macro.

In movies like “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “The Secret” we learned of new ways to perceive reality. Now, in The Workshop, you can take the next step and learn of new ways to easily apply this knowledge in your daily life to...

  • Connect to and be guided by a part of your being that exists outside of time and space,
  • Discover the quantum covenants that you have with all the people you have relationships with and realize the deeper purpose of those relationships,
  • Create health and wellness,
  • Move beyond illness and addiction,
  • Manifest financial abundance,
  • Find the purpose of your life that will lead to joy and fulfillment, and
  • Stop believing and start knowing...

Experience life beyond the limited confines of linear thinking, emotional dynamics and conflict. Access the holographic quantum field of infinite possibility at The Workshop.

To register for the Workshop or take Online Courses
Visit www.holodynamics.com
Questions: Contact Sue 928-649-1958

Dr. Vernon WoolfAbout the Founder and Teacher: Victor Vernon Woolf , PhD, is Director of the International Academy of Holodynamics. He is the author of 18 books and the creator of Holodynamics Courses and Workshops. Following his degrees in physics, education, religious education, and a PhD in psychotherapy, he became active in transformative work with families, drug abusers, the mentally ill, problem youth and prisoners.

In 1984 he was asked to work with large corporations as a consultant and eventually began to focus on governmental transformation. He spent over ten years in Russia, applying the principles of Holodynamics
to the transformation from Communism, and received many commendations, including two gold medals, for his contribution to science and society. He can perhaps, be best described by the peace negotiations in the Middle East where he was known among Arabs as “Foraig,” meaning “solutions where none are evident”.

He is an outstanding teacher and motivational speaker, and is active as a personal consultant to individuals, families and corporations where he helps create personal empowerment and extraordinary results.

To register for the Workshop or take Online Courses
Visit www.holodynamics.com
Questions: Contact Sue 928-649-1958

“Vern Woolf is a magical speaker and his Holodynamic approach can do more for my people than anything I have ever experienced.”
- M. Zykov, CEO Commonwealth Company, Director of World Family in Russia

“Vern speaks aligned with specific goals and gives specific processes for attaining those goals. He is as dynamic as his subject, and I am still using Holodynamcis in Boeing.”
- P. Gilmore, Trainer, Boeing Aircraft

"Vern’s work can be effectively applied to any aspect or dynamic of human thought or potential: personal or group dynamics, relationships, health, spirituality, organizational development, etc. etc. etc.”
- R. Beattie, Anthony Robbins Institute

“More powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced.”
- A. Waters, Writer

“Every problem is caused by a solution.
Every challenge we face in life exists so we can manifest its solution.”
Vernon Woolf, PhD

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