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  1. What is holodynamics ... ?
  2. I never studied science. How difficult is holodynamics to learn?
  3. How does holodynamics fit into my view of life and God?
  4. Is holodynamics a form of therapy ... ?
  5. What is tracking... ?
  6. Can you cure any illness with the tracking methods ... ?
  7. Can anyone track himself/herself ... ?
  8. Can I become a certified tracker?
  9. Can holodynamic principles be used to solve relationship issues?
  10. Can I really make changes in my life that effect the whole world?
  11. Where can I find more information about holodynamics ... ?


What is holodynamics ... ?

HOLODYNAMICS: nil. (ho-lo-di-nam-'iks), from "holo" meaning whole, and "dynamic" meaning effective force in motion. Holodynamics is the application of quantum physics, developmental psychology, information theory, holographics, and other modern sciences to the understanding of consciousness and the unfolding of life potential.

Those who study holodynamics are interested in the whole dynamic of reality. Thus life is viewed from an all-inclusive perspective where one's reality is open to dynamics from the past and future and even from parallel or hyperspacial dimensions, and where one can combine information from all schools of thought, including science, religion, philosophy, psychology, education, economics, and politics, in order to better understand the whole dynamic of life and unfold their potential.

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “Holodynamics: How to Manage Your Personal Power” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “Unfolding Potential, Course I” and other courses in Holodynamics)

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I have never studied science. How difficult is Holodynamics to learn?

Science helps keep us in harmony with what is real. The good news is that everything we teach is so easy to learn that children often get it before their parents do. People from different cultures and different regions of the world have embraced Holodynamics with such enthusiasm that they produce extra-ordinary results. Our goal is to get as much of this information to as many people as possible as soon as we can. From all indications, we humans are in the middle of the greatest transformation in our history. People need to know what is happening and what they can do about it. Be assured that you and all your friends and family make an important contribution to what is going on.

You may find it helpful to listen to some of the interviews (see Interviews)

(Also refer to: "The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe" by Victor Vernon Woolf)

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How does holodynamics fit into my view of life and God?

From a holodynamic view, the universe appears conscious. Matter, time, and life itself, appear woven into a complex and fascinating tapestry of information in motion. So you decide whether this information affects your view of life or your view about God.

Consider, for example, that the smallest detectable forms of matter appear as "spinners" of information that exhibit both upward and downward spin in a quantum potential field. Spinners appear to be connected to both the hyperspacial and physical dimension of reality. What this amounts to is that information is being "spun" out of a dimension beyond the speed of light (i.e., hyperspace) to appear as potential in a quantum field prior to manifesting as physical form. These hyperspacial networks of entangled spinners of information are quantum in nature and exhibit an almost unlimited ability to compute every possible potential for any given set of circumstances.

Such pre-physical conscious computations are involved in the manifestation of matter and in the formation of free will. Life, as far as we can understand, exists first within a quantum potential field. It takes on form when, for example, the DNA double helix protein strings grow into position as directed by spinners. Thus, life has a built-in order called "the implicate order" and everything, even humans, grow according to this order.

The mechanisms of our own consciousness are continually influenced by specific quantum dynamics of spinners. Information, coming from both our sensory perceptions and perhaps from parallel worlds, is spun into quantum potential fields within our microtubules where the information is organized into "units of cause" or "holodynes." The world we experience as matter is held in place by holodynes that create quantum harmonics within our microtubules. These harmonics are sent as Frohlech frequencies coded with the information that controls the fine-grained and gross-grained (holographic) screens over all our senses. Our view of reality changes as these harmonics change. In other words, the experiences we have are controlled by our holodynes. The good news is that we can, as conscious beings, access and learn to manage our holodynes.

One process for accessing and transforming our holodynes (and thus exercise more control of our personal lives) is the process of tracking.

HOLODYNES: nil. (ho-lo-din's), meaning whole units of cause, refers to specific information systems that control thoughts, feelings, actions and consciousness of individuals.

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “The Master Program” and other courses in Holodynamics)

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Is holodynamics a form of therapy ... ?

Holodynamic processes have been demonstrated effective in various therapy modalities. Physical therapists, for example, get better results when using holodynamic processes as do massage therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and nurses. The same is true of psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, business trainers, spiritual counselors and others. In each modality, the principles and processes of holodynamics are adapted to suit the language and expectations of the participants.

Holodynamics is a science. It is a unique science in that it proposes the integration of all known information into an approach that applies to consciousness (and everything is conscious). The purpose of Holodynamics is to explore, understand and apply whatever information is involved in any set of circumstance. The application of holodynamic information has proven effective in potentializing various types of situations, such as solving complex or difficult problems that traditionally resist change. Holodynamics was first applied in private counseling and to marriage and family therapy. Its extra-ordinary success led to further applications in drug rehabilitation, mental health and populations such as youth offenders and even maximum security populations in prison. Thus, at its birth it was identified as a form of therapy.

We learned from these early applications that therapists can successfully use the holodynamic processes and there is great therapeutic value to be found in creating solutions to psychological dynamics as well as in healing of physical diseases. But holodynamics has been successfully applied to other fields as well.

One of its primary focuses has been on the study of consciousness. The information obtained from that focus is available to every school of thought including every therapy approach. It is available to everyone (that's why we have this web site) and has been used to create extra-ordinary results where other, more limited approaches and more complicated approaches have failed.

Theoretically, it is possible that each branch of services such as medicine, for example, would eventually take upon itself the label of "Holodynamic Medicine" and a school that will train "Holodynamic Doctors". Likewise, there is a movement in Russia that is proposing that "Holodynamic Psychology" qualifies, according to international standards, as a unique branch of psychology. (A group of more than 100 psychologists in Russia, for example, plan to register Holodynamic Psychology officially with the International Association of Psychologists in the near future).

Currently the International Academy of Holodynamics sponsors an educational program that teaches very specific information for therapists. This includes a specific holodynamic model of consciousness, ten processes for transforming information, and a series of processes for potentializing any set of circumstances. These "tools," however, can be applied to a wide variety of situations and used by a variety of people in every walk of life.

In order to insure quality and congruency of training, the Academy of Holodynamics provides certification of teachers and practitioners. A separate group, made up of the elected representatives from the body of hundreds of trained and certified "Master Teachers" form a quorum whose purpose is to maintain self-discipline of the participants.

This professional body understands that the performance of holodynamic processes does not require approval. There is no governmental/state license required. To teach holodynamic courses does require certification from the Academy. Thus the quality of information is preserved. In addition, use of the processes and receiving payment for their services, requires a license from the patent owner of the processes and the materials. The Academy provides the certification process.

In summary, the application of holodynamic information can have a therapeutic effect. Professional therapists use holodynamic information and processes in their therapy approaches with great success. Holodynamics is the science of the whole dynamic of life and cannot be confined to a single approach or a single profession.

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious World” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: "The Therapy Manifesto: 95 Treatises on Holodynamic Therapy", (2005) by Victor Vernon Woolf)

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What is tracking ... ?

Tracking was coined from an early childhood experience of tracking a rabbit through the woods after a snowfall. The rabbit tracks were clear and I, as a young boy, wanted to find out where the rabbit was going so I "tracked" it. I just followed its tracks. I seldom found the rabbit but, later in my life, as a therapist, when I found evidence of holodynes and experienced their tremendous power, I wanted to find out more about them and to discover if they could be influenced in any way. So I created the process of "tracking" holodynes. Tracking refers then, to a process of exploring, identifying and connecting with holodynes and setting the situation up for possibly transforming those holodynes. Out of these early explorations came a series of processes for potentializing consciousness. These are now referred to as the Holodynamic Processes. One of these processes is tracking.

(Refer to: Presence in a Conscious Universe: The Consultant's Manual II )

(Refer to: “Tracking” – audio tape)

(Refer to: “Course Two: Transformation of Consciousness in yourself and others")

“To change the physics of a single holodyne changes the physics of the universe.”

Vern Woolf, Ph.D.

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Can you cure any illness with the tracking methods ... ?

Most people are not aware that everything is made of information in motion. Therefore, disease or "dis-ease" is caused by information systems (holodynes). Holodynes can be transformed so, yes, since tracking transforms holodynes, disease can be transformed. Furthermore, the holodynamic approach to healing treats more than just the symptoms of a disease. It gets to the primary information systems that cause disease.

I see and hear reports regularly about the healing of almost every kind of disease using a holodynamic approach. Holodynamics works better because it allows information from every aspect of the disease to be processed in the healing procedures. Thus every possible healing modality is included. The result is that hundreds of cases of cancer have reported "spontaneous remission" as have AIDS, arthritic and other diseases.

The Body Balance Center, in Aurora, just outside of Toronto, Canada, is an encompassing Center that includes cancer patients. Christine Vlasaty Armata, the Center Director, uses holodynamics as a primary ingredient for addressing all types of diseases including cancer. She reports great success in this approach and the research and application continues.

In Irkutsk, a city of over 1.5 million people in the middle of Russia, the holodynamic center is situated in the City Center right next to the Mayor's office. I was invited to speak there in 1997. The Mayor of the City came out of the building onto its expansive steps where he and an entourage welcomed our little group of Holodynamists and personally ushered me into the city chamber room. More than 300 people had crowded the room. Evidently they had waited over an hour and a half to thank me for "the process that healed them and transformed their lives." I was their special guest and as we explored together some of the principles and processes of holodynamics, it soon became evident that many of them had experienced some remarkable dynamic healing experiences using Holodynamics. As I prepared to leave the meeting, they formed a "hug line." Much to my surprise, almost every person in the meeting wanted to express their gratitude for the healing they received!

The first woman, for example, explained that she was very wealthy and had suffered from a liver ailment. "I have traveled around the world, Dr. Woolf, seeking a cure for my ailment but no one could help until I met that little woman. She pointed to one of the Master Teachers (Maria) standing in the crowd. The woman then fell into my arms and wept and, through her tears, explained that at last her ailment had been cured through the use of the holodynamic processes. The entire line of more than two hundred people expressed similar experiences. It is not known how many people in the world have similar experiences using the holodynamic processes.

In a holodynamic framework, healing takes place as a result of the individuals taking responsibility for the information causing the disease. The person's "reference" becomes his or her Full Potential Self which directs the healing process, locates the holodynes, includes the larger field dynamics, and transforms the information fields into a more healthy process.

(Refer to: “Holodynamics: How to Manage Your Personal Power” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: "The Wellness Manifesto" (2006) by Victor Vernon Woolf

(Refer to: “Course Four: Transforming Collective Consciousness")

(Refer to: "Field-Shifting: The Holodynamics of Integration: the Facilitator's Manual" (2006) by Victor Vernon Woolf

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Can anyone track himself/herself ... ?

Yes. Anyone can do self-tracking. Most people become sensitive to the complexity of information networks in which they are imbedded and are able to successfully identify and transform holodynes to their benefit. Why then, one might ask, do we have others who offer to help track people?

Because information can operate subliminally, we, living our normal busy lives, forget. We forget who we are. We forget to stay aware of our holodynes and the information fields that bombard us. We forget to focus on the whole dynamic. We get comfortable. We go on cruise control and loose control until we choose control.

Information is self-organizing. It organizes into closed, seemingly coherent systems, and can close itself off to outside information. Without realizing it, we get locked into our own event horizons. Our view of reality comes into a limited coherence. Information systems are also self-preserving. Holodynes develop a life of their own and develop their own causal potency. They can actually block any information they consider to be threatening to their own life style. In extreme cases, holodynes have been known to "kill" their host rather than change the information.

In light of this, most people prefer a support team that can objectively help them access and transform their holodynes.

(Refer to: “Holodynamics: How to Manage Your Personal Power” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe” by V. Vernon Woolf)

(Refer to: “The Master Program”)

(Refer to: "Presence in a Conscious Universe: the Consultant's Manual II" (2006) by Victor Vernon Woolf )

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Can I become a certified tracker?

Certification as a tracker requires qualifying both in academic performance in courses offered by the Academy of Holodynamics and in supervised practical field experience. The specific requirements for both academic and field experience are outlined in the Certification Program. A certified tracker is referred to as a "Consultant."

(Refer to: "The International Academy of Holodynamics Certification Manual" - updated version 2007)

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Can holodynamic principles be used to solve relationship issues?

Relationships contain some of the most complex information systems in the universe. Consider, for example, the relationship between a man and a woman. Each person has within them the holodynes of all the men and all the women in their lives. This includes all the holodynes inherited from their family tree and those modeled by the society and culture. Furthermore, each person also has the memories of all the games that men and women play. In order to manage all these holodynes each person develops special information systems that control their intimate relationship. This "Being of Togetherness" or "BOT" for short, manages the patterns of the relationship. The BOT can be a closed information system fraught with problems.

One such problem is the "ideal" mate holodyne. For the man, this might be a "Barbie doll" image and, for the woman, it can be a "Ken doll" image. People grow up looking for the ideal mate and, when they find a person who resembles their image, they "fall in love." Such love is usually short-lived because being in love with an ideal is no deal. Being in love with an ideal is a form of being in love with yourself. It's a no-deal deal because such people are only in love with their own image and usually have little room left for being in love with another person. Ideal images reflect a hidden potential that, once accessed, can be transformed into the potential of one's real partner.

Holodynamics offers specific courses on relationships. These include courses on Intimacy and also on professional relationships that include courses on business dynamics and leadership.

(Refer to: "Field-Shifting: the Holodynamics of Integration: the Facilitator's Manual III" by V. Vernon Woolf, 2006. )

(Refer to: “The Love Tapes” – a 3 audio tape series)

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe)

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Can I really make changes in my life that effect the whole world?

From the perspective of the new sciences, any personal change creates a change in the whole world. From the best of knowledge available, the universe is holographic. Once reality is viewed through a holographic framework, it is possible to realize what is known to the part is known to the whole and what is known to the whole is known to the part.

As Stephen Hawking points out, when you use a holographic view and you look at a black hole in space, you can see two more dimensions that allow you to understand how black holes work. The same is true when you look at consciousness.

Since we are capable of observing consciousness, we are also capable of understanding how consciousness functions. Using a holographic view, consciousness begins at the micro level, down among the hyperspacial dimensions where networks of interacting spinners make computations that provide free choice. Frequencies from these networks are quantum and extend outward into our bodies and continue to the outer limits of imagined space and can be measured as they "bounce back" in real time.

We live in a conscious universe and anything that effects consciousness impacts the entire field of consciousness. Thus, to transform a single holodyne is to transform reality. To track and transform a holodyne impacts your inner world. As we progress from micro to macro, the process of tracking becomes expanded into the processes of reliving and preliving. Our lives change and impact the lives of others including other dimensions or parallel realities.

From physics we know that time bends and the past, present and future are running in parallel. Reliving, for example, transforms the past and that transformation can be seen to impact the present and future. Likewise the process of Preliving has an effect upon the future and this effect is experienced now, in the present. Even information from parallel worlds can be transformed and their influence shifts here, in this world.

Anyone can make a difference by beginning within themselves. The beauty that you possess within you can manifest as beauty in your home or the beauty in a relationship or on the job and even on your environment. Balancing our own inner biosphere creates a harmonic that helps balance the global biosphere.

(Refer to: “The Dance of Life: Living in a Conscious Universe”)

(Refer to: “The Master Program” and other courses in Holodynamics)

(Refer to: "Unfolding Potential" the online course, 2007 in Holodynamics)

(Refer to: "Sustainability: Creating Sustainable Communities of the Future: Now!")

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Where can I find more information about holodynamics ... ?

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