Submitted By Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.




The texts for this course are: Holodynamics; The Dance of Life; Manuals I – V; and the Wellness and Therapy Manifestos (see


This course is offered in multi-media containing both written and video coverage. To access the written account, scroll down and complete the exercises. Video attachments are enclosed (see DVDs).


Consciousness grows. It emerges through natural stages of development in every species, every human and every culture. It’s part of the whole dynamic of life and that’s why we call this program the Holodynamics of Social Consciousness. The Holodynamic approach allows a framework that includes the whole dynamic of consciousness in society.

This course addresses the issues that have arisen in current times that our ancestors never had to face. The beliefs of our ancestors no longer work. You and I live in the greatest era of rapid change and transformation in the history of humanity. Ever culture is in rapid transition and the changes have come with such speed that it has thrown much of the world into chaos. Many people see the present situation as a threat to the survival of civilization and the extinction of the human species and their fears are justified.

The explosive growth of human population and the resulting demands on the environment along with our pollution and the resulting demands on Nature has triggered what environmentalists have declared to be the most serious situation every faced by the human race. These changes, along with the rapid increase in mobility, mass migrations, the impact of modern technology, increased communications and cultural transitions have caused people to ask how can we possibly survive?

When we add extreme climate changes; global warming and global dimming, rising ocean levels, slowing of the Gulf Stream, melting of the ice, desertification, fluid governance and increased military action, makes clear that the survival of civilization is clearly threatened. The situation demands a clear understanding of what is real and how to deal in a real, effective manner that will insure the survival of future generations.

The key to our survival depends upon our conscious state of being. Unless people of every culture become aware of what is real, they will not be able to deal effectively with the situation. Consciousness is the central pillar upon which our survival as a species depends. This course is focused on increasing personal and collective consciousness.

The natural development of all humans is to grow in consciousness. As we understand more about our personal consciousness we will gain the power to transform ourselves and also stimulate the growth of our collective consciousness. As we grow collectively we will be able to more effectively manage our relationship to each other and our relationship to our environment.

As we mature in consciousness, each person is able to implement and practice a more comprehensive framework of collective social consciousness. Such a framework must be embracive of every culture, universally principle-driven and give direction and meaning to the current worldwide transition. It must inspire people to move towards creative change and growth in consciousness. The aim of this course is to integrate various aspects of individual and relationship consciousness into the social collective matrix that governs our transition into a new global society that is socially more conscious.

Over the past few decades we have used the various findings from science and developed both the concepts and the processes for shifting the field of collective consciousness. To more effectively accomplish unfolding personal potential within the field of the collective potential of society, it is necessary to scientifically and socially develop consciousness. The Holodynamic framework of social consciousness meets these criteria.

The texts for this course are: (1) The Dance of Life: Transform your world NOW! Create Wellness, overcome conflict and align your Being with Nature; (2) Holodynamics; How to Develop and Manage your Personal Power; (3) Manual I: The Holodynamic State of Being; (4) Manual II: Presence in a Conscious Universe; (5) Manual III: Field Shifting;

(6) Manual IV: Field Shifting; (7) Manual V: Principle-driven Transformation: the Holodynamics of the Dance of Life; the Teacher’s Manual; (8)The Wellness Manifesto and (9) The Therapy Manifesto.

One central aspect of social consciousness is sustainability. As you lighten your personal carbon footprint and establish more sustainability as an individual, you are more capable of reinforcing more sustainability within your community. More sustainability within your community adds to the sustainability of your county, state and nation. It is this progressive movement toward sustainability that is sweeping the world and it begins at the micro level – within each individual – within you as an individual person.

Another aspect of social consciousness is to become better prepared to more effective interact with others. You must move beyond your addictions to war before your culture can move beyond its collective addiction to war. As you learn to better manage your internal dynamics - among your holodynes - you become more effective in dealing with others around you and eventually you learn to be more effective in your cross-cultural interaction with people from all parts of the planet. This is an integral part of developing social consciousness.

As your social conscious awareness develops, you naturally experience an increase in your capacity to deal effectively with those around you and this naturally unfolds your capacity to create a more sustainable, environmentally balanced community that becomes more effectively interconnected with other communities. You realize you are part of one, whole, dynamic universal information system. From this holodynamic framework it becomes possible to meet the challenges that face humanity in this period of chaos and change. You move beyond conflict and into negotiated cooperation.

Since information organizes from micro to macro, training leaders and teachers to more productively address external interconnected public challenges, requires a comprehensive program that begins with effectively managing your internal challenges. Thus focusing on social consciousness is the fifth course in this series that began at the micro level within you and now progresses into the whole dynamic of the world around you.

The natural process for emerging consciousness progresses from micro to macro. From the Holodynamic framework of Social Consciousness this progression takes place in a series of courses: individual, relationships, systems, principles and implementation. Collectively, these courses provide strategies that integrate your transformed internal and relationship dynamics into the social community creating more diverse, independentmindedness. You become aware of and responsive to collective needs. While the first four courses in this series focused on internal and intimate family dynamics of the past, present and future, the focus eventually comes to implementing strategies that effectively transform collective consciousness around you to better meet the needs of future generations. It’s about shifting the field of the matrix that controls the patterns of society so we become more effective collectively.

Given the present day conditions of diverse conflicting interests, high levels of consumption of our precious resources, restricted fiscal resources, lack of consensus on options and the growing use of weapons of mass destruction, the governing intention of this course is to introduce concepts and practical ways to improve our collective condition. We can meet the challenges we face. We know how and we want to share this information with you so you can share it with others.

To accomplish this we will focus on implementing more effective ways to manage:

  1. Business economics (as in Conscious Capitalism)
  2. Government (as in Conscious Politics)
  3. Religion (as in Spiritual Consciousness) and
  4. Society (various System Transformations within your community).

Since each situation is relatively complex, the International Academy of Natural Science (IAONS) has developed a follow-through program that has been woven into each course of this series. To accomplish this goal, IAONS has formed an alliance with the International Academy of Holodynamics (IAH). The follow-through program includes:

  1. Leadership and training models with support texts (see for specifics)
  2. Implementation of specific projects that support sustainability (see as an example)
  3. Continued local support through Holons (refer to for details)
  4. Networking with others of like-minded people around the globe via the Internet (see and Online Courses as examples)
  5. Identification of necessary shifts in our collective state of consciousness so that we, as a species, will survive the predicted consequences of extreme climate change (see Courses One through Four and for support details).

It is our primary aim to insure that future generations survive. This requires that we create a major shift in our personal and collective consciousness.

Findings of scientists such as Ilya Prigogene indicate that our situation has yet other complementary possibilities. His Nobel winning discovery of dissipative structures indicates that chaos is symptomatic of a changing order that moves from one state of less organization to a more complex, advanced order. From this view, the human race is in the process of global transformation.

Using a framework that includes the latest scientific discoveries it is possible to see that the vigorous challenge we are facing may be creating a whole system transition, one in which everything shifts to a whole new form. To understand this new form requires that we study the whole dynamic. The turbulence that is occurring among and around us is an indication of an enfolded dimension of reality that is emerging in society that has to do with the holodynamics of social consciousness.

This series of courses begins with the exploration of Paul Townsend’s multiple dimensioned view of reality and introduces a quantum view where everything is made of information in motion that is emanating from hyperspace (beyond the range of our physical senses). From this view everything is connected even though this connection may not be evident to our senses. It has to do with what scientists refer to as hyperspace (beyond space as we experience it). We also discovered we could access hyperspace consciously where we discovered our hyperspacial counterpart (our Full Potential Self) and, once in contact, an entirely new version of reality becomes evident.

We use David Bohm’s findings on the implicate order of life to unveil the built-in order of consciousness within every human. We used our Full Potential Self to guide us and, from within this framework we found how we could unfold our personal potential progressively through natural stages of personal growth. From this holodynamic approach we discovered the patterns of the development of collective consciousness. We tested this hypothesis in different situations and found we could create extra-ordinary results in solving some of the most complex problems on the planet.

We learned that information organizes from micro to macro and that everything is connected in some dimension of reality. Using the proposition that there are at least ten dimensions of reality, we used the holographic dimension and found a hidden order of consciousness (holodynes) that control human thought, emotions and behavior.

Once aware of the holographic dimensions of consciousness we explored how to transform our holodynes and our relationships with holodynes. We discovered how our relationship with our holodynes is reflected into the patterns we use in relationship to each other. We explored the pattern of development of relationships and the Being of Togetherness that contains the matrix of intimacy and such things as faith, hope and trust. We learned to unfold the potential of our relationships in multiple dimensions.

It is evident that each micro pattern is reflected in the collective consciousness of the culture in which we live. The matrix of holodynes within us governs the way we do business, the way we learn and the pattern of our lives. This is what determines the core of our beliefs and the origins of our conflicts. The entire system of patterns within our collective consciousness is governed by an internal matrix that resonates into the field of our collective consciousness in a two-way street of communication via our microtubules.

The forces that drive this multiple-dimensioned matrix begin at the micro level: with our hyperspacial counterpart. The information that emanates from our potential self precomputes what Roger Penrose calls “a menu of options” for every situation “before we can think a single thought.” This is possible because time is relative: our Full Potential Self is not confined by time and space as we are. According to Stephen Hawking, the past, present and future are all “running in parallel.” We have learned to align with our Full Potential Self and establish a superposition outside of time and space where we can take a “bird’s-eye-view” of every situation in which we find ourselves.

We explored how to transform holodynes, relationships, inherited patterns and collective consciousness. We found we could relive the past and prelive the future and, in the process, transform our inherited patterns and even our physical reality. We can choose (from our menu of options) to create a future that has a built-in new form of human presence. It is built-in because everything is conscious and everything and everyone and everywhen is part of our hyperspacial covenant we have made together. We live in a conscious universe according to covenant and we can re-negotiate our agreements.

In this course we explore the various forces and influences that are active in this stage of our collective transformation. We know that, from a quantum view, each person is connected to everything in the universe. To change one holodyne is to change the physics of the universe and people all over the planet are “getting” our agreement to transform and unfold our potential together. People are potentializing everything everywhere. When we step out of time and look at the Megatrend predictions for 2050 we see a rising tide of social consciousness that is sweeping the world.

It is time to identify the major goals of our collective social consciousness and, by exploring the intentions of these goals; it is evident that each person can creatively help develop socially consciousness in their community. We will look at the laws of Nature that enable people to become socially creative and how to step up to the plate and set the example that leads others to do the same. This course is about potentializing social consciousness.

We will talk about the need for socially conscious people and how you can identify them when you come in contact with them. There are some great examples of socially conscious people and we will mention a few and outline a training strategy so you can start taking action in your own neighborhood and encourage others to do the same.

The recent findings of various scientists around the world have unveiled a new view of reality – one that includes the whole dynamic (holodynamic) and unveils how to meet the challenges of the day. We have spent five decades testing and distilling this information in order to solve some of the most complex challenges on the planet and we found that using this new information allows us to create extra-ordinary results.

This course is about achieving extra-ordinary results. No generation has ever had a greater opportunity. This is an invitation to join hands and hearts and minds and shift the field toward what is required to secure our future generations. To begin, let’s take a look at the predictions about what is going to happen by the year 2050.


From all indications, the world is going through the most dynamic changes in 65 million years. Information is pouring in from every dimension. Following these trends, by the year 2050, the environment will come into balance, human pollution will be completely and effectively managed, communities will become more self-sufficient and sustainable, the globalization movement will come into balance with decentralization and people will form new alliances that have a multiple bottom line: profits, people, environment and sustainability. These trends are already well on their way. Here are some examples:

1. United Nations Environmental Predictions: Zero Emissions by 2050 or else!

According to USNewsReport issued in Aug. 2007: the United Nations Environmental Committee, composed of some of the leading environmentalists in the world; using one of the most advanced computers on the planet; programmed into the computer one of the most sophisticated weather prediction programs in existence; input the most advanced comprehensive body of information on planet weather conditions; and ran a prediction scenario as to what was going to happen. The computer’s predictions are electrifying.

According to the computer, if we do not reach zero emissions by the year 2050 the likelihood of the survival of the human race diminishes to zero. The critical point, according to the computer, is that worldwide temperatures cannot reach beyond a 2 degree Celsius increase or the weather will turn into such extremes that our entire infrastructure will be destroyed.

Winds will reach such velocities that our buildings will be destroyed. Rain will increase to such proportions in some areas while drought will occur in other areas and ocean levels will rise creating such chaos that the human race will predictably face extinction. As entire croplands are devastated; water sources destroyed; and transportation and communication systems demolished, the resulting turmoil will destroy humanity. We have two choices: end emissions or prepare for the worst and hope some small fraction of our species survives. The conclusion reached by the environmentalists was that we must create zero emissions before 2050.

Most people find this report unbelievable. It is so startling that people often cannot respond except with skepticism and criticism.

From a Holodynamic view, it is good news. It means we are now faced with the real possibility of extinction. We must change or fail. It’s happened before. Two and a half billion years ago, when the Prokaryotes became so numerous they polluted their environment with oxygen (which is lethal to Prokaryotes). They were about to become extinct. Their challenge was met when one Prokaryote evidently crawled inside another and produced the first single celled Eukaryote. Eukaryotes were able to build different life forms and so they built breathers and used the oxygen as a source of energy. Thus arose the multi-celled life forms that now inhabit the planet.

Cataclysmic events such as volcanic irruptions, shifting sunspots, ice ages and meteor bombardments have caused mass extinctions in eons past. The extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago is one example. On each occasion, life has responded with a new order that flourishes over time until today we have great varieties of life on the planet. We now face the greatest extinction of life on the planet in 65 million years and humans have triggered that extinction. If we do not change, we face the possibility of extinction.

2. The spontaneous movement toward solutions: The good news is that environmental consciousness is exploding all over the planet. Entire cities are shifting to alternative energy and pollution free processes. People are turning back to solar, wind, water, biodiversities, and quantum and chemical alternative sources of energy. Viable alternatives are popping up all over the planet. Conscious Capitalism is taking root. It pays to go green. Political Consciousness is blossoming in every country. Spiritual Consciousness is spreading and Conscious Learning is extending its branches around the world. People everywhere are moving towards solutions. Our collective consciousness is growing.

The city of Chicago, for example, is planting gardens on roof tops (which cuts energy costs by 15% in buildings such as the City Center building). Sweden, Norway and Finland are placing photovoltaic tiles (the new kind that are 6 times more efficient) on their buildings in beautiful designs, making each building self-sufficient in energy. Some cities are creating bike paths to cut down on the necessity for automobiles and entire communities are adapting themes like “pollution free by 33.” Many Cities and States are passing ordinances that require environmental protection and even the US government is beginning to seriously respond to environmental changes.

Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Russia and even China are boasting major changes toward sustainability. Other nations are adapting protocols on waste management as people become environmentally conscious. As this trend continues, our collective consciousness emerges into a new form of relationship to reality and Nature. Within the next four decades this landslide of advanced social consciousness and the new technology that comes from the creatively conscious people will be utilized in the greatest transformation in planetary history. Humans become stewards of the planet.

The movement toward environmental balance and zero emissions has already stimulated the development of new pollution-free energy sources, manufacturing, food production, transportation and shelter.

Emissions from all sources, are being processed and transformed, precious resources are being retrieved. As people grow in environmental consciousness, all industrial plants, government and business buildings, homes and all human activities will come into balance with the environment.

The methane from melting permafrost of the Artic regions in Russia, Alaska and the Canadian Yukon Territories will be curtailed by new technologies that will “sweep” the air collecting carbon and other pollutants to be “stored” as resources for future use. One example is the “grids” that are planned to fit on each vehicle (see below). In this next era humans establish sustainable zero pollution communities and many will create a negative carbon footprint.

By 2030 the world will overcome its addiction to oil. Vehicles will be powered by technologies that are currently being researched. For example, the next decade will produce:

In addition, the solar paint will be used to create sustainable communities of the future that will utilize:

New technologies are being developed that will help:

3. Recognition of the individual: New technologies are being developed by global organizations but, in the main, individuals will develop them in small, local teams because information organizes from micro to macro. It is the individual inventor who, from a position of global consciousness, taps into his or her Full Potential Self and discovers what is needed to meet the needs of the masses.

Today we are embedded in a collective matrix that has created the greatest opportunity every faced by the human race. We have the technology and the resources and we were born to unfold the potential of this situation. It is part of our covenant.

People everywhere are becoming conscious of this momentous moment in time. Environmental scientists have outlined the conditions we face. The evidence is clear. It is being spread among people around the world and we know we have a time limit. The most critical factor in our success is not our lack of resources or our lack of opportunity: it is our lack of collective consciousness. And that is precisely why we have created this course on Social Consciousness.

To reach our capacity we must overcome the resistances that plague us. We know these resistances are made of information systems (holodynes) embedded within the event horizons (self-contained information systems) we have inherited from our ancestors. We know they are self-perpetuating and have woven their way into our collective consciousness. We also know they are self-organizing and have an implicate order of growth.

With all this information pouring in, we can choose to transform our collective consciousness. We are maturing. We will handle the challenges and survive if we choose to unfold our potential. It begins with each individual and spreads to each group.

We will, in the next decade, establish a worldwide social consciousness-training program – one that includes the whole dynamic. The United Nations is the nature organization to sponsor and spread this program. Every person, group, government, business, church and social organization will begin to sponsor effective training programs on social consciousness. As we increase our awareness, we will realize that this movement is bigger than all the things that divide us. It is beyond all our wars, profit incentives, religious beliefs and cultural imperatives. It is about our survival as a species. Incentives will be established and systematic teaching will be put in place. The situation is real and we now have the opportunity to deal.


The aim of the movement in Holodynamic Social Consciousness is to implement a comprehensive, holodynamic framework of collective consciousness that gives direction and meaning to the current worldwide transition towards creative change and growth in consciousness. The aim in this course is to integrate various aspects of individual and relationship consciousness (presented in Courses One through Four) into the social collective matrix that governs our transition into a new global society (Course Five).

Waste management techniques have improved significantly over the past few decades and this movement will continue until people are able to retrieve all precious resources within any waste management system. They will also transform any substance that is not valued into pure energy and carbon ash. No pollutants escape into the environment (5).

In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the city and private enterprises have created an efficient organic recovery processes as part of their larger recycling waste management system. Organics are dumped into a recycling bin and rotated and piled where hot air decomposes organic materials into rich pure fertilizer. Plastics, paper and metals are recycled in ways that make the entire operation financially profitable. Everyone wins and this is part of the Megatrend of the future.

According to the power of the current wave of interest, the implementation of social consciousness will be integrated into every branch of society by the year 2050. Terms like “conscious capitalism,” “conscious politics,” “spiritual consciousness” and “conscious learning” are already common among many people.


An enabling environment requires effective partnerships between the civil society, the government (both central and decentralized), and the private sector. Such an environment requires the people at all levels of society to gather the will, courage, initiative and energy, through training and skill development, to unfold their potential.

The transformation of consciousness that is sweeping the world moves leaders from their addiction to power and control, into communication, negotiation and cooperation. An enabling environment requires that leaders allow others to develop their personal capacities, initiate their own contributions and contribute in every way they can to their own governance. The world can no longer afford to waste their energies on top-down and down-up governance conflict immature management styles.

To create a culture of participatory democracy requires that the said participants be capable of complex and coherent decision-making. This requires greater use of their inherent potential in consonance with greater dedication to improving the social conditions of their communities. Mature social consciousness recognizes that what is true for a participant is also true for leaders and other facilitators of social change.

The Holodynamic framework for Social Consciousness training meets these criteria and has demonstrated its success among more than 160 cultures of the former Soviet Union and is still active in creating social change in more than 20 countries.

In order to get a clearer picture of how complex this job is, let us consider a few facts. The economic, political, religious, social and environmental factors will have to be considered comprehensively in light of the multidimensional aspects of consciousness. The essential information has carefully been outlined in these courses on Holodynamics. When this framework is applied to specific situations, it requires careful skilful considerations to implement the necessary changes. Take, for example Israel.

In Israel three major world religions claim their origins to the geographic location within Israel. The coalition of Israel with the United States of America has triggered fierce opposition from the Islamic leaders and the political arena internally and among neighboring countries is filled with conflicting interests. The resulting conflicts are of great concern to the rest of the world. Special interest groups have not demonstrated enough sophistication to negotiate effectively and even international interventions are mostly impotent in the current situation.

In addition, Israel dumps an estimated 700,000 tons of toxic chemicals into the Mediterranean every day. An additional 700,000 tons of garbage and toxic wastes are piled on land waiting for incineration. One of the challenges is that the Israeli incinerator can only manage 1/3 of the garbage dumped each day so the piles grow higher and higher and extend for miles across the land. It is not only the smell that is repulsive it is also the fact that the piles become so toxic over time that coming into contact with them presents an extremely hazardous situation.

The political arena is woven with complexities. Israel, for example, requires that Palestinians pay Israeli to collect their garbage. Israel uses military force if the Palestinians do not pay but Israel does not collect the Palestinian garbage so it accumulates everywhere in Palestine. The reason Israel does not collect the garbage is reportedly because they do not have a way to manage wastes. Israel could use the money collected to construct a new waste management system but the money is needed to defend against the aggressive aspects of the Palestinian people.

We offered to finance a Remediation Park for the Palestinians but they were afraid the Israelis would come and destroy it. The cycle appears endless until Social Consciousness is taught and people on every side of a conflict can step back and take a bird’s eye view of the situation, find solutions and implement the solutions themselves.

In 1993, as a representative of the Israel-Palestinian Dialogues for Peace program, initiated by Ramah Vernon, I was able to start a Social Consciousness Program (the Order of the River of Life). Recently I returned to interview some of the participants. The results were exceptional. Participants reported transformations (from “the River of Death” to the “River of Life”) that included their family, friends and associates. The Social Consciousness Program has become self-generating.

It is also clear that a great deal of work still must be done among the people in the Middle East. Among the Israelis we have teachers and master teachers operating in the area and they are seeking political and religious approval for consciousness training. They are making headway, as are their Arab counterparts (8).


The Holodynamic program for training in Social Consciousness (presented in these five courses), utilizes a wide spectrum of the combined new sciences and multiple dimensions of reality (thus holodynamics). Furthermore, the concepts and processes have been distilled and perfected over the past five decades in solving complex problems in different cultures and produced exceptional results.

The application of the new information leads to new understanding of human and societal development within humane and holistic parameters. It’s a tested and thoroughly proven approach to solving complex problems. This information represents the heart of the worldwide potentialization processes now taking place all over the world.

The principles and processes presented in these courses reflect the evolutionary momentum (rather than the destructive possibilities) that lead to a new understanding of human and societal development. As people become aware of the new information they access enfolded dimensions of reality; tap into hyperspacial information; transform their holodynes; transform their genetic codes and inherited family patterns; potentializing relationships; potentializing systems; integrate the past and future into the present within holistic and humane parameters that transform the field and balance the biosphere. The people involved have become socially conscious and mature.

With mature social consciousness people are able to establish sustainable communities, re-pattern their basic human nature, create the re-genesis of their society and transform the interconnected information fields from the past and future into the present.

Those who manifest mature social consciousness bring into reality the attentiveness and skills of their creative genius to serve their fellow humans. They enrich human development and enhance life at every level of society with particular attention to the citizens of the world living in places where such enhancement is particularly limited.

They share their conscious awareness with all levels of society including the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, the positive intent of military leaders, the political potential powerhouses and with every level of business and social enterprises. Their sharing has deep meaning because they demonstrate a useful model of shared governance and work activity that serve in the re-genesis of society.

These consciously creative people in society are aware of the six dimensions of conscious growth and development and consider each dimension when approaching any situation or condition. These six dimensions include:

These six dimensions of development operate in parallel to other forces. Using a Holodynamic framework the social conscious creative person takes into account:

In addition, the socially conscious person can utilize a series of educational tools to enhance people’s consciousness:


One of the burdens we bear as a race is that we have become addicted to the beliefs of our ancestors. Their beliefs are passed on through the microtubules of both the sperm and the egg. They are modeled for us from childhood through our lives and they are woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness.

Furthermore, each ancient belief system is contained within self-organizing event horizons that are self-contained, exhibit self-preservation and resist any new information. In a very real sense, these information systems pass on from one generation to the next and are modeled for us by our family and friends. They are transgenerational.

Transgenerational addictions are woven into the fabric of our genetic codes and reflected into the fabric of our collective yet, as difficult as it may seem, they are dynamic. They exist in a continual state of change. Fortunately, they respond to new information when leaders and teachers effectively deliver it.

The ability to deliver new information requires people know the information and develop the artistic social skills to deliver that information to those who need it. Teaching both the academic information and developing the skills to deliver it are part of the Holodynamic Social Conscious training program. The old illusions of separation are transformed into new forms of relationships that include communication, negotiation and cooperation.

Old boundaries between government officials and civil society individuals; between peoples with disparate interests and agendas; between indigenous people and Anglo-European citizens; and between the notion of an island nation and the rest of the world has been acknowledged as thinning and becoming porous. New information is pouring in through mass media, the Internet and increased phone and mail services.

In past generations, the beat of the drum dictated the pace of the army. In today’s world people are moving ahead much faster than their leaders. Unencumbered by the dictates of governance in a corrupt and immobilized society, individuals are creating great steps forward in every area of society. The Internet and environmental issues are having a major impact on the leadership dilemmas of the past.

The Internet: Governments have collapsed, covert operations exposed, illegal businesses and investment offerings have been left in isolation because they lack transparency on the Internet. Today leaders know that any government or business that expects to survive and thrive must be transparent, cannot be infiltrated with klepto-bureaucrats and must keep their agreements with others (10). This movement is part of the new Conscious Politics and Conscious Capitalism shift.

Going Green: In the past forty years, the rising tide of “going green” has engulfed entire communities around the globe. The green tide of environmental consciousness has lifted every ship in the harbor. The responsible reporting of environmentalists has justly earned the honor of Nobel Prize awards (2007) and stimulated the transformation of community planning all over the world. People are becoming environmentally conscious and it is paying off. Leaders are seriously involved working with their constituents in co-creative projects for sustainability (11).

As environmental consciousness grows, entire communities from around the world are reaching out, asking for assistance in the transformation of their citizens, organizations and institutions. Environmentally conscious people from the UN have put their signatures on the UNDP’s present emphasis on the need to create a sense of shared governance through decentralization to meet the challenges of cleaning up the environment. Environmental consciousness is providing a major step in stimulating the potential for dynamic leadership models to be adopted and put into place.

New ways of looking at leadership and new methods of developing human potential with decentralized governance and fulfill the vitally have become important millennium goals for all nations. “Go Green” has become a rallying cry and people everywhere are responding. The alliance between the International Academy of Natural Science and the International Academy of Holodynamics is an example of shared symbiosis. Different types of organizations are joining forces to accomplish a common goal.

With every bit of new information come new awakenings at every level of consciousness. From this awakening, countless new programs and projects have evolved at every level of society. Social consciousness begins with individual consciousness and progresses into relationships, groups and into systems. Here are a few examples.

Utah: The Holodynamic program on social consciousness had its birth in Utah. It created some extra-ordinary results first among individuals who were in therapy. Their remarkable rate of recovery motivated them to help others. They helped organize the Gathering Places in Utah County where they helped train drug-dependant teens to counter the illegal drug pushing. The teens recovered and their program was so effectively that, within 18 months it became literally impossible to push illegal drugs in Utah County.

The Provo Family Therapy Clinic undertook another project when confronted by families who asked for help with an “identified patient” in the Utah State Mental Hospital in Provo, Utah. The clinic began a training program for such families and, when they were trained in Holodynamics, they became so successful in helping their family members in the Mental Hospital that, within four years, more that 80% of the patient load in the hospital had been released into the community. With the help of their family and friends, these former patients were able to sustain a productive role in the community.

As more people became socially conscious, the Social Consciousness Program expanded into 22 states. In addition to personal development, couples and families were transformed. Groups and businesses experienced extra-ordinary growth and eventually the program expanded to other countries where entire governments went into what appeared as a spontaneous remission. The former Soviet Union is one example.

Russia: In1988, Holodynamics was introduced in the Soviet Union as part of the Soviet-American Dialogues for Peace. Ramah Vernon had arranged for a discussion with the Soviet Military leadership and the subject was how to change from a war mentality to a peace mentality. Dr. Woolf co-chaired the meeting with visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.

The facts presented led to leadership training of both the military and the academies. Holodynamics was adopted into the Academy of Natural Science in Russia and is currently taught in the educational department of the Noosphere branch of that academy.

The rapid expansion of the information resulted in the certification of 630 teachers who became administered by a board of six Master Teachers and Holodynamic training programs in consciousness were initiated in more than 100 major cities in the Soviet Union. One of the extra-ordinary results was that, in correlation with a number of other agencies and interactive groups, the Communist government was declared illegal and the Soviet Union was disbanded into Russia and the various Republics in 1990.

During the next few years more than 60% of the ownership of land on the planet was transferred to private ownership without a war. In the resulting chaos the old KGB members took over the government. The former head of the KGB became head of the government and a systematic attempt was made to disband all Holodynamic programs in Russia. The programs went underground and, to the best of our knowledge, tens of thousands of socially conscious people are still actively making positive changes in their various communities.

Olga Sokalova is one such person. In a visit with Dr. Woolf in February of 2007, Olga reported, “Holodynamics in Russia is very active in many ways.” She asked if Dr. Woolf had been ill in December of 2005 and January of 2006. When he replied “Yes I was. I contacted a nasty bug in the Middle East and it took me two months to recover.” She nodded her head and replied, “We knew.” When he asked what she meant, she replied, “The people throughout Siberia are connected to you and we hold a field of love at all times for your success.”

She went on to explain, “Holodynamics brought me back to life. I had died and, because of what I learned, I came back to life. I was able to graduate with my doctorate degree in psychology and I have been active in helping people in every branch of life. I was nominated as one of the Nobel Peace Prize’s 37 outstanding women of the World in 2006.” She went on to explain how she was “the only nominee from Russia” and was “honored in Moscow” for her contributions. She affirmed that “the love and appreciation the people of Russia and Siberia feel for Holodynamics is deeper than words” and that “the love we share for you Dr. Woolf is beyond this physical world.”

It’s like scuba diving. Once people become aware of the inner world of hyperspace and holodynes, they never forget it. Once they become socially conscious, they cannot turn back their learning. They are joined in the growing and often silent majority of informed citizenry that create and maintain a system of generosity, manifesting continual sensitive compassion and high service. In reality, individual people always lead.


Governments follow individuals. When conscious people get together, they utilize their creative genius and generate invigorating imagination and vision and spread their healing influence to everyone they touch. They encourage communication, negotiation, cooperation and correlation even with their former enemies. They do this because they know that only their best friend (in hyperspace) would care enough to become their worst enemy here on earth. Every problem is caused by its solution. We are here to manifest solutions.

Life for those who are socially conscious is a celebration and every human is naturally endowed with an endless supply of creative power. Their natural state of being conscious cannot be dictated to or forced from them. People always have choice. It is our job to help those who are not aware of their menu of options to unveil it so they can choose.

When some people hear this kind of talk they immediately want to know what we were teaching that could possibly create these extra-ordinary results. The obvious answer is found in this series of Holodynamic courses on Social Consciousness. More exactly, we taught people to unfold their potential and the rest they figured out themselves. We just shared the information from the new sciences and how we applied it to solve problems and unfold potential. Social consciousness is a natural state of being. Anything more or less is an illusion.

People become Advocates, Consultants, Practitioners, Facilitators and Implementers – the socially conscious transformers of the past, present and future. They initiate change in society: in business, political programs, churches, and schools. In order to better understand how this is done, let us outline some of the details of what is taught and how it can be applied.

Most of the people on the planet realize that they live in a time of whole system transition, a condition of interactive change that affects every aspect of life. On the downdraft side, this includes the many problems we currently face: extreme changes in climate, disastrous ups and downs in our interlinked financial markets, worldwide unemployment, more than a billion people living in deprivation of food and essential resources, disappearing soils and forests, the angers and actions of the disenfranchised, oppressive governments and corporations, and a stratified economic system that rewards the most greedy among us, rising crime and continual social chaos. And this is good news! It’s a smorgasbord of opportunity.

In spite of the negative factors that threaten to destroy us, there is occurring an emergence of patterns of possibility never before available to the planet’s people as a whole. It is true that virtually every known institution is currently in a state of transformation. And yet, given the scientific, technological, cross-cultural, and social tools at hand, and given, too, that humanity is searching as never before to cooperate in so many areas, people everywhere are integrating their inner and outer dimensions in ways that infuse new depth into human development and new purpose and responsibility into social transformation.

Three powerful dimensions are involved that are propelling the current state of collective consciousness. Each dimension works in parallel and fuels the others. Each is dynamic and each is, in many ways similar, but each is also distinctive. These dimensions may be described as:

  1. The transformation of individual consciousness.
  2. The transformation of the relationships among peoples, cultures and nations.
  3. The integrative transformation of our collective consciousness with the rest of reality including with Nature.

Understanding, defining and working with these dimensions and their evolutionary potential provide the framework and foundation for the leadership training work of Social Consciousness.

1. The Transformation of Individual Consciousness:

Understanding the dimension of personal transformation pushes us to discover and utilize dormant or little used capacities and come to a more comprehensive understanding of our place and responsibilities in this world and time. Capacities that previously belonged to the elite few have become the province and requirement of the many. This is an essential ingredient if we are to survive the next hundred years.

Each person is able to tap into the creative potential of their hyperspacial counterpart, their Full Potential Self and harvest the treasure of information that is available there to bring forth solutions to problems, art, poetry, music and invention.

Most people, given opportunity and training, can learn to think, feel, and know in new ways; function in their bodies with better use and awareness; become more creative, more imaginative, and aspire within realistic limits to a much larger awareness, one that is better equipped to deal with the complex challenges of life.

As Albert Einstein reminded us, we cannot solve problems from the same level of consciousness that created them. Therefore, the consciousness that can find solutions to such problems needs models of its own matured possibilities; visions of what the possible human can be and do that go beyond the limitations of academic excellence or dogged persistence to attain certain goals. Personal consciousness holds the keys to our future.

2. Transforming Relationships among people, cultures and nations.

Accessing other people’s Full Potential Self allows us to feel at home with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Once you learn to transform your personal holodynes, the ways we relate to one another are necessarily shifting as well, toward the discovery of new styles of interpersonal connection and new ways of being in community, within a global society.

People naturally develop from physiocentric (physical) to egocentric (personal) to relational centric (relationship conscious) to social centricity to ethnocentric (principled) and to worldcentric. As each person progresses through their stages of conscious growth a fundamental change takes place in the nature of civilization, compelling a passage beyond the mindset and institutions of millennia.

Central to this development is a maturing partnership society; in which women join men in the full social agenda.

In some societies male/female roles are still polarized. When the role assigned to women, for example, tends to emphasize process over product, to understand the power of being as well as doing, deepening rather than end-goaling; and the male role is assigned to more rational, sequential goal-reaching. It is inevitable that, even within such polarized societies, the result of the male/female partnerships will integrate the linear, sequential consciousness processes of the male with the process/being/emotional roles assigned to the women.

Together, males and females can evolve to the knowing that comes from seeing things in whole constellations rather than as separated discrete facts. The rational balance of the male can temper the common emotional processing of information found in the feminine mystique.

What occurs among socially conscious people is a superposition that owns both the linear masculine and the wave orientation of the female and creates a state of being beyond the traditional polarizations so popularized by the media. The more mature ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of reality allows more effective interaction among all sexes and ethnic cultures. Course Three on Intimacy explores these dynamics in more detail.

The consciousness engendered by this more comprehensive vision of the whole dynamic is well adapted to living comfortably in the multicultural realities of the modern world. The integrative of male/female dynamics prepares for social integration. It raises our understanding and promotes healing between and among nations and ethnic groups.

Essential to this matured consciousness is moral and ethical empathy among individuals and nations that honors the new information from science and the golden rule of human interchange.

The shift in the field of our collective consciousness is engulfing every social form and challenges traditional governments at every level to begin to shift the emphasis on social engineering designed to “fix” specific problems and instead “embrace” the understanding of the world as “ecology,” a complex adaptive system in which global awareness is applied to local concerns.

Here again, we need models of a new order of relationships and their place in a possible society, one in which male and female, science and spirituality, economics and ecology, civic participation and personal growth come together in an integral and interdependent matrix for the benefit of all.

3. Transformation of Collective Consciousness with the rest of Reality.

In the places where our world operates interdependently, old barriers are dissolving, along with the ancient fears that sustained them. Technologies of instant communication and exchange of information and open alliances enable people to join minds and hearts in mutual discovery and creation. In our new world, more and more people are able to accept the benefits of cultural diversity and to adopt a more inclusive worldview, inspiring human nature with renewed hope and caring.

What began as migrations and global economics is fast becoming a worldwide network of individuals and institutions quickened by the new social paradigm in which humanity and the Earth are each enhanced within the context of a collective destiny. As the information horizons of old forms breaks down, a more complex and inclusive global conscious organism is coming into being. As living cells within this new organism, we are rescaled to earth-wide proportions in our responsiveness--and our responsibilities.

The state of knowledge, which is bringing these enfolded dimensions of our collective potential into social realization, is very high, while the state of application still leaves much to be desired. Our applications and actions are way behind our knowledge.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the governing intention of this course in Social Consciousness is to introduce these concepts within a Holodynamic framework as a means of bringing knowledge, training and application together in effective new ways. The goal is to assist, through leadership training models, in the fulfillment of plans for potentializing governance so those who lead can stimulate human development.

Our aim is to implement the current transition towards creative change and growth in many arenas and in ways that will encourage and prepare stakeholders to more effectively accomplish the goals of potentializing our collective consciousness. This means balancing globalization with decentralization and individualization.

The goal of social consciousness training is to provide significant shifts through a variety of trainings: cross-cultural, human and cultural development, education in human and cultural capacities and potentials, and other activating factors aimed at directing both individuals and social capital toward the creation of better societies and more conscious peoples. The strategies presented in this series of courses work in an interconnected world and have proven effective in producing consciously aware leaders and teachers who productively address interconnected public problems. In our present-day conditions of reduced fiscal resources, lack of consensus on options, this training helps create the necessary involvement of diverse, independent-minded stakeholders and produces extraordinary results.

Socially creative conscious people are more than able to realize the Millennium Development Goals of the UN, which are aimed at providing critical and sustainable solutions to be achieved by 2015 from their 1990 level. These goals include reducing poverty and hunger by half, cutting the death rate of those who are under-five mortality by two-thirds and maternal mortality by three-quarters, reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS and halving the proportion of people without access to safe water. Critical to these goals is the aim of achieving universal education and gender equality.

In order to achieve such worthy goals, a new paradigm of sustainable human development is required. Such a framework must be based on the most accurate information available. To succeed it must be one that supports human development in its most primary form: the development of capacities, skills and potentials that activate both individuals and groups in ways that enhance their societal choices and commitments, liberate their inventiveness and raise levels of esteem and cooperation essential to carrying out the goals.

The United Nations Development Program describes sustainable human development as “expanding the choices for all people in society.” This means that men and women and particularly the poor and vulnerable are at the center of the development process. The program must be available to everyone or every country and every class of citizen. It also means the protection of life opportunities for future generations and the natural systems on which life depends. This makes the central purpose of development the creation of an enabling environment in which all can enjoy long, healthy and creative lives (UNDP 1997).”


As we help people, citizens and leaders alike, to bring new consciousness to bear upon social change they rise to the challenges ferry themselves across the dangerous abyss that separates a ‘dying’ era from a ‘re-birthing’ era.

The work of the socially conscious is creative and has evolved into an open-ended determination to provide a dynamic balance between inner understanding and outward expression. Those involved are able to integrate both individual and group training in human capacities on six levels – physical/sensory, psychological/personal, relationship/family, social/systems, symbolic/principled, and integral/global. Each issue, situation or goal, is similarly addressed through all six levels allowing for greater depth and ability to manage any level of complexity.

Six Levels of Conscious Awareness

Physical/Sensory: The physically conscious person takes note of information available through the senses through the physical body, for him/herself and for others, asking such questions as: What are our physical surroundings like and what do they tell me? How are people gathered and in what configurations? What is evident from people’s behavior in this situation? What is needed that can enhance physical/sensory well being?

Training begins with awakening and assessing sensory/physical data, and extends to include honing the imagination and visionary capacities by tapping into hyperspacial and holographic reality as well. The Advocate of physical reality assists other to expand their framework to experience more of the physical reality in which we live. This expansion produces outcomes that include vigorous increases in energy, commitment, effectiveness and enjoyment of success.

Psychological/Personal: In order to understand their own psychological condition, people must become more aware of the ways their lives, create their thoughts, emotions and responses. Each person must take responsibility for his or her internal world. As a Consultant you will be aware that personal psychological traits have been formed through inherited patterns, personal creativity, cultural and familial environments, and the collective matrix of consciousness. The first step to empathizing with other humans is to recognize that both historic and psychological pressures that form holodynes that can be transformed have shaped your personal human behavior.

In training programs each teacher understands that psychological deepening is provided through exploration of everyone’s personal and cultural history, explication of current holographic and quantum dynamics within the neural networks of the body and how, through using a comprehensive Holodynamic framework, various patterns of psychological behavior, as well as recent theories of human origins and DNA studies can be transformed into their potential by anyone. Everyone can mature and become effective.

Relationship/Family: The birthplace of relationships rests in the patterns passed on and modeled by intimate family and community members. The Practitioner understands intimate family relationship dynamics are at the heart of all other relationships and pass on from one generation to the next. Consciousness training requires that the entire family become involved to shift the field from the old patterns to which we have become addicted to the new ones that free us to survive in our current situation. Consciousness training includes family identification of the games that families play that limit the potential of family members and how to transform the holodynes involved into their fullest potential. They learn to relive the past and transform the holodynes, including the relationship patterns of their entire family tree. Such transformations reflect themselves into every relationship and provide the basis for conscious relationships with others from different cultures and traditions.

Social/Systems: Collective consciousness manifest most clearly in how people join together in society at work, church, clubs, schools and other social systems. The consciously creative Facilitator will understand how to shift the field of entire social systems by reliving the past and preliving the future in a comprehensive integrative process with the present. The social matrix that is active within every system is a living, dynamic powerful entity, a field in which we live and have our social interactions. Each social system understands this and develops its own “brand” so everyone will recognize the characteristics and principles by which it functions. The marketing of each system is a multi-billion dollar industry and public relations people understand the power of propaganda even though they may not be fully conscious of the price being paid for false or misleading information. To facilitate a shift in social/systems consciousness requires an understanding of the micro to the level of social consciousness in its multiple dimensions that lead to conscious capitalism, politics, spiritualism and learning.

Symbolic/Principled: An adequately trained Implementer possesses profound knowledge of the world’s cultural stories, myths, religions and symbolic structures. These are the people that deal with the collective unconscious, and are fascinated by, and deeply respectful of, other people’s relation to their belief systems as well as their ability to transcend these cultural structures when they have become restrictive or damaging. The Conscious Implementer is thus consistently seeking aspects of the new story, or a new understanding of old stories, that will encourage greater freedom, equality, health and flexibility for everyone and does not hesitate to implement that learning into action and make it fun for everyone.

Integrative/Global: The leader/or teacher who masters collective consciousness is trained to discern ways and means to integrate disparate elements of human life and society into meaningful wholeness, providing a sense of the reality of interconnectedness and renewed dedication to creative expression and sustenance of this web of connections. The past, present and future are woven into the fabric of time and space in ways that maximize the unfolding of potential at every level

and in every dimension of reality.

The process of becoming Socially Conscious reveals to people their capability of working adroitly with the demands of shared governance. This applies at the personal level and within communities, cities, counties, states and nations. Socially conscious people bring focus, perspective, skill training, tireless dedication and fresh vision to the social arena. Like an artist, the socially conscious person’s medium is the human community. Challenges, problems, situations of seemingly irresolvable conflict, are the paint that is put on the canvas as innovative solutions to troubling conditions. It is a lifestyle – a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, skills, imaginative ideas and deeper understanding of present-day issues. Problems are invitations to find solutions. The more complex the problem the better.


A conscious person can look down upon the faces of a thousand listeners and sense which ones are already conscious and at what level they are responding to the messages being delivered. It is not just the light that seems to radiate from their eyes. It is more than just the smile on their face. It is a resonating state of being that comes from their heart of hearts and reaches the speaker. It is their core essence that resonates their understanding of the message being delivered. At a closer look, here are some of the qualities and capacities that characterize Socially Conscious people:

Universality: A Planetary Citizen; comfortable in many cultures.

The socially conscious person maintains a superposition of being both in and out of every situation, able to enter with the needed information at just the right moment and, because they access hyperspace, they are able to move comfortably between cultures, capable of understanding and honoring another’s belief systems, cultural styles, tribal and national stories and rituals.

The socially creative person is aware of global issues in the context of different cultures, and not just from the point of view of a particular nation or policy. In terms of human development this requires development of high sensory acuity and a polyphrenic nature, plus a willingness to keep plunging deeper in order to tease out the elements of the emerging story.

As an Advocate, Consultant, Practitioner, Facilitator and Implementer she/he has learned to sense trends and the emergence of new patterns from apparent chaos. These people are beyond particular and narrow-focused points of view. The Advocate represents a new, expanded view of reality and advocates that view to others. A Consultant counsels with others on the transformation of their holodynes. A Practitioner assists others to unfold the potential of their relationships while a Facilitator helps shift the field of family dynamics and social systems. The Implementer helps put into place the ingredients necessary to transform businesses, governments, churches, educational programs and other social systems.

Patty Goodman, for example, was raised in a conservative culture in Utah and was happily married with two children when her husband contacted AIDS through a blood transfusion after an accident. Seeking help, they came to the clinic in Provo and began training in Holodynamics. They were successful and eventually Barry, her husband, fully recovered.

He took a job as Counselor at an alcoholic rehabilitation program and became a teacher to small groups in an AA program. He was so successful that all his participants graduated from his Holodynamic recovery program. The administrator was so angry that his program had no participants that he fired Barry from his job.

The emotional reaction Barry felt precipitated the AIDS virus. He and Patty tried to contact me but I was in Russia and could not be reached. By the time I heard of his dilemma it took me a week to reach him. He died in my arms. His last words were, “It is my time to go. I will love you forever.” He closed his eyes and was gone.

Patty did not succumb to his passing. She organized a program for AIDS recovery and the next time I heard from her was a phone message: “Vern, I have 35 AIDS patients in treatment and we have run out of your books. Send more books! I love you. Patty.”

We have learned that everything is made of information in motion. AIDS is no exception. We have seen dozens of people who were diagnosed with AIDS and hepatitis and other complications learn how to transform their diseases into remission and lead healthy, normal lives for years. The key is to transform the field in which the virus grows. Those who become socially conscious, like Barry and Patty, are able to reach out and touch others; even those who are most rejected by their society. They are conscious of the reality our universal interconnectedness. They are planetary citizens.

Principled Instigators of New Patterns

Those who are conscious of the fact that everything is made of dynamic, living information systems understand that the laws of Nature are founded on living principles. When these living principles are instigated into life patterns they insure the stability of the new patterns that are essential to our future. Socially conscious people are instigators of new patterns that reflect living principles.

We live in a multidimensional universe. We are learning, as a species, to better understand the reality in which we live. From a holographic view, all information systems organize into holographic images within the microtubules of every cell. Because the information they contain operates on a quantum level, the holodynes that are formed from information input from the senses that is interwoven with information from hyperspace. The result is holodynes that control our thought patterns and our emotional dynamics. Those who understand this enfolded dimension of reality can more readily instigate change.

We have discovered that our holodynes resonate with Frohlech frequencies that transcend the limits of the microtubules. Information is shared in a two way street with other microtubules and with hyperspace. This is what creates the matrix of collective consciousness. Those who are physically conscious understand that that information can be transformed and they advocate changes based on the living principles that unfold the life potential of all information systems. They become Consultants to others and acquired the tools to assist people in transforming their holodynes.

It is the tracking and transforming of holodynes that creates new patterns of thought, updrafts feelings and develops more cooperative behavior in each individual. The transformed holodynes resonate information frequencies into the collective consciousness and, when aligned with the principles that updraft life, prepare individuals to work in collaborative networks, moving beyond hierarchies and old power structures and into cooperative networks of productivity. The Principled Consultant is the instigator of new patterns and is committed to guiding others away from dominance by one economic group to the sense of everyone’s equal investedness, sharing and partnership.

The socially conscious Consultant presents a model based upon living principles for individual contribution in a constantly learning society and, at the same time, remains devoted to the preservation of vital elements in a people’s culture, their shared genius, while consistently open to new ideas that can sustain and enrich an emerging planetary culture.

Facilitators of the New Cultural Story

Those who are socially conscious learn to help members of the culture or organization to preserve the genius of their culture even as they help move it into the new story. In countries with huge immigrations coming in to upset the given cultural styles, the new story has to do with appreciating the diversity and complexity of new neighbors. This means deep appreciation and cross cultural understanding of the stories of the representative cultures. Together they make for a whole new story. We expand our framework of reality.

Often the larger picture will help our movement out of a static or embattled reality. This is where the consideration of an overarching story or new myth is of great importance. The socially conscious person demonstrates the ability to hear all the stories and divine all the elements of the old story that will be needed to help create the new. They understand the fact that the event horizons are changing between cultures, between worlds, between old and new ways of being.

In the past, migrations and diffusions allowed for gradual changes and exchanges between cultures and identities. Now nothing is gradual. In certain regions of the world the changes are happening so fast that people are experiencing a rapidly unfolding scene of strange multicultural mitosis and its even stranger spawn. Cultures and people living thousands of miles apart, gestating in the womb of preparatory time for thousands of years, are suddenly attending the same schools, working in the same businesses, sharing the same space. Sometimes they are thrust into conflicts, bleeding into each other in fury and sometimes developing into friendship. In the growing fields of interchange a new genesis is occurring, occasionally a melding of genes, but more often, a mingling of previously divided worlds which, thrown together, undergo a sea change into something rich and strange. An international world is being birthed.

The growing multi-culture is more than a hyphenated amalgam. It’s not just the cross pollination of Afro-Asian rock music or Chicano-cyberpunk art, but rather hybrid sounds for hybrid selves, a malleable, syncretic fusion that is generating its own cultural matrix. For human beings, the complexity of this not-yet-definable culture is providing sufficient stimulus to call forth latencies in the human brain-mind system that were never needed before, like ancient bacteria learned to cope with the culture of deadly oxygen by finding a new way to breathe or, closer to home, the ways in which children absorb the mysteries of computer wizardry with ease while their parents struggle to master the basics.

This expanding event horizon is more than a cultural fusion; it is the joining together of geographies of the entire collective conscious field including: bodies that have never touched before, conscious synapses and sensibilities never exposed to each other, people who are fused with unlimited treasures of global interchange and their empowering capacities. The socially aware person is able to relate to this quickening cultural mitosis and stay abreast of the ways in which it is occurring in food, music, literature and theater and provide the lineaments to ease the transition where consciousness is remaking itself.

One of the princes of a West African tribe attended a Holodynamic Workshop in Santa Barbara and, during some of our conversations, discovered that some of the teachings of his tribe were limiting their potential. Most of their land had turned to desert and the lack of water was devastating to their food supply. He was searching the world for possible solutions. We discussed the Gaviotus pump, various water preservation programs and, in the course of our conversations, we discovered that his tribe has “specialists” that were responsible for remembering the family histories of the tribe. As we explored their memories we found they remembered mostly the negative “bad” things that people had done in the past.

From a Holodynamic view, to remember the negatives is to reinforce the negatives and perpetuate them. He was, however, adamant and loyal to his tribal tradition until he discovered his Full Potential Self. When it was suggested that his tribe could remember their ancestors at their fullest potential his smile grew from ear to ear. He explained that his Full Potential Self had agreed and he is now arranging for the “specialists” to be training in reliving and preliving so they can remember and project their tribal histories in ways that will not limit their potential. His social consciousness expanded and now, predictably, his influence will spread throughout his tribe.

A Pioneer of Consciousness

Some people come from a lineage of pioneers. As descendants, we can carry on the traditions of our family by becoming pioneers of consciousness. Pioneers of consciousness are able to sense trends and the emergence of new patterns out of apparent chaos around them. They demonstrate a sense of consciousness that understands that different times require a revolution in management styles. They help cultures and organizations move from patriarchy to partnership. The creative pioneer shows even the most hierarchical and bureaucratically based organization that the inevitable movement in a world as complex as ours is to circular, truly representative organizations. The successful new or renewed organizations will resemble a series of healthy, interconnected communities with shared leadership and all participants engaged in accomplishing goals that fulfill their lives as individuals and as members of a fully functioning community.

The living principles of these pioneers can often be found among indigenous societies wherein members work together in a webbed network to find creative solutions. The understanding is that while each person is trained to know how to work a problem, he or she nevertheless seeks wiser answers with others through many means. This results in solutions that are not only consensual but also rich and playful. The seeds of the pioneer are not limited to indigenous tribes but are sown into the field of all people.

When, for example, the Soviet Union collapsed and millions of people were isolated from their old government dole systems, the pioneers of consciousness sprouted throughout Russian and the Republics and flowered into myriads of self-helping programs that produced more than 90% of their food and provided a new form of conscious capitalism. The people not only survived but they thrived.

Sharing the Joys of Lifelong Learning

When people become socially conscious, they join a constantly learning society, consistently open to new ideas that can sustain and enrich an emerging their own culture and share this on a planetary scale. They also help create, wherever possible, new models of education, entertainment and social interaction. They support both intra-culture and trans-cultural projects; focus on potential in every human being, regardless of local and cultural conditioning and implement changes at all levels of society: business, churches, schools and clubs.

Given education and opportunity, most people are able to make remarkable improvements in their functioning and learn new ways of being in a relatively short period of time. Every “possible human,” fully developed and fully alive, is just beneath the surface crust of local culture, and with that awareness it is easy to envision the “possible society” as not far behind.

What happened in Russia was a revolution in consciousness. It spread throughout the country like wildfire on a dry forest. People, once embedded in their cultural graveyards, absorbed the new information and it was electrifying. New technologies, buried under the fear of government controls, rose to the surface. As an academician, I was invited to review more than 10,000 new technologies in 1989. The country was still under total military control but the academicians arranged for the meeting so that, in their words, “we can get these technologies into the hands of the people of the world.” I was warned “to share any information with anyone outside your group (cell) was punishable by death.” Still, consumed by the passion of the revolution in consciousness, these pioneer men and women bridged the abyss and shared their information. Eventually some of their technologies have reached the public market and inspired tremendous innovations.

Explorers of the Cultural Story

In multi-cultural and educational work there are people who search to discover the main stories, myths, legends, and teaching tales that underlie the culture in which they are working. It is from this backdrop of the myths and stories that they weave the work of human development. People develop farther, faster and deeper, when their learning is keyed to an important story, especially if that story involves a key myth or mythic figure of their culture.

In Brazil, for example, when working the John of God, one of the leaders of spirituality among his people, he was able to explain to his people that it was time to open a “window to the world” as part of their new program on developing their resources. It began with his opening statement when he entered the room, looked at me and declared: “You are the One.” I didn’t know what it meant but everyone in the room became instantly charged with such excitement that it took ten minutes before we could begin a conversation. There was a myth among his people that “the One” would come who would open a “window to the world” for the people of Brazil. When he, the spiritual leader among his people, declared, “You are the One!” it was a declaration of support. It moved people farther, faster and deeper than anything I could have imagined.

Working with Myth Reveals:

When based on the premises of new sciences, a holographic framework and pioneering new frontiers of consciousness, any new myth will provide a foundation upon which the society can flourish and sustain itself.

Evoker of Laughter and Life-advancement

I laughed for two months when I discovered that all the problems I had been facing during my life were planned and chosen by my Full Potential Self. It was like a joke I had played upon myself! My challenges and “serious problems” were funny!

People who are conscious realize that humor is a sign of intelligence. I was invited to be one of the speakers at the World Research Foundation’s annual meeting on Consciousness a few years ago. The meeting hall was divided into four main auditoriums and speakers from around the globe were scheduled each hour to speak.

My presentation was on the Mind Model and multiple dimensions of consciousness and I was having a great time giving the presentation. I was barely aware that, during my speech, people were gathering in the audience. I found out later that they had heard the laughter that reverberated through the building as I was speaking. I find consciousness to be a joyful subject and evidently there was no competition among the other speakers. They were all so “serious” about the mind. Evidently, out of the 1200 participants in the conference, most of them snuck into my presentation. We had a great time.

Afterwards a group of elderly men, dressed in gray or black suits, approached me. Their spokesman had a gray goat-tee beard and said in a very serious voice with his finger in my face, “Sir, do you realize that the human mind is a very serious thing?” I laughed and said, “That’s really funny!” His eyes opened and he “Harrumphed” and turned on his heal. His little group of very serious followers followed him out of the room.

Mature conscious people know when to be humorous, act the fool or be the comedian. When the information is correct it does not need to be placed under a blanket of suppression or clocked in majestic seriousness. Mature people can break out of the usual projections and expectations and present the world of the absurd. It is useful to know several jokes native to the society, as well as those comic stories that are universal.

Encouraging a variety of exuberant expression invites people to celebrate the new possibilities in creativity and all manner of life-affirming, life-advancing actions: music, songs, humorous stories, dances, rituals, and myths of possibility can be played out, performed, and celebrated. Building community in the new millennium requires the creation of social theater to tell the New Story of a world in transition.

A New Kind of Healer

Healing involves the mystery of change, of transformation, and of the incredibly fluid nature of our body, minds and psyches, and by extension, of our societies and cultures. We live in a world that is ripe for healing, and this is ultimately what motivates the healer to take initiatives. New technologies have discovered ways to heal every bacterial, fungal and viral disease. Those who are conscious about healing know that we are built for healing. The nature and process of healing, the varieties of the healing experience for both persons and societies seem to be the very condition of our humanity, the training ground for our social unfolding. Healing for redemptive can be transformed into creative balance and healing for salvation becomes creative evolution. All manner of fundamentalisms can be transformed from outdated medical mechanism to cooperative adventure.

Within our collective we can move from “fixing” the jihad of terrorism to the evolution of international cooperation. We can shift the field from dependency on oil to alternative energy sources and from drug dependency to accessing life potential in every individual. Every illness contains within itself the notion of deconstruction leading to a higher reconstruction, chaos leading to cosmos. Healing is wholing, the move from a limited condition felt in a most painful way through a process leading to the creation on a new level of a higher order of consciousness and well being. Something changes; the wounds in the body or of the society are experienced as doorways to higher consciousness and more evolved forms.

The consciously adept healer respects the uniqueness of each person and the society within which he/she is nested and shows people how to access their inner wisdom and knowledge. It is a form of healing that moves beyond the polarities of left versus right, or us against them, and promotes cooperation, understanding, and networks of mutual aid. It involves above all the art and skill of compassionate listening.

A while ago I spent some time with a man who was complaining about the terrible trauma he experienced as a child. As he told his story I recognized that his story was the holder of his problem. “Unless you tell another story or get another, more expanded framework, your story will hold you in your problem. You cannot solve your problem from the same framework that caused the problem.” He was adamant and attempted to continue his patter of continual complaints so I offered to tell him another story – one that might contain a solution to his problems. He agreed to listen so I told him this story:

“Once upon a time there was a being of light that wanted to test his intelligence so he got together with two other beings of light and they decided to visit earth.

First they made an agreement as to what they wanted to happen once they arrived. The two beings offered to be the parents to the first on condition that they would act in ways that would test his intelligence to the limit. ‘We will abuse you, emotionally isolate you and do all sorts of dastardly deeds to you so you will forget who you are, numb your intelligence down so you cannot use it and then abandon you.”

The first being agreed and eventually was born as the son of these two beings. They did their job. He wound up complaining and moaning and groaning about how bad it was to have these two as his parents until he realized he asked for it so he could find himself and unfold his potential for intelligence.

When he discovered this he was overjoyed. His parents had delivered exactly what he had wanted. Now, he discovered, his job was to transform his entire family tree and harvest the potential from his entire family tree.”

The man was silent for a long moment. “Do you think that could be true in my case?” he asked. “What do you think?” I replied. We then explored the principles and processes by which he could transform his endless complaining into productive solutions and transform not only himself, but his entire family tree.

Finding a new story can be essential to the healing process. It allows the best of what we are to come together--reason and intuition, empathy and understanding. It helps integrate multiple dimensions so contending parties may create deeper connections and genuine human exchange. A good story can help people reach a deeper level of understanding, get out of their rational linear mentalities and deeply start listening before they get down to the “business at hand.”


The materials presented herein are correlated with the text: the Dance of Life. In the process of becoming more socially conscious, the following exercises will be helpful and can be shared with others. It is recommended that you use the Forum and other methods to team up and practice the application of this material.



One of the first subjects in The Dance of Life is how to reconnect with Nature. The meaning of the stories about the Field of Flowers and the Manta are enfolded with meaning. For me, connecting with reality is about presence. When you are present in Nature you have an entirely different experience than when you are just visiting a field or a forest. We asked if you had ever laid down in a field of flowers, looked up into a clear blue sky with big white billowing clouds, and just listened. It’s the first step in connecting with Nature.

Exercise 1: In order to explore the dimensions you are using when you are connected to Nature, as in listening, consider the following:

  1. What senses are you using when you connect?
  2. Which senses are predominant?
  3. If you choose to do so, how can you increase the number of senses involved?

Have you been able to relax so you can let go of all the daily pressures, the endless voices and dialogues going on inside your head, and put aside your troubles and just experience what is happening around you?

Exercise 2: What processes do you know that will allow you to do this? Have you been able to access any internal “guides,” or enfolded dimensions of reality, to help you with these processes?

Can you hear the bees and other insects buzzing all around? Have you ever had a time when you could allow yourself to become present with them; to sense beyond your ears until the colors all become brighter and the wind becomes alive; when you can look and actually sense the life in a leaf and feel the power of the sunlight in the air?

Exercise 3: What does it mean to become “present” with Nature? Explore what it means to “sense beyond your ears.” Can the wind really “become alive”? Is it possible to actually “sense” the “life” in a leaf? How could such a thing be “real?”

Exercise 4: Choose a partner and read the following together and discuss what these statements mean to each of you:

“There comes a quiet moment when everything seems to stand still, and consciousness turns toward you. The birds no longer chirp their little tunes at random but sound clear, and you can hear them orchestrating a symphony of information. The trees no longer wave in the wind but dance gently back and forth and your own breath begins to match their rhythm.”

Exercise 4 continued: This activity may be completed outdoors, in Nature, if you have the opportunity. It can also take place in the classroom. Take the time necessary and give yourself permission to access this deeper connection to Nature. Discuss your progress with your partner.

When you have allowed yourself sufficient time, continue with your reading and discussions:

“Have you ever had a time like that? With each breath you take you seem to reach out and connect with the color of things and flowers open wider when you look at them? When “love is in the air” and, once you reach this state of being, there are no words to wrap around the way the colors flow in patterns from flower to flower, or the way the bees glide like surfers on the breeze?

“Everything bows in honor of your recognition and you become aware of the living, loving universe. To move your head or to lift your arm is to change the flow of life, like you are making ripples in a pool. Birds change their tune when you smile, and everything

-the flowers - the trees - the very earth on which you sit is alive. Even the rocks are aware of the flowers. So aware, in fact, that you can sense the special bond between them.

“In this state of awareness, you can reach into a flowing stream and feel its energy and intelligence flowing into you, filling you with life. Have you allowed yourself to flow into the water, to bond so completely that the life of water becomes your life? It is a bond in which all life participates and from which all life springs.”

Exercise 5: After you have read the above, you may want to discuss the following:

  1. What findings from science support the possibility that matter is conscious or alive?
  2. Is there any evidence that “life” is able to “fill” you? What evidence, if any, supports this view of reality? Can you figure out how it works? If not, are you willing to explore?
  3. What evidence is there for the idea that there is a “bond” among all life forms?
  4. What does it mean to “reach a state of being?”

In order to more fully explore how to reach such a state of being, let us consider how other humans are able to connect with Nature. Consider the following possibilities:

    1. Indigenous Tribes
    2. “The native peoples of the Amazon understand this state of being. Through it, they are in a constant communication with everything in nature.”
    1. Ancient Cultures
    2. “All ancient cultures have this in common. They cannot conceive of a world in which only humans can talk. What they experience with Nature is more than just ‘communication’ as we usually experience it.”
  1. Our own civilized cultures:

“There is evidence that we, as a civilized community, experience this state of being one with others.

“It is more of what we feel when we are deeply in love with someone and so ‘in tune’ that we can experience their thoughts, feelings and mood swings when we cannot conceive of anything but total awareness and acceptance.

“Yet it is more than being in love. It is living in the same field of information, sharing the same being of togetherness, bonded together in life itself, and sharing the dance of life as a people at one with all of Nature.”

Exercise 6: Discuss the “being of togetherness” you have experienced with another person or with a group of people? What does it mean to “share an information field?”

Becoming the Manta

In the story of the manta, we can see how it is possible to communicate with Nature even when underwater. Several issues arise as we review this experience.

“On a scuba diving trip in the waters off the islands of Hawaii, my three companions and I anchored our boat on one end of the underwater crater at Molokini, a little island near Maui. It was one of those perfect days, when the naked rock seemed to hang suspended between the stark blue sky and the emerald blue-green water. I was the first diver ready and I plunged over the side into the crystal clear, wonderful world of the tropical waters. The first thing I saw were three sharks ranging from 4 to 6 feet long. This is a rare sight in these waters, so I immediately swam toward them. But, as my companions followed me into the water, the sharks quickly swam away, and we began to swim leisurely across the bay.”

Exercise 7: Some of you may think I must have been totally out my mind to have swum toward those sharks. Why would a diver ever swim toward sharks? (Assuming he is not out of his mind.)

If you have never scuba dived, or at least snorkeled in waters that contain sea life that you can enjoy, what could be done that would allow you the relatively rare privilege of scuba diving? It is like stepping into another world – only it’s right here on this planet! Discuss with your team.

“Molokini, because of its natural beauty, has been set aside as a national park, protecting the fish there in the basin of the old volcano. The sea life there wears every imaginable color and sports every imaginable shape. Needlefish are long silver tubules almost invisible against the white sand and bright coral. Red and yellow snappers abound in little schools in the hidden caves of the coral. We swam through schools of neon tetras, angelfish and puffers, who greeted us like little children wondering what we were all about. It was as though we were in a completely different world from the city on land. Here, with the sunlight fairly dazzling us with its rippling waves of light dancing through the water, we were totally surrounded by a community of beauty.

Exercise 8: How does this view differ from what is often portrayed in the mass media? Does the life within the sea live in a state of being in harmony? Under what conditions does harmony NOT exist?

“We came to the outer edge of the crater where the bottom just fell away beneath us into the deep, dark, blue of the ocean abyss. It was a sheer cliff and looking down into it raised my caution flags. Having just experienced three sharks, I began to wonder what creatures might be lurking in the darkness below. Suddenly, one of my underwater companions pointed both hands toward the deepest, darkest part of the abyss. As I peered into the darkness, it took a few moments before I realized an immense dark shape was looming toward us out of the depths.”

Exercise 9: What purpose does “fear” serve? What steps must be taken to transform fear – in any situation?

“My first impulse was to check how long it would take to swim to the land or to the boat. This creature of the wild was big, very big, and we were far, very far, from any safe retreat.

My fears were dissolved, however, when I made out the shape of a large manta ray. Black on the top and white on the bottom, it glided gracefully through the water, up over the ridge. It began to circle the crater, feeding on the plankton.

My three companions swam after it, trying to get close enough to hitch a ride on its 12foot wingspan. I knew the manta was swimming too fast for us to catch, so I chose a different approach. I decided to “become” the manta.”

Exercise 10: What does it mean, “to become the manta”? How does one “become” anything other than what he or she “is?” What evidence is there to support your position?

Back to the story:

“I closed my eyes, centered myself into a state of being at peace and focused totally on “being” a manta. I imagined a world in which I was at my fullest potential, where I could sense what it was like to already be a manta in that world. Just for the fun of it, I took on the manta's state of being and began to move my arms as though I were a manta flying through the water in this world.”

Exercise 11: What steps occurred in order to “become” the manta?

Discuss situations in which you have actually become so “into” something or someone that you actually “became” that thing or person. Are there any reported events in which reputable people have experienced “becoming” anything other than what they “are” in the public eye?

“I had only moved my arms up and down two or three times, not really thinking about anything, when a wave of water washed over me. I was under about 30 feet of water and I opened my eyes to see what could have caused a wave at this depth. Right in front of me was a mouth about 3 feet wide. It was the manta!”

Exercise 12: What could have possibly drawn the manta from its journey to the other side of the bay into a position right in front of me?

Explore the evidence that is available that indicates “how” this could have occurred.

“It startled me. My first thought was; “What do these things eat?” Its mouth was large enough to swallow me whole. Then, as clear as a bell, a voice said; “Are you all right?” There was a pause and then the voice said; “Are you a manta?” I realized the manta was talking with me through some form of telepathy.”

Exercise 13: Explore how an animal can “talk” to a human (in the human’s language).

Is there any evidence to indicate that animals actually “care” about each other or about humans? Outline the evidence.

What is “telepathy” and how does it work?

Is there any difference between human-to-human telepathy and animal-to-animal or animal-to-human telepathy?

“I am all right,” I said, although I was amazed I could speak in clear English to a manta that hung suspended in the water right in front of me. “I am not a manta,” I continued in my mind, “but I wanted to experience your world.”

Exercise 13 continued: Do you believe that animals can actually comprehend what humans are thinking? Whatever you believe, based upon what do you have this belief? Do you believe that animals can respond with emotions (wave dynamics)?

“It giggled! It actually was pleased. Suddenly we were flying through the water, down and over the ridge right into the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. It took me right into the heart of the thing I had feared a few moments before - into the unknown darkness of the abyss.”

Exercise 14: Why would the manta dive directly into the situation most feared by me? How could an animal “take” a person “down into the unknown darkness of the abyss”? Discuss with your team.

“I became conscious of an all-consuming peace. It pervaded my entire being. I was so immersed in the experience; it was as though I had become embedded in oneness with not only the manta, but with life itself. I never knew such peace could exist. There was no fear, even in the darkest corners or depths of the ocean. I experienced a feeling of total harmony such as I hardly realized was possible. The manta was sharing a state of wellbeing I had never known before. Understanding pervaded everything. It was as though I had become everything at once within my own being, and vice versa.”

Exercise 15: Are there any accounts of others who have shared a similar experience? What evidence exists that could account for this experience? Discuss this with others.

“After a while, it became a little boring just swimming in the bleak darkness, although I could clearly see the plankton and other little sea creatures in the water. I asked: “Can we get a little color into this?”

The next thing I knew, we were flying over coral reefs as beautiful as anything I had ever seen - vivid colors, swarming fish of every imaginable shape and form and sunlight streaming over everything. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of this dance of life I was experiencing. I was no sooner becoming used to this panorama of ever changing beauty when, quite unexpectedly, we were flying among the stars.

I could see galaxies, novas and all forms of planetary systems as though we could swim uninhibited through time and space.

“How can you, a manta,” I asked, “confined to the water in the ocean, swim among the stars?”

Exercise 16: What answer would you give to such a question? That is, how could an animal that is confined to the ocean actually have any knowledge of the stars? Based on what do you give your answer?

Do you believe we were actually “traveling” among the stars or was this just an imaginary journey – a figment of my imagination – or what else might it have been?

“The manta looked back at me and scoffed as though to say; “Don’t you know anything?” I realized that my experience and understanding of life was far more confined than that of the manta. I just opened myself completely to the experience.

We spent considerable time together, the manta and I, flying through space and time. Meanwhile, my scuba companions had seen the “connection” between the manta and I as we hung suspended in the water facing each other. They swam back to us and surrounded us. Then one of them decided it was so extraordinary that he swam across the bay to the boat, climbed aboard, dug his underwater camera out of his gear bag and began to swim back. As he approached us, he was adjusting his camera when it made several loud clicks.

A wrenching sensation went through my stomach. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the manta turning its eye back toward my companion. I followed its gaze as it went from one scuba diver to the next. One diver was positioned at the end of its right fin, another at the end of its left fin. With me in the front and with one diver swimming up behind making strange noises, the manta realized it was surrounded. I could sense its feelings about these “strange” humans.

“I must go now” was all it said, and the manta was off, over the ridge and down into the depths again.

Exercise 17: Since the manta never left its location (in front of me in the water), how could we possibly be traveling through the oceans and the galaxies?

Is there anything that animals do not know? Could there be enfolded dimensions of reality in which animals and species of life emerge according to conscious choice? Based on what evidence could such a proposition be based?

In the Middle of an Interactive Universe

The manta shared with me part of its living, dynamic, continually interactive universe. I realized the manta is not just a “species” that has evolved from a dormant, dead world of matter. To dance with the manta, from the state of being the manta, is to realize that the manta is conscious of every dynamic in the universe. It understands not only its own environment of the ocean, but it understands life everywhere.

It understood and could communicate with me. It could laugh at my condition and take me where I needed to go, teach me what I needed to know and lift me far beyond anything I had ever imagined as a reasonable but isolated human being. It showed me that life does not just evolve. Life emerges from a field of hyperspacial dynamics. The manta assured me that we humans are not the only conscious beings in the universe. In fact, the universe itself is a living, dynamic, interactive, intelligent being and every part of it is conscious.

The life we normally experience - of space, matter and time - are part of a larger, conscious dynamic; a “beyond quantum,” interactive, living, intelligent system in which everything, from photons to galaxies, are made of information. Information generates the form of the energy from which everything emerges. My experience with the manta occurred because I became present and aware that everything exists within a holodynamic universe where everything is connected, conscious, and continually interactive.

I was explaining this to a physicist friend of mine who had an early childhood imprinting in science similar to mine. Like other rationally addicted people, his comment was: “You are just projecting onto the manta your own internal images. You imagined that the manta could talk, fly and care about you. It is a common state of primitive delusion.”

Exercise 18: Discuss how the physicist could possibly come to this conclusion? That is, what framework would lead him to this conclusion? What other options are available to anyone who explores reality?

“I challenged him to look at the possibility that he and his entire school of thought were, in fact, doing the projecting. We then had a lively discussion about the role played by classical and quantum physics in the science of consciousness. The new sciences, as in vortex science, holographics, information theory and artificial intelligence, have basically conceded that we live in a conscious universe.

He finally faced the “scientific” real possibility that the traditional view, the one held by classical physics and most traditional thinkers, may not be the final answer. He had a hard time with the idea that those we consider “primitive savages” might be reflecting a reality greater than all of our classical sciences put together.”

Exercise 19: What evidence do we have that would support this view? Even though the indigenous tribes do not know scientific language (any more than a manta), what evidence do we have that they do, in fact, know a great deal about reality?

“My dance with the manta was only one of a long line of experiences that demonstrated to me personally that we all dance the dance of life in a conscious universe. This dance of life is a unified, holodynamic reality. The dance of life is so multidimensional, so complex, fascinating and exciting that we have, in all our history, developed few words or conscious frameworks by which to describe it.”

Exercise 20: Once you have discovered the enfolded dimensions of this conscious universe, what can you possibly do about the condition(s) on the planet? Can one person really make any difference at all? How would you go about making a difference?

This series of manuals is my personal attempt to wrap words and concepts around the reality of our holodynamic, conscious universe and describe, in some detail, our part in the living dance of life and the principles by which it works.

I realize this view may seem radical to those who have been taught to see things from the sciences of the previous centuries. Most modern scientists still view this world as a space-time continuum. “Space” means the ordinary world we experience height, breadth and depth. “Time” refers to our experience of sequences of events. To most of us, it appears as though we live in a three-dimensional space in which we experience time. Thus, reality is referred to as a “space-time continuum.”

Exercise 21: According to physicists (like Paul Townsend), how many dimensions are there in this space-time continuum? In your own life, how many dimensions are you aware of? What difference does it make? What difference does it make to a Leader or a Teacher? Discuss.

“This space-time view is particularly convincing as long as we stay in the middle between bigness and smallness. As soon as we begin to take a look at the outer limits of space, where quantum wave dynamics rebound back in upon us, we discover the universe as continually interacting with us as part of our consciousness.”

I want to discuss this interactive nature of reality with you in terms of your daily life, where each of us is involved in the dance of life. You see, according to the new sciences, information can take three different forms.

The three ways that information organizes are.

1) particles, as in matter, rocks, wood, and everything that makes up our physical world; 2) waves, as in energy, light and quantum dynamics; and 3) presence, or as a manifestation of living conscious creative causality.

Because of these different forms of information, there are three ways to dance the dance of life and there are three ways you can teach a class:

  1. When you are particalized, you think in terms of “the real world” of physical logical reality, as in rational and linear terms.
  2. When you are in the wave, you dance from an emotional reference point. You “feel” your way through and you live in recurring cycles of passion.
  3. When you discover how to become present, you emerge into a state of being in harmony with the universe. You live in the present and are aware of the dance of life around you. In fact, you are the dance; you are this class.

Becoming the dance opens the doors to other event horizons and parallel worlds. You become able to be present in those worlds as well. This state of being present is referred to as “the superposition of choice point,” where freedom, love and distinction are possible. You become principle-driven and dynamically focused.

Exercise 22: Does the process you are using (rational, emotional or presence) make any difference in how you view life? Can changing your process change anything?

In the text, The Dance of Life has outlined what is considered a specific point of view. In brief, it reads as follows:

“Being present is the most powerful state of being possible. From presence you are able to solve every type of human problem, reach into the reservoir of life and unfold your fullest potential, unlock the keys of the universe and the meaning of life.”

Exercise 23: Is it really possible to “solve every type of human problem”? How could such a view be presented with any scientific validity? What scientific evidence supports such a view?

Is it even possible to “unlock the keys of the universe and the meaning of life?” How could this possibly be accomplished? And, if you were able to accomplish such a feat, what would you do about it?

Here are some ideas about what happens when you unlock the doors:

“You can reach back into time and relive the past. Yes! You have the power to transform what has happened and through your loving influence shift the entire information field that ties us to the habits of the past. Of course there is no need to “change the past.” What you are doing is experiencing the past through the senses of your Full Potential Self. From this new, expanded perspective, your understanding expands and event horizons or self-enclosed information fields that restrict your potential no longer confine you. You are free from the old blocks and holodynes of your ancestors. You are free to be present.

You can also reach into the future, discover its amazing realities and “prelive” those fields so as to bring them into the now. From presence, you know who you are and you can choose your experiences. Totally in the now, you can place your fingerprint upon the past and create a new harmonic of intelligence and love. In the now, you can reach into the future and orchestrate a harmony that combines with the past in the now. You realize we are all part of life, and life dances to a beautiful harmonic in nature. It is a complex tapestry of intricate intelligence woven into the dance. It is a dance of love. It is the dance of faith, justice, life and death, and you are the dance.”

Exercise 24: What evidence supports the view that you can step out of time? Assuming the above view is possible, how would you go about learning how to be present? Assuming you already understood the enfolded dimensions of reality and how they apply to consciousness, how would you go about sharing this information with others?

My own journey put this view into practical situations and produced amazing results (at least they were amazing to me). In order to explain what is possible using this view, I wrote the text Holodynamics: How to Develop and Manage your Personal Power. I never realized the power one book can have in the right hands. So many interesting things happened as we applied this approach to solving different problems that I wrote The Dance of Life and also the Manuals, which expand upon the principles and processes and help guide participants through the experience of applying this information. You have already studied these manuals but, just in case you are one of those rebels who pirates information or begins reading a book from the back to the front, in brief, here is a summary of the Manuals:

    1. In Manual One of this series, we explored the holodynamic nature of reality and advocated a holistic perspective of a conscious universe. We introduced the concept of “holodynes,” or self-organizing information systems that have great influence on human consciousness. Some of these holodynes have become self-destructive or pathological and we are locked within their own event horizons. They have self-limiting boundaries. They can be accessed and transformed through a process we call “Tracking.” Since holodynes pass on from generation to generation and are held collectively, they can only be transformed by shifting the field, so we introduced the process of “reliving.” Reliving is a process of accessing your memory banks, your holodynes from your ancestors and potentializing them. We learned that anyone can reach out and “touch” the holodynes from the past with the information from your Full Potential Self.
    2. Since information is dynamic and it is not confined to this space-time continuum, information we experience here, in the present, coexists in a field beyond time. Thus we can also enter the future and bring that information into the now. This process is called “preliving” and allows every possibility to be manifest in the present.
  1. In Manual Two, we explore how to bond Full Potential Self to Full Potential Self. This is another dimension that can be used in relating to others. We also explore theories of consciousness and their mechanisms and we show how the principles of the new sciences, particularly certain applications of quantum physics, holographics, information theory and developmental psychology, apply to consciousness. I include a section on quantum computers and artificial intelligence, for example, that attempts to show how these new sciences help explain the processes of transformation of holodynes and of field shifting.
  2. In Manual Three, we explore vortex sciences and how everything is made of information in motion. We live in a dynamic, interacting and conscious universe in which everything is in relationship. The application of these new sciences helps with intimacy and genuine relationships.
  3. In Manual Four, we applied these sciences to team building and began to launch projects to manifest our own reality. We began with setting of our own prime conditions and then the prime conditions for others. We then extended the setting of prime conditions to various projects based upon our own life mission. We also explored how to go about correcting collective pathologies and birthing a new world. We can sculpture the corporate culture and create a sustainable future for communities through team building and effective leadership.

This is the fifth manual and it allows you to systematically go through the entire body of information so that you can apply it now to making a difference in the way you live. It’s about how to reach, teach and lead for a holodynamic state of being. From this socially conscious state of being you team up with others to solve complex problems, meet the challenges of the day and the implementation of new technologies.

The information in these manuals has been accumulated to honor your rational mind. It is designed to free your state of being from its old premises so you can give yourself permission to be present. Presence is the key to living life to the fullest possible extent. It’s about extending yourself into the universe in such a way that you can become part of the solution to problems. You can help all life to potentialize.

The experiences and exercises suggested in these manuals are offered because first of all, they work, and secondly, they invite your heart and soul into the equation. Real change begins with you and me. It starts in our own back yard. We get to choose and the choices we make define our future. Our life becomes our message.

You gain a better understanding of the guiding principles of those who are present. In the Dance of Life I offer some of my own stories that have helped me carry the message of presence. I want to share with you how we can look at history and our ancient cultures and gather from their light and wisdom. Ancient wisdom holds certain keys to help us better understand how to live in harmony with all life on the planet and how to make choices that will better insure humanity a long and prosperous future. Some of these memories also contain limiting beliefs. We all inherited an amazing variety of holodynes.

In the various texts we explore our inner limits, where tiny subatomic spinners, like photons, take on form and interact with their space-time environment. We explore the mechanisms of consciousness and the discoveries of the new sciences such as quantum dynamics, the spinner effect and the mechanisms by which our holographic consciousness works in our world of reality. We have identified the mechanisms by which hyperspacial information impacts our world at the microscopic level, within the quantum potential fields within each and every microtubule in every living cell.

These discoveries change everything we have ever been taught about humanity and our relationship to nature and reality. We are not molded clay that has evolved from some green slime of the past. We are living, dynamic beings who are each connected to source. We are equal in nature, creative by our own design and in charge of our own destiny. We have choice and we are connected to all consciousness. We are the green slime.

As we have seen in the previous manuals, our skin does not define our presence. It appears as though we have a specific boundary because our fine-grained and gross-grained screens, which cover all our senses and are “set” to show this aspect of our space-time, form. We only have this form in this space-time continuum. We exist in other forms and other parallel worlds. We exist in the past and the future and we can gain access to all this information through our own source, our Full Potential Self. From this state of being, we are able to understand the Covenant we all make to take on this form and dance these dances of life.

Allow me to caution you on a few things. New information tends to get “embedded” and can change your view dramatically and this can cause reactions from those around you. At the same time, I want to congratulate you for opening to the possibility of a new reality. I am a practical man. My interest is not only in the sciences, but in the application of the new information. I am a “what works” person. I am an activist, researcher and adventurer. I am fascinated by the new sciences, their implications and applications in life, and how we can each make a difference in the world. I realize that, in the last few thousand years, we as a species have forgotten the dance of life and the ancient wisdom that allowed our ancestors to live in harmony with Nature. We have become disassociated from reality. Since every problem is caused by its solution, I think it is time to explore the principles and processes that lead to solutions.

Solutions to what? Here are a few examples:

In the last 200 years, we have already consumed almost half of the world’s oil pools and destroyed more than half of the forests. We have fished out more than half of the fish in the oceans, and our industrial populations have polluted the environment so that global warming is now considered by some to be irreversible. We are, in fact, killing this world.

There are certain principles that are present in the dance of life. To violate these principles is to invite death. It is to participate in the dance of death. The majority of our precious resources have gone into war games. This is the dance of death.

I want to share my experience with you because I have found that some things work and some things don't work when it comes to the dance of life and death. This fifth manual is written to share what works, to help make distinctions that help create a future that is better for everyone involved - a future in which the dance of life goes on.

If you are not already aware of the new sciences, their findings and how to apply their new principles in daily life, this series of manuals should prove very valuable to you. If you are aware of the distinctions I am making, this series will add to what you know and show its applications as never before presented.

You see, as we explore bigness and smallness, we notice the universe becomes interactive at both extremes.

Exercise 25: What does “interactive” mean? How does the universe become “interactive at both extremes”?

Time shifts and becomes less and less relevant.

Exercise 26: How can time “shift?” What is meant by the statement “becomes less and less relevant?”

Read and discuss the following:

“At both extremes of bigness and smallness, consciousness emerges.”

“At the subatomic level, matter becomes intelligent and interactive.”

“At the big end of things, the patterns by which galaxies self-organize, give birth to other galaxies and interact reflect similar patterns to those that occur at smallness.”

“Only in between, where we live and dance, does reality appear to be a limited space-time continuum. This is where we dance the dance of life and the dance of death.”

“One is left wondering more and more what role humans play in the scheme of things between life and death, and how extensive is consciousness itself.”

“Can a single choice really make a difference? Can collective choices make even more of a difference?”

“I dance with life (as with the manta). In this dance, when I can step back and look at my position in relation to everything in the universe as far as space is concerned, I can take a superposition. I assume a state of being present that includes everything at once. From this superposition, I experience life as a covenant. We are situated on earth as pretty much in the middle between bigness and smallness. I discovered that we planned it that way, and I want to explore with you the reasons and the principles of life dynamics. First, are we really “in between?”

  1. What do you know about how consciousness emerges?
  2. How does it emerge at the small end of things?
  3. Can a single thought really make a difference?

We Are in Between

We have discussed how humans are “in between” bigness and smallness. There is as much smallness “in there” as there is bigness “out there.” We have noted that we are also younger than half the mass of the universe and older than the other half. So we are also somewhere in the middle of the age of things and in the middle of time. The oldest particles in the universe and the youngest particles leave us about in the middle of things. Half of them are dying and half of them are being born. This universe, as we measure it, is a birth and death process in which the manifestation of matter occurs in microseconds of time.

This “in-and-out” process of manifestation is so universal that most of the universe is emerging and disappearing within time frames of less than a second. While you and I experience the world of matter as stable from our “in between” position in the universe, reality is anything but stable. We live in a dynamic, interactive universe where nothing is stable. Even every cell of our body is constantly renewing itself and changing completely about every eight days. Still, we look the same; feel the same feelings and we can remember things from the past.

Exercise 27: How can we live in an interactive universe and still maintain our own identity? What has this got to do with consciousness?

The answer is found within the mechanisms of a dynamic, conscious, interactive universe.

The more we explore smallness, the more unstable and continually changing the universe becomes. According to the new sciences, there is no “absolute reality” waiting “in there,” down among the subatomic particles, for us to discover. There are no “building blocks” or “ultimate atoms” from which everything is made. It is more like: the more we look for smallness, the more we find. Why? Because the universe responds to what we want to find. The universe adjusts our screens as we focus on what we want.

Likewise, the more we explore outer space, the more dynamic and varied the universe becomes. Entire galaxies are continually changing. In fact, the entire universe is constantly in motion. Reality itself is constantly changing. There is no absolute or solid reality to discover. The discovery that so many people have been looking for is one everyone is reluctant to admit  that we are it.

This is not an ego statement. Space, time, matter and consciousness are woven into a tapestry of life, part of one whole dynamic. We live in a “holodynamic” reality in which specifics can only be observed in relationship with everything else.

Like the manta that exposed me to a sense of peace and knowing that can only be understood through participation, it is possible to enter that state of being in which the whole dynamic of life, the whole dynamic of reality, interacts personally with us. It is a dance. It is a magnificent dance and its music is the music of life. It may just be that it cannot be understood through participation.

From this “state of being” perspective, we are all part of a majestic, dynamic universe that is interwoven with such beauty and complexity that we will never measure or rationally comprehend it. It appears, in fact, so interactive and so alive that it changes faster than we can imagine. At the same time, it possesses an inherent coherence, a “beyond quantum coherence,” that allows us all to be an intimate, participating part of everything past, present and future.

Why past, present and future? Because the past and future are running in parallel with the now. They all exist “beyond” time, in a dimension where time can only be experienced from within that dimension where we experience time. Reality exists from the superposition of beyond time. Just, for a moment, take time out of the picture. Step out of time. What do you get?

Exercise 29: Stepping Out of Time

Take a moment and imagine you are lying in a field of flowers and looking up at a clear blue sky with a few billowing white clouds.

Leave your body safe among the flowers and travel up beyond the world, beyond the galaxies, and into a sphere where there is no time.

Imagine that you can see into the past and view any part of history. Imagine you can also visit the future and see what is going to happen.

Ask your Full Potential Self to guide you. What happens next? Make notes and share your experience with a small group.

As a scientist and a rational human being, I must honestly face the question: How can a manta speak directly with me? How could we “mind lock” so that I could experience its incredible peace and enter into a state of conscious awareness that is far beyond anything I knew existed?

How could it “take me” into incredible beauty and lift me beyond my own confines to swim into every corner of the ocean and then to fly among the stars, to see galaxies and universes we have only begun to glimpse even with all our technology? How could we experience a state of being in which we already knew each other with a depth of oneness that could only have occurred in some dimension beyond the confines of our space and time, in some parallel world or multidimensional sphere?

To understand the state of being of the manta requires a radically new and expanded view of life from the one I had been taught. Actually, it’s a view that makes room for something more magnificent than I had ever imagined.

I was familiar with almost every branch of human knowledge. I had been trained in physics, chemistry, education, world religions and every branch of psychotherapy. I have always been an avid reader. Yet, my life is the life of an activist. I go about the planet solving complex problems and potentializing situations. The manta took me into a state of being and showed me a magnificent living dance in which we are all participants. Not just you and I as humans, but plants, animals and even matter, including the stars and galaxies. All are part of this timeless dance. We are the dance of life.

To view reality as a conscious, responding, intelligent, living, dynamic dance made a profound difference in my world. I now share an intimate world far beyond the confines of my body. My skin is no longer a boundary between myself and the people around me, or the world of reality. Everything is interwoven into an intelligent tapestry. It is a lacework of life, filled with life potential and unfolding this potential in every circumstance. I am never alone.

Exercise 30: Can you give yourself permission to travel in time, beyond the confines of space and time? Can you sense your choice to be here, in this moment in time? Can you sense your life mission, why you came, who your friends are and why you play together at this point in time?

This course is an attempt to describe the dance of life. In this dance, I am actually driven by my own personal potential, my Full Potential Self. This is my source. My Full Potential Self knows everyone at their fullest potential. He is the real me, that potential which drives me on to greater and greater heights. He is now consciously an intricate part of my daily life. He understands everything and everywhen. Every living thing (that includes every thing) is empowered by its Full Potential Self. I say “self” because the universe is an entity of which we are all vital parts. Each part is a unique “self” and, together, the entire process of the dance of life makes up the whole “self” of reality. We are parts and we are the whole, at the same time. It’s a holographic universe.

My Full Potential Self emanates from a dimension beyond time and space. He has access to potentially every dimension of time and space and much more. Through him, I am inseparably connected to everything in this universe and in other universes. I can fly through the oceans and the stars as quickly as thought and I can visit parallel worlds and bring back information from these worlds. Once I consciously connect to this state of being in which my Full Potential Self exists, I realize that we are each beings of amazing capabilities. We have direct access to living universal consciousness. We live in parallel worlds. The dance of life is not limited. We each can learn to dance the dance of life more fully, solve any problem and create whatever we want in life.

Being touched by the manta, I wanted to understand it all and, like the manta, be able to experience life more fully. I wanted to know how a manta could induce such profound peace and live in such harmony with its surroundings.

Exercise 31: How can a manta encompass all of reality within its own consciousness? Can humans do the same? In reality, are we all naturally endowed with such profound potential?

Why are we situated somewhere in the middle, between bigness and smallness? Why do we live to be older than half the other manifestations of matter? Are we meant to just observe life, like those who simply watch the manta? Or are we destined to emotionally bond and dance with the manta? Or, even more exciting, can we actually share its state of being?

Do we possess inherent capabilities that are dormant within our subconscious? If we do, how would we find out? What could be done to manifest these latent powers? Prepare a 10- minute speech on this subject and be prepared to give it without prior notice.

It’s what this course is about. We explore the dance of life from three perspectives. It is like learning to dance in three different ways. Some people like to dance according to formal steps, as in a waltz or samba. Others like to free flow, as in rock ‘n’ roll or jive. Is it possible to dance so that the steps and the music come together in such a way that we “become” the dance?

Life is lived like the dance is danced. I can learn the steps but that does not make me a good dancer. I can lose myself in the music but that does not make me a good dancer. In life, I can make all the right steps, even go with the flow. But life, like a dance, is a state of being. Thoughts and feelings are part of our larger state of being present, conscious and dynamic in a conscious, dynamic universe.

I once asked a group of preschool children gathered on a large stage in front of several hundred people: “What is life all about?” One 5-year-old boy stepped forward and exclaimed, “We have a thinker, a feeler and a be-er! Life is about be-er.”

We all laughed, but the boy had insight beyond most adults’ conscious awareness. Life is a state of being that includes the whole dynamic, from micro to macro, from smallness to largeness, and from one parallel world to another. My Full Potential Self dances in all parallel worlds. This world is just one space-time continuum. The possibilities are limitless and we have access to them all. They all make this world possible. It is a holodynamic universe and life is a holodynamic dance in which we get to choose the way we will dance.

Exercise 32: We have stated that “Distinctions are the foundation of freedom.” What does this statement mean?

Mastering Horizontal Dynamics

Horizontal dynamics refer to what is going on in the now, in your present situation. It means that if you look from one horizon to the next, as in a 360-degree sphere, you are within a field of direct experience that you see, hear and detect with your senses. It is the now of your senses. Mastering refers to the ability to remain present, no matter what is happening around you. In this state of being present, you can maximize the contribution you make to unfold the life potential presented in the dynamics of the moment.

Exercise 33: Freeze Frame: Place the people with whom you are currently involved in a specific dynamic situation on a diagram. Place yourself in the center of the diagram and draw the people who are closest to you nearest you on the diagram. Those who are distant can be drawn as further away on the diagram.

Just “freeze frame” a moment in time and describe the dynamics. Use squares to represent males and circles to represent females. Draw lines between each person to illustrate the relationship (the more lines the more dynamics involved).

Each person in the present situation has a relationship flowing with you and each of the others at any given moment in time. Being able to step out of the dynamics and view the situation helps maintain presence and thus keeps you in superposition: the position of being part of the unfolding of potential for everyone and every set of circumstances within the field of dynamics.

What potential can you sense is waiting to unfold among the dynamics in your “freeze frame?” Can you imagine yourself, at your fullest potential, re-entering the situation? What position can you take that would enhance the unfolding of potential with regard to each person? With regard to the group?

Time Line

A time line can be represented by a straight line in the middle of a page. The line represents the passage of time during your life. To fill out your time line, mark off each year and then outline the major events that take place during each specific year.

The way you view your life is indicated by the outline of events you choose as significant. Using the Mind Model, you can view the events of your life from updraft or downdraft (positive or negative), particle or wave (rational or emotional), and begin to identify how the field dynamics of your family and culture have influenced each stage of your life cycle. At any given moment in time, you can look at your life and review the dynamics that were taking place. In this way, you can identify both the holodynes and the field dynamics that were influencing your experiences.

Exercise 34: Create a time line focused upon the principles you experienced or learned at each stage of your life cycles. When, for example, did you experience love? What aspect of love did you learn from each experience? How do you view love at this point in time?

You may include any principles you choose. Faith, loyalty, truth, hope, charity, honesty or even their opposites can be used in this principled time line. The intention is to clarify how you reached this point in time regarding the principles in which you believe.

Creating Collages

Collages are collections of pictures pasted together on a larger sheet of paper. All it takes are a lot of magazines, some scissors and some glue.

Exercise 35: Create a collage of pictures that represent the current principles that guide your life. You may want to paste the pictures on paper that can be folded and included in your journal as a reminder of where you are at this point in time. It may prove interesting later as your review your progress.

Mastering Vertical Dynamics

Vertical dynamics refer to what is going on in parallel worlds, as in the past and future, at this moment in time. Information handed down from generation to generation is an example. That may sound a little strange until you realize that everything going on now is in constant relationship to the past and future. Once you step out of time you remember that the past and future are running simultaneously with the present. Everything happens now. This is why some people say: “There is only now.”

Information fields from everywhere, everywhen, everything and everyone have set the field. So information passing up or down the family tree is called “vertical” information and the dynamics that are caused by such information is referred to as “vertical dynamics.”

Mastering vertical dynamics refers to the ability you have of staying present in the past and future, creating a link and providing for the integration of all information at its fullest potential, from past and present, in the now. This includes such dynamics as those programmed into each stage of your life cycle.

Growth is natural and people naturally pass through different stages of development in the cycle of their lives. These stages each have passages as you move from one stage of your life cycle to the next. Each stage has certain holodynes that control how the vertical and horizontal dynamics will be played, who stands to gain what from each stage and who moves beyond the games played. Birth, childhood and the young adult stages are usually followed by career, family and productive years. Then you experience the mid-life passage and the empty nest when the children have grown up and leave home. Toward the end of your life you will experience what are called the extended years, golden years, declining years and finally death.

Families and cultures pass on the holodynes, reinforcing them with myth, taboos, special belief systems, stories and metaphors. These holodynes usually change from one stage to the next. The switch is automatic and seems to serve as leaving both the wisdom of our ancient cultures and their pathologies and immaturities for their progenitors to handle.

Exercise 36: Exploring Genograms: Identify some of the vertical holodynes passed on from generation to generation in your family tree. Construct a Genogram of your family tree.

(Let squares represent the men and circles represent the women. Draw a line connecting those who are parents and then between parents and children - as illustrated in the appendix on family Genograms. Take the time to describe each person and each relationship according to the principles practiced in each person's life.)

What dynamics occurred in each family? What principles were driving these dynamics?

Discuss the various myths, taboos, belief systems, stories and metaphors that are prevalent in your family and culture at each stage of each family member’s life cycle. Note how these have affected your life.

Share your Genogram materials, family charts, with your Holon. What principles do you have in common? What differences do you find? What significance do you place upon the similarities and what significance is placed upon any differences?


Going back into the past reveals a great deal about one's ancestors. Some of this information may be alarming and might even trigger holodynes like shame and guilt. Other dynamics may trigger pride and confidence. All kinds of holodynes may rise and you must be careful not to be distracted or you may miss the main point of the “relive.”

The primary aim of conducting a “relive” is to re-live the dynamics. When you look through the eyes of your Full Potential Self, you gain access to the information you need to complete the picture and re-experience the actual events so as to understand the plan.

Once you understand the plan, everything comes into coherence. The purpose and meaning of all those lessons from the ancestors of your past becomes clear. Your own life aligns with your Full Potential Self. Those holodynes you inherited from your family tree that have been running your daily life transform.

It may be that you have pirates, political plunderers, abusers, users and all sorts of other sordid sorts of histories and stories about your ancestors. It may be true that some of your ancestors have been plundering and raping their neighbors and destroying the life of the planet. Who was it that killed off the indigenous tribes of the world?

Who was it that consumed more than half of the forests, polluted most of the water, over fished the streams and oceans, killed off numerous species, consumed so much of the natural resources of the world for war machines and created continual war? It was our ancestors.

Who was it that produced our inhuman amoral linear thinking processes and applied this process to every facet of life until they almost squeezed life out of living? Who was it that threw the balance of life so out of balance in the headlong reckless pursuit of wealth? Who has hoarded the money, set up laws to plunder other people and established legal slavery of the poor to the wealthy? Our ancestors did it and our response has usually been to give them positions of honor, titles and awards and to raise them above all others. We can’t escape the fact that we are all are part of the pathos that currently runs rampant through our “civilization.”

This pathos is so integrated into our family/cultural thinking and emotional dynamics that it takes extraordinary courage to face our inherited past. Our past is also interlaced with the wisdom, vitality and virtues of our ancestors. It may prove a challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff but it is a complex and wonderful challenge. Reliving may prove to be a test of our ability to place life above death, virtue above vice, and intelligence above sleeping conformity and a host of other polarized dynamics.

All these dynamics come together in the relive process. As you enter your Place of Peace and invite your Full Potential Self to guide you, you can invite your ancestors, those who played the games and danced the dances of life and death, to be with you. You can invite each one to be present at their fullest potential and ask them to guide you so that you can re-live their experiences, cross pollinate your information systems with theirs and invite them to re-experience everything from the Place of Planning.

From this state of being, you can understand the plan and how it prepared the field for what is transpiring now, at this point in time. Together, your ancestors and your socially conscious self, enwrapped in the wisdom of your Full Potential Self, come into alignment that causes the entire matrix of the field of consciousness to shift.

The new information from the Place of Planning infuses itself within the field of your holodynes and changes the reality of things as you experience them. This infusion of new information causes the information to flow in new, more life-generating ways. You “relive” the past and what occurs is so filled with humor, love and enthusiasm that life becomes a vacation – a celebration of growth and vitality.

Exercise 37: Arrange for your team to assist you in reliving your past. Include your horizontal and vertical dynamics. Include your time line. Include your collages. What principles did you discover? Make a list. Discuss these principles with your Holon.


“Preliving” means to live an event before it happens. Because your microtubules contain quantum potential fields with access to hyperspacial dynamics, you have the ability to access the future. Actually, the future is running now. All information “is” and thus the information from the future exists now. Perhaps this knowledge is what inspired the prophets of old to see into the future with such accuracy. Perhaps their holodynes clouded their visions imposing upon us all their hidden fears of ultimate destruction and plagues of all sorts. Perhaps these contaminated insights have created a self-fulfilling prophecy that now binds us collectively to the pathologies of the past.

Now those of you, who are “faithful” to these ancient prophetic insights, will want to go to war against me for what appears to be blasphemy against “holy” men or even against their god. My intent is not to diminish your ability to experience fully the beliefs of your ancestors. Rather, I would like to point out that every person has this ability to visit the future. It is a built-in part of our nature. We can personally check things out.

Of course, like our ancestors, we all have our own private holodynes and so each of our visitations will be contaminated. The information comes through the quantum potential field within our microtubules. The first thing that happens is the information must align with the holodynes within your microtubules. So your picture of the future becomes rationally, one of our possible futures. Your perceived future will vary as much as your picture of what is really going on here, in our space-time, may vary from time to time and from one person to the next. Your personal prophecies will vary just as the prophecies of our ancestors varied.

From a Holodynamic framework, this variance does not mean anyone is more right or wrong than anyone else. We all have the ability and we all have the holodynes. As the Mind Model shows, we all have our comfort zones. As Townsend has suggested, all Pbranes are created equal.

The field of holodynes that control family and culture seek information that aligns with the holodynes within the comfort zone of the collective (both internally and externally). So we seek “the most divine” of prophecies. We seek “the most holy” of men (the ones who are least contaminated) and sometimes we even include women.

It is a linear dance seeking to separate the man from the message and the message from the people. In this way the message becomes divinized in its own right. It takes on an “entity” of its own. It becomes “causal” and people turn over their lives to the message because they come to believe it “came from God.”

In this way, our linear mind seeks to secure itself a future. We believe that if we live by the message of God, we will be assured a place in heaven or a reward from God. The message becomes the loud speaker of the word of God.

No one can speak when a loud speaker speaks. Thus the theologians seek to dominate all thinking about God, set up a monopoly and secure the word of God. In this way they hope to secure the future for God. Thus the linear mind seeks to secure God. The process becomes self-contradictory. Does God need to be secured?

The entire dance of divinization can be checked out via a “prelive” process. Just visit the future and experience it for yourself. One second in the future is worth more than all the books ever written about it. One direct experience with a prophetic being of the past is worth more than all the stories ever told about such people. Having a visit with God supercedes every thought or feeling anyone ever had about God. Likewise, the principles and processes by which all the problems of the present are solved in the future are found in the future.

Exercise 38: Ask your Holon members to assist you in conducting a “prelive.” Review your time line, have your collage present, go through your Genogram and bring all the holodynes into the field of your consciousness. Outline your Round Table in your Place of Peace and ask your progenitors for come and serve as your internal guides to help you. Have someone take notes so you have a record. Share your results.



As in physical reality, there are three distinctive forms of matter (particle, wave and causal), so there are also three distinctive forms of consciousness: rational, emotional and presence. In review

  1. Rational: a linear thinking process that interprets reality as a series of parts and experiences events as having a beginning and an end. These are particle participants in the dance of life.
  2. Emotional: a nonlinear information organizing process that considers reality as an ongoing series of experiences that have no real beginning or end. These are wave participants in the dance of life.
  3. Presence: as in a creative state of being alive, making distinctions, having choice and causing things to happen. Those who recognize their causality and who dance the dance of life from an inclusive superposition focused upon unfolding potential. These dancers are Holodynamists and take the course of their Full Potential Self.

All information is organized according to these three distinctive realities. As conscious beings, we get to choose among these three distinctive systems of reality. We get to dance the dance of life, as it were, to each of these distinctive types of music and live according to the laws by which their dynamics are controlled. We play within their distinctive types of dances.

Understanding these three forms of information, how they organize energy and matter and how human thought is organized along their specific parameters allows us to distinguish between different types of consciousness. The differences among these three types of consciousness have been the cause of most of humanity’s problems and hold the keys to the solutions to these problems.

What makes the dance even more interesting is that there are multiple dimensions enfolded within reality. Our senses are holographic, so we can only sense only four dimensions in a world that has at least ten or more dimensions. Those who understand the nature of consciousness and how information self-organizes, according to these three distinctive types of self-organization, become able to make the necessary distinctions that can access more of the whole dynamic, find the solutions embedded within the entire spectrum of reality and end war, mental illness, crime and people's inhuman behavior toward themselves and each another.

Such individuals are conscious of the whole holodynamic. They have choice and thus are able to reach, not only into the reservoir of potential for this world, but they can extend their influence into the past and future and into parallel worlds. They dance a very different dance from those who fail to make these distinctions. These distinctions are so important that this next section is devoted entirely to clarifications of these three different types of consciousness and how participants in the dance of life differ in how they experience life.

Particle Participants

When we participate in the dance of life from a particle orientation, we are linear/rational thinkers, seeking the predictable, controlling our participation by rules, carefully defining roles and always playing to win. We want to know each step and take it precisely. From this perspective, to eliminate all uncertainty is to ultimately “win” in life.

Each step has a beginning and an end. Each dance is an event. Dances that take place on the floor during the dance, or during our lives, have a beginning and an end. Participation ends when someone wins and everyone else loses, or when they have overcome all opposition and are declared by all the other participants (who agree to the rules and have entered the same dance) that this person “has won.”

The reward for winning is to have titles, trophies, position in society and property and to be remembered by others as a “success.” The purpose of the particle dance is to insure a future against insecurity by establishing pyramids of power. Positioning oneself within pyramids of power, it is hoped, will ensure a future that does not repeat the problems of the past.

Bureaucracies are filled with particle thinkers who have become parasites, living off the efforts of others and eventually causing the pyramid of power to collapse in upon itself and die. By “dying” I mean it no longer has the form necessary to reach its potential in this space-time continuum. To a linear thinker, this means it is no longer able to participate in the game. The great fear of linear thinkers is the fear of death, for death is “the final victor” of all linear thinking.

From this perspective come most philosophies and religions, governments and educational systems. Their linear processes are set up to avoid death by passing on memories of past events in which someone won. Our laws are built upon the premises of linear thinking and too often are organized to ensure the right of some person or group to dominate and plunder the efforts of others. In this way, one school of thought, set of laws, form of government or organized group can dominate and plunder other groups. One group wins over another.

Particle focus is finite. It has boundaries within which life is “managed.” Within this mentality of beginnings and endings, there are winners and losers. Monuments are made to the winners, never to the losers.

Exercise 39: What linear processes have dominated your life? Make a list. Discuss these with your Holon.

Wave Participants

Those who choose to dance the dance of life from a wave perspective are nonlinear thinkers, emotive and dramatic. They dance in the flow of the music, part of an eternal, ongoing drama. Wave people are emotionally referenced and are distinctively different from rationally referenced, particle participants.

Wave people participate in life as “part of the flow.” The purpose of the wave dance is to be part of the action, participate in the dance and flow with the music. The purpose of participation is for the joy of participating. For wave conscious participants, there are no real winners or losers. There is only the continuation of the freedom to participate in the dance.

Wave participants are emotionally and extrasensory oriented. They go by “gut feeling” and demonstrate a “sense” of things and are nonlinear. They do not map out the way to a new address. They head off in the general direction and keep looking until they find it.

They live without absolute spatial or numerical boundaries and without beginning or end. They cannot say precisely when something starts and when it ends because, like a wave in the ocean, the dynamics of life just go on and on for them. When, perchance, they come upon an obstacle, such as a shoreline or someone who draws specific boundaries, they wash up upon the shoreline and bounce back, floating off in another direction. They have no beginning and no end. The entire dynamic of life is viewed as one endless dynamic flow.

Wave participants sense personal “energy” as part of something greater, universal and spiritually based. They give recognition to a “greater whole,” of which they are part. Thus, they have a heightened sense of connection in relationship to one another and to the dance of life.

Wave players are not defined “by” the dance (as are particle players) but, rather, are defined by this sense of “timeless participation in a dance.” They do not play by the rules but, rather, with the rules. Thus they can sense their own qualities, unique contributions and relationship to everything else. They bring this “sense of participation” into life.

This sense of participation allows wave dancers to feel secure in the contributions they can make, independent of the dance, and they come to know others who are also participants. They bond with other participants in a different way - one they feel is more complete, more full. Life is love, trust and hope; faith and feelings are the breath of life. Traditionally, wave participants are spiritualists, “letting go” and “letting God” manage their lives.

Thus wave participants dance an entirely different dance than particle dancers. The information systems within their state of consciousness organize nonlinearly rather than linearly. Like all nonlinear information systems, the advantage is a sense of more efficiency, effectiveness and greater survival potential. They feel secure in the knowledge that something greater, some hidden world, some divine being or implicate order, is managing all of life.

Exercise 40: What part of your life has been dominated by wave dynamics? Outline your most potent experiences. Share this information with your Holon. Keep notes of your observations.

Holodynamic Participants

Those who live holodynamically participate from a state of being that includes the whole dynamic of life. Each person recognizes his or her own uniqueness in a conscious universe that includes all dimensions beyond space and time. This “whole” dynamic encompasses the interaction of particle and wave dynamics and, at the same time, it is much more than the sum of these parts. Holodynamic participants are present, alive to creative dynamics beyond the confines of space and time and able to share information consciously with these dimensions. Holodynamics is a multiple-dimensioned state of being.

For those conscious of the whole dynamic, particle dynamics provide content, while wave dynamics provide context in a dance that is richer and more inclusive than either particle or wave people comprehend. This fuller, richer existence comes into being when you experience and integrate all dimensions of the past, present and future.

You become the dance in a context that does not cause loss of personal identity but rather expands to a knowing of oneself, why your dance was chosen, who the dancers are, the purpose of the steps, the inclusive nature of the music and the encompassing of the entire scenario. “I am” the dance. You become aware that we are one living, intelligent whole dynamic within the multiple dimensions of this and parallel worlds. At some level of consciousness, we have each chosen to dance and every step enriches our existence.

In this larger comprehensive context, where dynamics of the moment are tied to past/present/future parallel world dynamics, becoming the dance and living from a holodynamic state of being, allows all players to contribute their own uniqueness into the dance. This state of being ripples through the entire dynamic because we are all connected to this and other worlds. This rippling effect amplifies every sense, thought, emotion and every dynamic, not just in this world, but in other worlds as well.

When each dancer contributes his or her own uniqueness (by becoming the dance and by being fully present in the dance), life manifests at its fullest through the interaction of the person and the dance. Being present allows the doors to open to other aspects of life. People wake up to a holodynamic world.

One cannot become the universe and thus become the dance without acknowledging all aspects of the dance, no matter what dimensions are attached to the dance. There are many dances being played within each dance. Each dance is part of the dance of life. To ignore any aspect of the dance, or the variety of dances within the dance, is to deny that aspect of the universe and thus to deny that aspect of oneself.

To the holodynamist, everything is connected.

Becoming the dance means life is one dynamic system that cannot be separated unless we choose to forget the holodynamic nature of the universe and thus choose to freely play within a particle and/or wave dynamic. Once we choose to dance within a particle or wave frame of mind, we are instantly locked into polarizations.

Even though you may experience the polarization as separation, separation does not mean loss of oneness anymore than oneness means loss of uniqueness. To separate is to enter a polarization dance. It is to forget your connectedness and accept an adventure into separation.

Holodynamic people remember the whole dynamic of the moment and, in that remembering, lift to a level of awareness that encompasses the past, present and the future in the now. They discover their Full Potential Self. From this state they can consciously choose to enter a dance with a maximum number of distinctions.

Those who choose to enter a dance have the opportunity to unfold their potential in the dance or not. To unfold potential in a dance requires dancing according to the rules of dance floor of Nature. One must conform to the rules of a dance and the rules of the dance must be agreed to by all those who dance. Everything is part of the Covenant. Once the rules are agreed to and the dance begins, each participant may choose how he or she will do the dance. They may dance from a particle perspective, a wave perspective or from a holodynamic state of being.

As we have demonstrated in this series, the new sciences provide ample evidence that there is an order of growth by which everything takes on form in this space-time continuum. In quantum physics, this order is called the implicate order. Within information theory, it is called programming. Developmental psychologists refer to it as stages of development. Biologists label it as genetic coding. What is evident is that consciousness itself goes through a natural order in which each dynamic dance is discovered, played and integrated into the whole. As our own consciousness emerges according to this order, each person moves from one stage of development to the next. The Stages of Development chart summarizes these levels of development.

Exercise 41: Review the Stage of Development Chart in your small group. Pick a subject (“love,” for example) and discuss how this subject manifests at each level of development. “How,” for example, “does love manifest at the physical level? How does it manifest when personality becomes involved? How does love manifest at Level Three, as part of the Being of Togetherness? How does love manifest within a system as a principle and as a universal attribute of life?” Make notes and explore your conclusions with your group.

Stages of the Life Cycle

As we each pass from birth to childhood; from young adult to family and career; make our mid-life passage; experience the empty nest; go through the golden years and declining years; and come to the doorway of death, each stage of our life cycle becomes a new invitation, an opportunity for discovery within an ongoing process of unfolding potential. From stage to stage, each person moves naturally toward the emerging consciousness of the whole dynamic of life. At each stage, there are more distinctions and thus more and more degrees of choice. Life is a multidimensional arena in which we get to dance whatever dance we choose.

Exercise 42: Explore within your small group how love (or whatever subject you choose), changes in its expression, from one stage of the life cycle to the next. How does, for example, love: manifest at birth; as a child; as a young adult; to family and career; make our mid-life passage; experience the empty nest; golden years; and declining years; and come to the doorway of death? Make notes in your journal and share your small group insights with the larger group.



Those who understand the whole dynamic come to realize that problems are chosen by those who have the problem. They appear as problems because people get “stuck” in their natural progression. Each stage of development requires breaking through to a new event horizon. When you close off to new information, you remain cycling at one stage of development like a broken record that plays part of the tune over and over. Closing off to new information means you stop in your natural progression before you can manifest your fullest potential at that stage of your development.

Physicists refer to a closed information system as being confined within an event horizon. In other words, a specific set of circumstances can be defined within a closed system as an event horizon.

One reaction to being “stuck” can make you feel as though we are locked inside a bubble. The fact that some people cannot get out of their event horizons is a major cause of humankind's “inhuman” behavior. Mental illness, social chaos, crime, dishonesty, greed, abuse and every type of inhuman act are caused because people are blocked and prematurely stopped, in their natural growth. Caught doing the same dance over and over, they have forgotten who they are and turn their lives over to the remote control of their internal information systems.

Holodynes are, as we have discussed in great detail in previous writings, information systems that have become causal. “Holo” means “part of the whole” and “dynamic” meaning “power” or “the power to cause.” Thus, holodynes are part of the whole and have the power to cause things to happen. When people are under the control of their holodynes and locked into their self-perpetuating event horizons, they are no longer able to be present and thus become defined by the dance. They get lost within the dynamics of a closed information system.

People caught within a closed information system soon lose their ability to make distinctions. They cannot tell they are in a particle dance or a wave dance, or a dance that polarizes one against the other. They get lost in the dances of particle or wave-polarized thinking, forfeiting temporarily their state of being holodynamic and ending up doing the same dance over and over. They know they have a problem but they get comfortable with their condition. They go on cruise control and they lose control until they choose control.

Each life experience is like my experience with the manta. Particle participants watch the manta, analyzing it from a rational view. Wave participants swim with it, getting a feel for its rhythm in life, and want to attach themselves to its fins so they can participate in its dance. Holodynamic participants become the manta and experience its state of being.

Holodynamists have come to realize that everything is made of information. Information provides distinctions. Distinction allows choice. Choice moves us beyond being stuck and permits the unfolding of more potential.

Manifestation of potential is the essence of life. Experience in manifesting increases our conscious awareness of information. This allows greater and greater distinctions and distinctions lead to more degrees of choice. Information and choice “are” (in the sense that both information and choice are part of the fabric of time and space).

Reality exists by choice. We have all chosen to make a covenant to dance together within this information field. Everyone who steps upon this blue-green orb called Earth has chosen to be here. Every particle and wave are part of The Plan.

Part of The Plan is that we choose our problems.

Exercise 43: What problems have you experienced in your life. Review your Time Line. Identify specific events that were particularly challenging to you. What did you learn? What was the Plan? Make a list. Share this list with your Holon.

The Nature of Choice

The Levels of Development chart suggests that choice is central to emerging consciousness. For example, at the first level of development, we choose to give life energy to this physical world or not to give life energy. It is a subtle thing; sometimes just a shadow of a thought can lead one way or the other. Those who choose to put their life energy into some physical aspect of life find more energy unfolding, gain more physical strength and experience abundance and vitality. Those who choose NOT to put their life energy into some physical aspect of life find themselves in deprivation dances in which they become confused, “dis-eased,” without energy and into the throws of death.

Exercise 44: Identify areas where you have chosen to invest your life energy and where you have chosen not to invest your life energy in your physical well-being. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your small group and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of your physical potential.

From a Holodynamic view, everything is driven by potential and life is about unfolding our potential. We can choose to unfold our potential or not to unfold it in any given moment of time. These choices are made according to our particle, wave or holodynamic processes. When we choose to unfold our potential holodynamically, we are blessed with greater understanding, self-assurance and self-expression. Our creativity emerges. When we choose, at any given moment, not to unfold our potential, we deny ourselves and become frustrated and angry; we develop low self-esteem and dance to the tune of our self-defeating behaviors.

Exercise 45: Identify areas where you have chosen to invest your personal potential and where you have chosen not to invest your personal potential. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your team and identify what choices you would like to make now, in order to manifest more of your personal potential.

The same pattern holds true for relationships. You can choose to commit to a relationship and what emerges is mutual understanding, acceptance, friendship and intimacy. When you choose not to commit, you end up in some form of detached relationship in which you are constantly attempting to match each other’s images until you become pleasers and image-prone, and wind up getting caught in the victim dances.

Exercise 46: Identify areas where you have chosen to invest in your being of togetherness and where you have chosen not to invest in your being of togetherness. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your Holon and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of genuine intimacy or relationship potential.

As consciousness emerges into the collective, various types of social systems are formed. Within each social system the critical choice becomes to actively participate or not to take part in “common-unity.” Those who choose to actively participate in community are able to put their life energies into society and, in that arena, unfold more of their personal potential, develop deeper relationships, team up in an arena of mutual respect and move toward common objectives. What emerges is a synergistic collective state of being shared by a community of people who dance society's dances.

Exercise 47: Identify areas where you have chosen to invest yourself within social systems and where you have chosen not to invest yourself. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic choices? Discuss with your small group and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of your potential within social systems.

When you choose to become the dance, consciousness then takes another quantum leap forward. You are able to own your part in the emergence of consciousness. You become love, integrity, faith, hope and charity. You discover the living principles by which life works and consciousness emerges. You can sense your part in everything and accept the reality of your connectedness to everyone and everywhen. You obtain a sense of integrity that is not available to those who remain detached by rationalization or emotional indulgence. If you do not own your true nature you forget and compromise yourself and fortify yourself into belief systems that are capable of unscrupulous behavior. You take a vacation from yourself and dance on the dark side of life, smothered in downdraft dynamics within an unrelenting frame of self-justification.

Exercise 48: Identify areas where you have chosen to own your part in your dance of life and where you have chosen not to own your part. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your small group and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of integrity, become one with your life dynamics and manifest your principled potential.

The next vital arena of choice becomes whether to extend yourself into the universe or not to extend yourself. Those who choose not to extend their states of being become aloof detached and aggrandized within their own information systems. They close off and, in their own aggrandizement, become tyrannical. On the other hand, when you choose to extend yourself you become more integrated, more attuned to every dimension of life. What emerges is a state of being in which your naturally loving nature unveils its magnificence as a universal, knowing, loving being. You become universally conscious.

Exercise 49: Identify areas where you have chosen to extend yourself into the universe and where you have chosen not to extend yourself. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your small group and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of your universal potential.

Those who choose to extend soon learn they can also extend into parallel worlds. Parallel worlds are undeniable once you extend yourself to include all of reality. Parallel worlds are part of this reality and are continually interacting with us in all our activities.

Exercise 50: Identify areas where you have chosen to open your consciousness into parallel worlds. Were these choices linear, wave or holodynamic? Discuss with your Holon and identify what choices you would like to make now in order to manifest more of your potential by including more awareness regarding parallel worlds, your Full Potential Self and the Full Potential Self of others. Can you, for example, allow yourself to experience a shift in your fine-grained and gross-grained screens so that you can receive information from parallel worlds regarding your life and the life of the people around you? Discuss with your small group.

In principle, then, you must decide whether to dance the dance from the polarized positions of rational and/or emotional thinking or to choose that state of being present in the holodynamic universe. People who are aware of their own presence can not be dominated by the dance, its rules, roles or prescriptions. Holodynamists cannot be dominated by other dancers or by the systems that are set up to dominate others, nor do they dissolve into the mindless euphoria of wave dynamics. They do not dance just for the sake of the dance. Holodynamists know who they are and they dance by choice. People who dance by choice are free to dance. They cannot be forced to dance and they cannot be dominated or plundered by others. They are at choice point at any given moment in time.

Awakening to presence invites exploration of other people's presence. Discovery of other “self's” creates instantaneous bonding with others who are “present.” Bonding emerges far beyond the dances. It is a beyond-quantum event, an unveiling of coherence that releases deep synergistic power within each person. This synergy ignites relationships and allows the Being of Togetherness between partners to emerge. As partners learn to relate, the superconscious nature of relationships emerge. Teams form; systems organize; people form community and communities become sustainable.

What also emerges is consciousness of the music and the dance of life. Further exploration leads to the discovery of the reality in which one's self, the other participants, even the dances themselves become alive; present in a field of presence. This field of presence arises naturally as dancers move beyond the confines and controls of their particle and wave holodynes. They shift from particle play to wave play and back again by choice and choice unveils the timeless part of us that chooses.

Within this field of the choosing and shifting from particle to wave and back again, we experience the discovery of the holodynamic dance. In the holodynamic dance all other dynamics that are occurring around and within the dance of life are unveiled. Conscious participation is natural in a holodynamic world. It is chosen.

Holodynamic choice is natural. It provides more of the essential essence of living life to its fullest potential. It is also the only consistent dance in life, the fullest dance. Thus holodynamic dancers participate more fully, more creatively, with more passion and intelligence, in all aspects of the dance of life, as well as with more integrity and consistency than either particle or wave players. They find solutions to problems that are not evident to others. They create variations, adaptations, changes and new thought such that the potential of each situation can be unfolded. The entire dynamics of the dance are enhanced at any given moment.

Holodynamic participants are able to sense the effect of parallel worlds, other dimensions of non-local (faster than the speed of light) phenomena. These non-local phenomena produce the implicate orders within orders of life. In subtle, powerful ways they have tremendous impact on our world and, as becomes evident to those who are involved with parallel worlds, we in this world are having an impact on other worlds as well. We are part of one colossal, dynamic, multidimensional dance.

We dance by choice.

We designed it.

We live it. We love it or we hate it according to our choices and our covenants.

At the deepest level, we choose to experience life in our own unique way. Our experiences are fed into parallel worlds (through, for example, the mechanisms of potential fields found within the core of every microtubule) and then our parallel worlds feed us information back again. This feedback loop is the source of our experiences and provides the matrix for our collective.

In every world, your Full Potential Self “is” and everything that is everywhere and everywhen is constantly influencing our life in this space-time continuum.

To hear the music of the hidden worlds! To align with their tapestries of potential! To harmonize with the source of the force driving every situation, to realize this force is personal, and aid it in coming forth! The synergy of coherence, knowing, harmony, passion and fullness is the essence of the deepest dance of life.

Exercise 51: Have participants sit together in one circle. Invite participants to give the group a message using no more than three words. If participants “get” the message, have them hold up both hands.

Did participants give particle, wave or holodynamic messages? Did they use more than words? How did they express their messages?

Every dancer has his or her way of using life energy. It can be particle, wave or holodynamic. Each person’s style of delivery provides a distinctive invitation to experience that person. Different dancers use different styles, thus producing a parade of shows and choices in the dances of life. Conflicts arise. Each is different than the other.

Conflict resolution is most often impossible from within the dances because The Plan was to create problems that were unsolvable until participants move beyond their event horizons. Solutions and resolutions come from distinctions that are not available from within the dance. Still, the dance must be experienced and understood in order to resolve the conflicts. The way out of an event horizon is into the potential of the event. People caught up in either-or mentalities, or in polarizations that occur among particle and wave thinkers, cannot resolve issues unless they go deeper.

When your resolve to solve the problems becomes a determination to win, you are locked into an event horizon that has no solutions. This is what creates the war dances. Because you are locked into particle and wave polarizations, you get locked into the war dance. This is why war dances go on and on and on. Centuries pass and, still, individuals and collective war dances continue. You pass your war holodynes on to your children and they, in turn, pass the same holodynes on to their children. War becomes inevitable. Society prepares for war because the collective consciousness is locked into winning. It is a war game in which society believes only the fit survive.

Game players have no solutions. They only have games. Solutions emerge from the hidden potential that is causing the problem. The emerging potential can only be understood holodynamically. Solutions come from exploring, for example, our war holodynes from the past and transforming them. That is, we must “relive” our past and travel up the tree of our ancestors’ roots. We can access the situations that seeded all our old wars, identify the intent (The Plan) regarding each situation and live it once again from the experience of our Full Potential Self. We can share this experience with all of our ancestors. We can invite them into our Place of Peace, extend our own conscious invitation for them to review The Plan and learn the lessons.

We can free both ourselves, and our ancestors from their old event horizons and open to our entire family tree the new dimensions of awareness that comes from parallel worlds. It is within parallel worlds that information is integrated from the past, present and future.

We can ascend into our future, find the solutions, explore the insights and bring these into the present. The integration takes place in the now, when a person is present. A truly present person can manifest beyond the confines of our limited space and time. A present person is one who becomes that state of being the potential that drives every problem. A present person is the solution to every problem and has overcome all the games, including the confines of space and time.

Every Problem is caused by Its Solution

From a particle view, a problem is a set of unsatisfactory circumstances that must be analyzed in order to find a solution.

The Dependency Dance

If a teenager, for example, has a drug problem, parents can react in different ways.

Particle-focused parents will want to “get all the data.” They will impulsively ask, “Where have you been? What have you been doing? Who have you been out with?” They want to logically understand everything first and then they hope, with that understanding; they will be able to help the child come off drugs. It never happens.

The particle mind cannot comprehend addiction. The particle mind is part of the problem. The particle mind is driven by a “need to know” and is compulsively insecure (because it is missing so many dimensions of a multiple-dimensioned reality), so it seeks to know the facts of the past in order to ensure a future that corrects the problems of the past. To the particle thinker, security is external, based upon facts. Fear-driven, the holodynes that need control take over.

The mind that needs control is out of control. Linear/rational holodynes have taken over. These holodynes are addictive in their own nature. They orchestrate the field of addiction. They do not know they are out of control. They only know they must depend only upon what they rationally know and, in such a limited state, are immature and externally dependent. Because they are dependent on external information, they resonate with a coherent frequency that encourages dependency. This is why they are addictive.

The rational parent is locked into a dependency dance. How can parents, locked in a dependency dance, help their children to get out of the dependency dance? Usually, one parent will take a rational approach while the other takes an emotional approach. Of course, any single parent can switch from one pole to the other, rational to emotional, and back again. Particle to wave, they rotate without getting anywhere near to solutions. It is a dance of death, and often the child will act out the final end of the rational dance. They will overdose.

From a wave perspective, a problem is just an opportunity to learn a lesson and participate in a solution-finding process. A wave-oriented parent accepts the child, does not hold judgment, hopes the child will learn from the situation and trusts the child will stay in the learning mode. Drugs are not the issue to a wave player. The facts are not the issue. The drug dependency dance does not require solution. It will simply wash away as time goes on.

The mind that believes in going with the flow, universal acceptance, having unconditional positive regard and learning by experience and free love cannot contain the powerful potential that generates dependency. Such a parent is controlled by a different set of holodynes. They are nonlinear and cannot fathom the dynamics going on beneath the surface. They do not fathom The Plan or the intention, nor can they comprehend the lessons to be learned. They are part of the dependency dance and fail to capitalize on the potential of the dance.

To dedicate oneself to the dance is to ignore the intention of the dance. It is death to ignore the intention of the dance because the dance is driven by its potential. Thus, all wave dancers dance the dance of death. They have no better recovery rate from dependency than do linear thinkers. Conversion to religion, letting go and going with the flow is only an invitation to change dependencies. It does not advocate personal responsibility and choice to move beyond addiction. Religious addiction is still addiction, and addiction, no matter what kind, is a dance of death. Religion, to a dependant person, is an added-on-condition, an addiction.

From a holodynamic perspective, the invitation to love generates such depth that the real intent of drug abuse is unveiled and potentialized. This may include exploring

  • the intent of the holodynes that are causing dependency and abuse;
  • the impact of field dynamics from family and culture;
  • the influence of parallel worlds; and
  • the covenant that creates the situation.

Every person involved becomes part of an environment that allows his or her fullest potential to unfold.

The problem of dependency is caused by an emerging potential. When parents align with that potential, they own it and thus become the problem and the solution at one and the same time. People are healed “by” their illness, not healed “from” their illness. It does not move one very far along the road of success when one is classified as “sick” or “in need of help.” Labels cover irresponsibility and incompetence of the labeler.

Drugs are not the issue. They are never the issue.

Rather, the addict on drugs (no matter what age) is choosing avoidance of adulthood. By adulthood I mean that state of being responsible for one's reality. Adults recognize that drugs may be a symptom of an emerging independence. They may be the symptom of a rising curiosity; social coherence; rebellion against old, dead beliefs; or even a desire for taking charge of one's own life. Dependency on drugs may also be part of an interacting field in which the family collectively has cultivated a drug-dependent child. Dependency can be the acting out of repressed family rebellion. The rebellion makes everyone else do the work.

Exercise 52: Role-play on drugs and sex party

A parent picks up the phone after the third ring and hears a known drug pusher invite the 14-year-old son to a sex and drug party. The parent hangs up and, as the son leaves the house, confronts the son. Play this role in the large group and observe the dynamics.

The holodynes that are instrumental in such dynamics may be hundreds of years old. Dependency dynamics occur among families who are religiously addicted, socially dependent or defined by status. It is also possible that drug dependency can be interwoven with other worlds, other lessons and other people who are also learning from this experience.

Parenting is a multiple-world dynamic. The way out of the problems of parenthood that are usually transgenerational is into it, into the world of holodynes of dependency; into the past generations that passed on their patterns and their field dynamics; and into parallel worlds. Solutions exist first within inner space.

Parental “problems” are caused by rational and emotional dances. To become “present” within the role of parenting results in becoming responsible. To be “response-able” stops all the dances of parenting. It becomes much more enriching and exciting to be a responsible person who happened to parent the people who are living with you. Being present within a dynamic, multiple-dimensional field means, in some world, that this dependent, problematic child may well be your parent, and you may be acting out the role of “problem child.” Accessing and transforming information from parallel worlds directly impacts this world. Dance positions here can change when their counter-positions in other worlds are transformed.

Presence allows access. To become “present” within the moment is to recognize the deeper dimensions of one’s Full Potential Self and align with the emerging potential of the situation.

A “present” parent is first a person, a friend who recognizes in the child another person. With that recognition comes the understanding that a child or a small person, has all the wisdom and knowing of multiple dimensions of life. In this state of being, the holodynamics of the child become evident. The Full Potential of the child is called into the dance (“May I cut in?”). Using both parents’ Full Potential Self as a guide and the Full Potential Self of the child as a guide, dancers can sense more fully the potential of any set of circumstances. Solutions emerge from the people who have the identified problem. Why do they have the problem? So they can manifest the solution.

Polarized Dances Are Chosen

As soon as you polarize you have chosen to enter a game. For example, if you must play, you cannot play because you already have chosen not to enter the game from a “play” mentality. You cannot “play” if you are “forced” to play because you have chosen to be forced.

This type of polarization applies to all aspects of life. Those who believe they are “forced” are already in a polarized particle/wave dance. In this regard, all particle and wave dances are the same. One cannot “play” when one has chosen “not to play,” no matter whether one participates from a particle or wave view.

Free people play in finite, particle dances with all the passion of particle players but, since they have a sense of who they are independent from the dance, they act more as intelligent, eternal beings. They cannot be defined by the dance's boundaries or definitions. Presence affords an extra dimension of freedom within the dance. People who are present do not, for example, become addicted to anything because they live within an extra dimension of freedom.

Exercise 53: Write a five-minute presentation on polarization games. Be prepared to give your presentation without prior notice.

The sense of self you get from being present and becoming the dance allows an extra dimension of freedom because, as a person, it is a great advantage to be “present” more completely and genuinely in the dance. Since holodynamic players do not define themselves by the dance, they know who they are and they do not need to polarize. They are not insecure and do not need to win. They know who they are in an everywhere and everywhen framework. They are free to choose.

They also know who the other people are and they bond more completely with others. They are also present “with” others and thus participate in the dance more freely by choice - more deeply, more - concretely, than those defined by the dance or who define themselves through participation in the dance. This is why, when we measured the moral and ethical maturity of those in the drug culture, we found that 17 percent of the participants were involved in order to help others get beyond the addiction. They were socially conscious people. In every dance, there are participants who have discovered the solutions and seek to share this information with others.

Holodynamically, the choice to play is made from a superposition. That is, choice exists both before the dances began and while the dances are going on and after the dance has ended, all at the same time.

Choice is maintained from a superposition, both in and out of the dance, at one and the same time; both in and out of time. Choice comes from a “beyond time” consciousness; superconsciousness. Thus, the intended use of force is an invitation to play that can be accepted or rejected. The choice is made not from particle or wave thinking but from knowing the beginning and end of all such dances and their impact upon the entire field of multiple worlds. It is not just the dance being chosen; it is a choice to allow one's own influence to enter the field in a specific way so as to shift the field in multiple dimensions of space-time continuums.

Exercise 54: Review your “prelive” experience.

Identify specific dynamics that still block your life from fulfilling its potential. Ask your guides to identify those event horizons that are still blocking your emerging potential. Enter into your “prelive” and address these specific event horizons. (Note: This experience can be accomplished in a relatively short time - in minutes, if you so choose). Have your “prelive” support team make notes in your journal.

The Science Dance

We have discussed in some detail the development of science and its role in modern society.

Exercise 55: What is the underlying purpose of the scientific approach? Discuss with your Holon.

It was not until the early 20th century that wave dynamics came under the eye of physics. This development became known as quantum physics.

Exercise 56: What is the difference between classical physics and quantum physics? Why is this difference significant to a Teacher?

Fluid dynamics, field dynamics, thermal dynamics and other “holistic” perspectives arose from the discoveries of quantum physics. The possibility of parallel worlds, of matter existing in domains beyond the speed of light and within other space-time continuums, became the focus of great debates.

On the tail of these great debates and in parallel with the quantum physics movement came the development of computers and the birth of the Information Age. Along with these emerging new sciences came the discovery of self-organizing information systems and the unveiling of the natural order of growth of living things. There are many examples of how information self-organizes according to an implicate order.

Exercise 57: How did information theory and knowledge of the implicate order add to the success of the Biosphere in Arizona? Discuss with your Holon.

One of the first experiences of the dance of life is the sensation of separation. We now know that nothing can be divided except by choice. Even then it is only a sense of separation. What we perceive as particalized, separate people, are really reflections of an agreed-upon set of circumstances that make us appear as separate beings.

Exercise 58: What evidence do we have that everything is connected? Organize a two-minute discourse on this subject and be ready to present it at any time.

Everyone has chosen to dance the dance of life. The separation dance is a subset of the larger dance. Separation is an illusion - part of a deep, personal potential that is guiding each person and each set of circumstances - but everything demonstrates a continual state of quantum coherence. What other conclusion can we reach? All dances are chosen for the lessons they provide. All separation has a positive intent. Time and space are conscious.

Once you realizes nothing can be divided except by choice and that your Full Potential Self is doing the choosing, you naturally want to know more about your Full Potential Self. You want to know more about your source, the dimensions from which you come, and all those things associated with the dynamics or your life. This natural inquiry gives birth to an ever-growing awareness of your Full Potential Self and of parallel worlds that create the music by which you dance.

As a socially conscious participant you realize that there can never be a loss of freedom. Nor is there ever a winner or loser. Nor is there ever a victim, perpetuator, leader, follower, politician, lawyer, banker, mother, father, child, human, animal, business, church, philosophy, theology, plant or planet except within the context of a particle or wave dynamic. All are part of the dance, part of the dances being played within the dance of life. We perceive such dynamics as we do because of the dances we chose. Once we chose a dance, we are “in” the dance and, once in the dance, our perception of winning, losing and all the roles, get locked into our mind as living holodynes within event horizons that have often existed for millennium.

Exercise 59: Is there any possible way for a person who is locked into a role can change the role? Explain how this can be accomplished.

Those we separate from are our Dancing Partners

No matter how inhibited, retarded, disadvantaged, deprived or destroyed an individual may be from playing in the games of life, each person nevertheless has a Full Potential “genius” Self. Even those who are autistic often unveil their genius self by allowing one or two magnificent manifestations of their Full Potential Self to flow through. Great artistry, mathematics, musical talent and other forms of genius can manifest through “savant” people who are so autistic they cannot manage a conversation or relate in the more common social ways to the world around them. Still, they manifest tremendous potential.

Exercise 60: Explain why some people appear different from others? What causes the difference? What purpose does separation provide? Why do we pretend to be separated from those who are different than we are? Who do you separate yourself from? What, if anything, can be gained from moving beyond separation games? Write your thoughts in your journal and discuss this subject with your team. What conclusions do you make?

Mental Illness

What we label as “mental illness” is a separation dance. Our holodynes become separated from one another and the ego network fractures into parts. The intent of separation is to reconnect so that the intent of, for example, multiple personalities is reconnected. Those families who have an identified patient who exhibits the symptoms of “multiple personalities” or “schizophrenic” are under the control of holodynes that are multidimensional.

The fractures that appear within the personal identity of those we have labeled as mentally ill are often caused by the malfunctions within our collective consciousness. As Karl Whitaker suggests, “it takes six generations to produce a good schizophrenic.” This is because most mental illness is interwoven into the failure of our culture to create an integration field that encourages coherence which failure results in people being separated and classified as mentally ill. Holodynamists understand that holodynes and parallel worlds are influencing us and that time is a multidimensional dynamic. Transforming our collective consciousness holds the keys to unlocking the mysteries of mental illness and creating new event horizons that restore coherence and integrity.

Exercise 61: What frameworks are used in a traditional approach to treatment of the mentally ill? In what ways are they successful and in what ways are then not successful? How does the traditional approach differ from the alternative approaches suggested by Holodynamic therapy? (See ‘The Therapy Manifesto” for details). Make a list. Discuss your findings with your Holon.

Holodynamists focus first on holodynes and then on field dynamics. From a holodynamic view, holodynes are able to sense information from their environment and from parallel worlds. Since holodynes are self-organizing, they are able to communicate with each other. The “voices” that plague those who are classified as mentally ill come from self-enclosed holodynes that have developed their own causal potency of “power to cause.” These holodynes contain their own world of information. They can “take over” the body and conscious mind of their host and create interactions that seem “crazy.”

To those who understand the whole dynamic, treatment of personal, family and cultural holodynes are an essential, acceptable and responsible part of the treatment of mental illness. Once, however, the holodynes causing the behavior are accessed, communicated with, befriended and explored, their hidden potential can be understood and they can be potentialized. Treatment becomes an environment of potentialization of the holodynes. It is a field dynamic that includes the person, family, culture and any parallel worlds involved.

Since every set of circumstance is driven by potential; each holodyne, person, family, culture, or parallel world situation is driven by potential.

Therapy as a Process of Potentialization

An effective therapist facilitates unfolding of potential. This means that the therapist may choose to accompany the person into the inner world of holodynes and facilitate the internal dialogues that lead to integration. It may mean the therapist may enter into parallel worlds where the problem may have originated and help negotiate for transformation. It might take going back into ancient memories, digging up the lives of memories long gone and “reliving” ancient experiences buried deep in the subconscious of the patient. Even though the therapist can be present during these internal journeys into the recesses of consciousness, the epicenter is not the therapist. It is the Full Potential Self of the client. The therapist remains in superposition, both in and out of each situation and able to consult in an effective and productive manner.

From a holodynamic view, if there is one mentally ill person, we are all mentally ill. If there is one drunk, criminal, bad guy, unsaved soul or dysfunctional person, we are all in the same condition. Those we label and try to separate away from ourselves are those who act out that “dis- eased” or dysfunctional part of ourselves we have not learned to master. From the number of walls of separation we have built, society has a lot yet to master.

We cannot build walls and pretend we separate ourselves from others and still remain therapeutic. Those who are therapeutic are those who know that everything is part of the problem and everything is part of the solution. Therapists facilitate therapeutic movement. They unfold the potential that is driving the problem. They help the patient implement solutions. Both the patient and the therapist become the solution.

There is a process, by which holodynes and parallel worlds, or whatever set of circumstances is causing the mental illness, can be aided to unfold their potential. The holodynes causing the mental illness have become self-enclosed, or locked within their own little bubble of information. They function internally. Thus, they may have little sensitivity to their host and potentially cause many problems for not only their host person, but for the collective society that holds them in their field.

The good news is that each of us has the power to transform any holodyne and we can create our own solutions. In fact, we choose the problems so we can discover the solutions. Once we understand what is going on, we actually invite problems in order to find their solutions. Who, then, is courageous enough to identify the holodynes of mental illness and facilitate their transformation? Anyone who is socially conscious realizes that mental illness is an invitation to discover the enfolded world of mental health.

Ultimately, human dynamics - male and female, good and evil, haves and have-nots, sick and healthy, in this world or in some other world, are one whole dynamic. Human behavior is part of one dynamic dance of life. The games we play with one another levels within levels, worlds within worlds, are part of one whole dance of life that is designed for the fun of it. We dance on vacation from love, enlightenment and empowerment so we can manifest the love, enlightenment and empowerment our true character.

From this perspective, linear and nonlinear games are a form of polarization that allows for “games” in general. They are part of our entertainment, so to speak. Within this amazing complexity of life among our inner world of holodynes reside both our major challenges and our deepest meanings of life. Even the most negative dances of mental illness and collective dysfunction, such as war, disease, crime, and ignorance, are created for the purpose of unfolding their solutions. Every problem we create can be effectively solved. Within the solution is the synergy that lifts humankind to new levels of consciousness and creativity. Within our worst polarizations are our greatest treasures.

Exercise 62: Most distant participant

Identify three people in the large group of participants with whom you are least likely to relate. Explore why you show so little interest or even aversion to being involved with them. At the Teacher's signal, seek out one of these people (preferably your “worst” likely candidate for a close relationship). Sit with this person and discuss your feelings. Discuss the reasons you feel this way.

When you are done discussing your thoughts and feelings, go back to your small group and discuss the experience. Make notes.

Now approach the least-liked person a second time. This time, stand face-to-face without saying a word. Hold your hands up in front of you spaced about two inches from the person. Now go to your Place of Peace, call upon your Full Potential Self and get a sense of their Full Potential Self. Listen and, in the listening, sense the plan between you. Listen to a conversation between your Full Potential Self and the other person's Full Potential Self. Discuss what you sense about the plan between you.

Return to your small group. Discuss the differences between the first approach and the second approach.

The Place of Planning

The realization that choice exists brings one to the realization that polarizations are freely chosen. We may not be immediately conscious of when or why we made our choices because we are born into a world where consciousness is limited by space-time conditions. When we awaken, however, we realize we plan it all. I say “plan” it all because the “plan” is going on now. This is difficult to comprehend for those who are locked into particle and wave dances.

Exercise 63: We did not choose

In your small group explore what circumstances might occur that could not possibly have been the result of choice. Does choice really exist within every situation or not? Make notes.

When the new sciences revealed that every set of circumstances is driven by its potential, it makes sense because this driving potential is evident in the life of every person. We are a set of circumstances. The potential that drives us (our “genius self,” or “Full Potential Self,” or that potential that is the first order of the organization of us, our soul or our spirit, or hyperspacial counterpart or whatever you call it) is active in our lives. It makes sense because all information systems are driven by potential. All life forms are, in essence, information systems. All demonstrate a drive to unfold their potential.

This driving force is referred to as “the force of life” as in the root of a tree that can move tons of solid granite, the force of survival that drives every species and the determination that drives every human. The force of life in all life forms drives them beyond normal limits and creates continual variations in species. Potential is continually manifesting as the force of life. Since everything is made of dynamic information, everything is conscious – interacting according to conscious agreement. This is a plan-et.

Exercise 64: What happened in your life that gives credibility to the possibility it might have been part of The Plan? Share with your Holon.

As we live our lives, our ability to choose depends upon the ability to make distinctions. When we make a conscious distinction to use our Full Potential Self as our epicenter, we experience life from a superposition. We can updraft any situation. We are part of the dance of life and our reality reference becomes all-embracing.

When we choose to use a more limited epicenter, we get locked into event horizons that limit our potential. We downdraft the dynamics and find ourselves in some type of particle/wave duality. We experience a limited form of consciousness. We experience life from an immature framework. We lose our ability to distinguish and to choose.

But, in spite of our condition, choice is. Choice always is. Consciousness is the power to choose. Our limited consciousness does not mean that our power to choose has been lost.

Those locked into roles, rules, and linear distinctions get caught in a framework that produces their distinctions for them. They have already made their choice. They have given up their freedom and allowed themselves to forget who they are and what choices they have. They lose their ability to distinguish and, to that extent, they lose their life. They become “dead” to life — the walking dead doing the dance of death.

Some believe they only dance because they are forced to dance. They are willing to be forced in order to gain the promise of reward in order to continue the dance. They have chosen to join the dance by force and, in that choice, seem to have given up all other choices. They can, however, make other choices. They always have a menu of options. They can, for example, choose to know. They can choose to know who they are and, in that knowing, enter superconscious choice point. They are not “entrenched” in the dance of the dead. There is no dance more powerful than the unfolding of life potential.

In the reality of a holodynamic universe, one cannot be forced to play and one cannot die. Participation in any dance is always by choice. Within this reservoir of being, everyone knows. Our knowing is simply in another dimension of reality. In that inclusive dimension, we all know who we are. We know all the players, the dance, the purposes of any specific dance and all dances within this entire dynamic. The choice is not how to deal with force but how to stay present in the face of force.

Those who use force against you have chosen to use force because there was an agreement between you and them. Staying present means being aware of what the agreement is and being able to go to that dimension where the agreement was made, renegotiate and get another agreement. The action of force against you is not really the relevant issue. The real issue is in another dimension. Taking action in response to force is effective when it is action in the dimension that is causing the force and contains the solution.

Exercise 65: Role-play the country wife

In this role the wife does not want to leave her country home where her friends and her children have a wonderful life. She fears the big city but her husband, who wants to make more money, has taken a job offer as a sales representative. The role opens as the couple comes for their final interview with the boss and his wife. The country wife decides to sabotage the interview by acting as a country bumpkin.

What games occur during the role? What types of force were used by each participant? How did the others manage the use of force?

In particle participation, force becomes a way to win or to exercise control over others who are weaker (or who agree to play the dance of appearing weaker). Particle play is always ruled by the past, for the rules of the past are running the dance (as agreed by all participants who play the particle dances and all audiences who watch the dances).

When we attempt to take away someone's title, position or possessions, our particle mind believes we are using force. The one we play “against” with force usually believes it too. The dance will continue as a dance of force until one agrees freely to change the rules of the dance. One way to change the rules is to freely choose to release the title, possessions or positions from the past. To change the rules or change the roles is to change the dance, which can only be done when one's presence is outside of the dance.

One cannot change the dance when one is defined by the dance. Any change created by the dance perpetuates the dance. Dances are self-organized and thus are self-perpetuating. One cannot change a dance from within a dance. Playing with the rules, or changing the audience, referees or players, does not change the dance. Changing the dance requires distinction - the creation of a set of circumstances in which the Full Potential Self can unfold more of its potential in regard to the dance. This changes the dance because being present takes one out of the dance without leaving the dance floor.

One can only change a dance from outside the dance. The ultimate dance is outside of the dance within the fullest possible potential of the dance. Changing the dance is to “become” the whole dynamic of the dance and, in light of each and everyone's Full Potential Self, the potential of the dance and the entire field in which it functions make a difference in unfolding the fullest possible potential of everything and everyone in everywhere. It is being “present” everywhere, everyone and “everywhen” and bringing that into the dance.

Information becomes self-referencing. That is, the frequencies or harmonics of the holodynes create a coherent field. Anything that does not meet the consensus criteria is rejected. If it is not coherent, it is reorganized to fit the picture within the event horizon. In this way, information tends to self-organize into a coherent field. It becomes self-referencing and integritous. Any new information coming in must also match what is known. All those dong the dance within the event horizon, will reinforce the dance or will be expelled.

Exercise 66: What experiences have you had that demonstrate the problem could not be solved from within the event horizon of the problem? Make notes. Share with your Holon.

My marriage, for example, was made “eternal” through a special ceremony that was acted out in a special temple by a special church. It was “special” to me because it was associated with my personal passage from bachelor to husband. In spite of the fact that my marriage was prescriptive, or dominated by the information system that came with the ceremony, it took me 31 years to realize that it lacked genuine intimacy. It is impossible for anyone to experience genuine intimacy when one is externally dependent. “In-to-mesee” cannot be prescribed. It is inconsistent to attempt to “make” someone “eternal” when everyone is already eternal. It is impossible to “make” a relationship eternal when it already exists outside of time and space.

To “make” anyone do anything is to enter a war dance. It is a dance of force. It may appear as subtle and supportive but it is still a dance of force and persuasion. One cannot enter a war dance without admitting they have already forgotten. Those who forget give up their presence, power and choice. They accept the dominance of another or the influence of a collective prescriptive society that tries to enforce its will on reality in order to overcome its fears. Those who use force are afraid because they have forgotten who they are and closed off any new information. They are locked in their collective event horizon. Naturally, they divinize their position. It’s part of how event horizons protect themselves and preserve their position. Once divinized the conversation ends. The traditions or prescriptions of the collective become non-negotiable.

A similar dynamic occurs within the wave dance. In wave dynamics, “force” is applied by not allowing the participant to play. Those who are oriented to wave dynamics say that if you do not get married in their special way (“God’s way”) you will never be together (“with God” or together “in the next life”). The natural conclusion reached is that since you will never be together (“with God” or “in Heaven”), you cannot be together here. In other words, you are not really married.

Thus, in their divinized way, religious people force the young to comply. If the young refuse, the dance can end without being heard or in any way acknowledged. You are no longer “in” the society. Those who continue this type of religious dance block all acknowledgment of the dancer. No one is allowed to see or acknowledge the dancer in any way. Thus force is used to end the identity of the dancer. The dance becomes the denial of the opposition (the “unbelievers”) and the denial of any right to continue participating in the congregation. The dancer is “phased out” before the end of the dance and cannot “phase in” to another dance.

To change arenas in the hope of finding another partner or doing another dance is a form of denial. It is a denial of the dance dynamics that hold the dance in place. Wave dancers avoid particle dancers. They avoid getting “caught” in particle dynamics and avoid situations and people they don’t like.

Anything that avoids is an invitation to that which is being avoided. Anything that polarizes against anything else is an invitation to others to extend polarization. It’s an endless cycle.

No matter which end of the pole one chooses, particle denial or wave denial, it is still the same denial dance and ultimately leads to the same vicious cycle within a closed event horizon. Being trapped in a closed system is what people refer to as “evil.”


To avoid evil is to invite evil. Avoidance of evil invites evil because one cannot avoid anything without already being “in” the dance. If evil is what you are avoiding, you are already in the dance of evil. To try to destroy evil is the essence of evil. The use of force against immature life forms is immature.

To transform or change from a dance of force you must first choose to remember. To remember is to acknowledge the time and space in which you were free to choose. I don’t mean like last night when you chose to eat the greens instead of the steak. I mean you must remember The Plan.

Freedom from force, freedom from evil and freedom from any limiting event horizon occurs at choice point where The Plan was laid out and the lessons experienced were agreed to by all those playing within the dance of force and evil. This type of remembering takes place within the holodynamic framework that includes everyone, everything and everywhen. Players in The Plan cannot be “forgotten” or “denied.” They are “beyond time” and thus cannot be “shut out.” Everyone is connected.

When you make the choice to separate yourself from others, it does not affect the others (unless they agree to be influenced by your choice). Only the person or persons who do the “shutting out” suffer the consequences because only they are the ones caught in the event horizon of separation. To shut off any part of reality is to close one’s information system, block one’s sensitive consciousness and thus induce a state of pathology.

When you choose to hate life, or any part of life (including the people you blame for the “bad” parts of life), you choose to remain in the finite dance of force. You are only focusing on the linear reasons from your past to justify hating life. When you hate life, you are locked within an event horizon where you must be forced to dance.

Exercise 67: What is meant by the statement: “To try to destroy evil is the essence of evil?” What is evil? How does one transform evil? Discuss.

We chose to confine unlimited love into a physical time-space continuum so that love in its fullest potential can manifest once again through these naturally imposed limitations. We choose to limit our eternal qualities of knowing, sensitivity, compassion, faith, creativity, intelligence, music, art, beauty and all other aspects of our Full Potential Self so we can manifest who we are within this space-time continuum.

We choose to confine our knowing into ignorance. The ignorance blocks our knowing until we go through the discovery process and our knowing emerges once more. It is this emergence of knowing, in the transforming of ignorance, that is the essence of life for conscious people.

Likewise, we bury our sensitivity until we become encapsulated into “numb and dumb.” Then we become closed systems. We choose to encapsulate our sensitivity, to suffer the resulting pain and agony, because of the special lessons we learn as our sensitivity grows into its fullest potential. Out of the refinery of pain is born a new potential of sensitivity.

Compassion is born under a rock-hard wasteland where caring is condemned. Faith gets wrapped in the stainless steal container of an absolute theology. The most “godless” of all human dancers represent God. Creativity and spirituality gets wrapped into endless rules and regulations. We surround ourselves with others of like mind and then we “divinize” the entire package, daring ourselves to find a way out.

We surround ourselves with people who sound intelligent but mouth empty words. We lock ourselves into studying ancient words, written by empty minds, on pages long dead, speaking only to dead ears. The music of the dance of life is overpowered by the flood of noise coming from the mass media, both internally and externally. We become trained to ignore the music we “are.” The art, beauty and living dynamics of our existence are programmed out of our awareness by our own vices.

We do it all by choice so that, through it all, we get to manifest the knowing, sensitivity, compassion, creativity, intelligence, faith, music, art, beauty and all those wonderful qualities that “are” us once again.

In this entire hibernation process, particle dynamics are assertive; wave dynamics are absorbent; and holodynamics are inclusive. Each experience with consciousness is sharply contrasting and a distinctive variation within nature’s self-organizing, living, information systems.



I was trekking a narrow jungle trail through the rain forests of Brazil. My guide had moved about 50 yards ahead of me and the trail wound around a large tall tree. As I stepped around the tree, a voice said to me: “Stop.” It was a gentle invitation, and I froze in my position. I was only part of the way around the tree, so I was looking at its bark.

The first thing I noticed was that the surface of the tree was covered with lichen. I stood perfectly still looking at the lichen. It was very intricate, woven in a series of delicate laceworks, like some delicate petals of flowers. As I remained still, just looking, I raised my eyes and the lichen ascended perhaps 30 feet up the tree trunk. The tree was straight as an arrow for about 70 feet, like a great telephone pole. I remained silent and still, hardly daring to move. I could sense something but I did not know what, so I just remained present.

After about 10 minutes of patient presence, the lichen in front of me suddenly moved. A butterfly, the size of both my hands, revealed itself. It was brilliant turquoise with a white lichen fringe around its entire wingspan. It was so startling beautiful that I gasped, and the whole tree shuttered. I looked up and the entire lichen was made up of a swarm of butterflies! They just wanted to say “hello.”

I can still see those butterflies. More than anything, I can still feel the grace and majesty of their interaction with me. I remembered how environmentalists claim that the simple movement of their wings influences the weather of the planet. Still, that little movement is nothing compared to the intelligence and respect they shared with me that day.

I was still caught up in their embrace when the guide called out asking if I was OK. I signaled that all was well and walked on. Not 20 yards ahead, on the same trail, I came upon an opening in the jungle as big as a large house. The trail wound clear of the space and there was absolutely nothing growing on the ground. I looked up and, seemingly suspended in mid-air was a bouquet of red orchids. The bouquet was about the size of an automobile. I could not believe the flowers were just growing in the middle of the air, so I stepped off the trail to take a closer look.

As soon as my foot hit the cleared piece of ground, a large buzzing began. It was so hostile that I stepped back on the trail and stood very still. After a short minute, I tried to figure out what was going on. Again, I took a careful step onto the clear surface and the buzzing was louder and more hostile than before! It was a clear signal not to go any further. I withdrew and bent down to take a closer look at the ground. There were millions of tiny black ants covering the ground. There was no doubt this was their territory and I was trespassing. They were mobilizing and I knew if I stepped again, they would attack.

I looked and realized that the flowers were the property of the ants. Then I saw a thin brown vine attached to the ground beneath the orchids. It wound up through the bouquet and attached itself to the trees more than 100 feet above the ground! I watched for awhile, and the ants settled down. I shall never forget the beauty and grace of the butterflies on the tree, nor the boundaries and warriors of the Amazon black ants.

This exploration of ownership leads inexplicably to the domain of covenants made beyond the level of particle and wave dynamics (as particle and wave players usually experience them). The butterfly fashions itself to accommodate the wind, and the wind fashions its flow, ever so slightly, to accommodate the butterfly. The ant fashions itself to accommodate the flowers, and the flowers accommodate the ants. In a similar way, the wolf fashions itself to accommodate the buffalo, and the buffalo fashions itself to accommodate the wolf. Life accommodates life all over the planet.

People fashion themselves to accommodate each other: the bosses to accommodate the secretary, the secretary to accommodate the boss; the wife to accommodate the husband and the husband to accommodate the wife. Every person is continually accommodating every other person. Society takes its form and survives through such continual, dynamic accommodations. Everything is intelligent, forged by interwoven fields of intelligence, that give form to the fabric of the whole dynamic, including beyond our space and time, reaching into other space-time continuums.

Exercise 68: How does Nature handle conflict? What processes does Nature use when another encroaches upon the self-interest of one animal or plant? Does mental illness exist within Nature? If so, how does Nature handle mental illness? Discuss.

Earning Money

Some people contend that “money is the root of all evil.” Others suggest “That money is the only thing worth going crazy over.” Most people spend much of their lives earning money. What happens, then, when we look at earning money from a holodynamic view?

We have already clarified that money is a media of exchange. We exchange money for goods and services. In order to create goods and services, we conduct business. In our society, business has become part of the lifeblood of self-survival. There are other models about money.

In the Communist nations, business is the responsibility of the collective. Until the last decade, individual business was considered a threat to the collective. The name for individual business was the same name used for Mafia. It was considered an illegal activity. Now, both in Russia and in China, business has become an integral part of people's lives. Business is now considered vital to earning money. It is a natural part of organizing money exchanges. Even these nations have become capitalistic.

Part of this transformation was caused by people who refused to work under the collective. They received money without working, so they chose not to work. The entire country was going broke. Now, everyone must work to earn money for food, clothing, shelter and entertainment. Earning has become one of the foundation pillars of well-being of entire societies. Earnings determine what food shall be grown, what crops harvested, and what products sold. In a larger sense, the hand of the businessperson sculpts the entire face of the planet. The dance of community is molded in the forge of business.

This view is what drives corporations and, in current times, has flowed into the international market. It is part of the foundation for corporate control over natural resources, our international monetary systems and banking, and production of food, shelter, clothing, supplies and military actions. In spite of the amount of time and money that goes into the perpetuation of this perspective, it is possible to step back and take a bird’s-eye view of the whole dynamic.

The person who can understand that organizations, governments, products, agreements, people and potential are woven into the same tapestry as time and space is a holodynamist who chooses to do business with Conscious Capitalism. Money is not just something that is used as an exchange for goods and services. Money is not just something that has to be earned. Money, like anything else, receives its power from a matrix of holodyne and, if we expect to survive in this next century, must be transformed. Everyone, including business leaders, must adapt a more conscious state of mind about capitalism.

The particle-focused businessperson, one who runs the business according to the laws of the land, may lobby for changing the laws to more favor his business. These negotiations have been self-oriented. Special interest groups now determine who can make contracts. Almost universally they negotiate for the best deal possible and count every penny. The winners are considered our most respected citizens. But, from a broader perspective, such a businessperson is a long way from his possible self. His primary interest is in winning. As such, he is a muted, warped and crippled excuse for a human. These immature business people are only partly a successful and pass, in our culturally- deprived particle world, as a businessperson.

In reality, these people are dead, floating like spent straw on the surface of the stream of life trying to grasp for more and more to store up for a life they may live some day. They have become addicted to the dance of earning money. Like an addict, they can never have enough. Any deviation from the linear path and any chaos or real life form evokes a fear so deep it is to be avoided at all costs. As much as any other factor, those who dance the linear dance of business are causing the life to be choked out of this world. They plunder and pillage the resources of the planet and seek control over their fellows and over Nature without regard to anything else except their own self-interest.

Exercise 69: How would you solve the problem of greed? Discuss.

The wave-focused businessperson, on the other hand, is one who approaches business with a personal passion, can sense the motion in the flow, place himself or herself in front of the flow, and enjoys surfing on the money wave. It becomes a matter of how to win by staying on the wave. It does not matter where the wave comes from or where it goes. The primary driving force is to stay on the money wave. Stay in the game. Keep in the dance.

These are the entrepreneurs of the world who are alert to the endless possibilities of business and scurry about from possibility to possibility, creating new liaisons, alliances and manifestations of what the future holds for those who want to live their dream.

They represent the majority, or the collective identity of groups, and seek collective rule. They believe in the ongoing survival of the fittest, only in this case, it is the survival of the fittest richest system. It is the plunder of one group over another. It is the creation of government to legalize plunder; to enslave certain groups, races or creeds; and to develop a class system of the elite to rule over the less fortunate. This group sets up monetary systems, tariffs and taxes and makes demands on the public for funds so they can support what they choose - not what the public chooses, but what the privileged choose.

Exercise 70: How would you transform the monitory system of the world? How would you transform the influence of the elite? How would you end war? Outline a detailed plan that overcomes the dominance of one group over another. Prepare a 30 minute speech on this subject and discuss it with your Holon.

Do you all agree that such a transformation could occur? Do you agree that such a transformation would be valuable? Who would benefit from such a transformation? How would they benefit? Is your plan embracive or exclusive? Based on what does your transformation take place? How might you implement such a plan?

While understanding and participating in both the particle and wave dynamics of life, the Holodynamist comprehends the dance of business and integrates the dance of life and the broader dimensions of the whole dynamic that include the interface between earth life and all life. The Holodynamist is socially conscious and does not forfeit freedom or identity for conformity. While freely playing with the rules and able to confront their demands, Holodynamists do not need to continue the dance or to continue the life of any business activity.

Rather, they become the activity. Without losing anything at all, Holodynamists become everything at once. The socially conscious business people realize there is music and magic in business. It has a life of its own. Like family, country and planet Earth, each business has potential to unfold its potential. Every set of circumstances has an emerging potential. Every situation has a life harmonic. Every situation is driven by its potential.

To focus on the potential of each situation is the essence of business. Laws are formed for the protection of the individual and the group but not at the expense of others. Laws guarantee the freedom to trade, form contracts, do banking, produce and organize according to one's capacity and opportunity.

Exercise 71: What factors does the conscious capitalist use in business? What steps are you taking in order to implement your plan for becoming more conscious in your business? What sort of time table have you designed? Have you used the Mind Model as a reality check on each step of your Plan? Have you teamed up to implement your Plan?

Those of you who have been studying these texts realize that particle and wave businesspeople have trouble with both the concept and reality of parallel worlds. Parallel worlds of the past, present and future exist together, running in parallel. As Many parallel worlds run simultaneously within specific time-space continuums (see John Wheeler’s conclusions in his “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum physics). The principles of quantum coherence, applies to non-local or parallel worlds. These same living principles are active among all information systems including business and governments.

From this view, each moment of choice is eternal and universal. Its potential is not confined to local dynamics, but reflects universal, timeless dynamics as well. Even the most subtle and consciously invisible choices are luxuriously rich in their multifaceted expressions as part of the whole dynamic. Those who trust each other in other worlds trust each other here. To be successful business must include these dimensions.

Exercise 73: “Relive” your Plan. How does the Future manifest your Plan? Share with your team.

No holodynamic business leader would dream of dumping toxic waste in an environmentally sensitive area before exploring the rich potential of the entire situation. The implications would be karmic not only personally, but for the company as well.

Karmic implications occur when states of being achieved in this world ripple into other worlds and create a feedback loop between the other worlds and this world. From this view, we are not alone. Our actions cannot be isolated. So, to dump toxic wastes into an environmentally sensitive area is not an isolated event. Even if it is not against the law or, even if the one doing the dumping is not “caught.” The act creates a ripple effect. Depending upon the nature of the act, it could extract tremendous implications in parallel worlds that are intimately connected with our life structure here.

Exercise 75: What can be done about toxic waste? How can we solve the problem of pollution? What can be done about population expansion? Can you choose to create a Plan to solve these problems? If you so choose, what is your Plan? Share with your team.

From a holodynamic view, there is no separation possible, ever, nor can there be, from life or the dance of life, for anyone or any life form. There is choice and consequences of that choice. You can play one game or another without concern about playing or the rules of playing. You can play for the pure expression of intelligence. The pure expression of intelligence manifests both personal and collective qualities. Everything is inherent within the collective reality. The lessons learned, the personal characteristics you possess from parallel worlds, and the matrix of the environment are available to you now.

Covenants made in other worlds affect relationships in this world. Your Full Potential Self is active in other worlds and you are participating in the dynamics of these worlds, as well as the dynamics of this world.

You can play according to the rules and win or lose. You can choose another game with new rules or jump from game to game, from world to world, from one time-space continuum to another and from one dance to another, allowing maximum choices and amplifying each contribution in exponential proportions never comprehended by particle thinkers and only glimpsed by wave mentalities. Your fingerprints on the force of life ripple through endless worlds.

You can tell when you are in a particle dance because it is an event. It has a beginning and an end. Like time, it is divided into segments. It has definite boundaries. It may be a contest, with eligibility requirements, a story with a specific theme or theatrical sequence of dynamics or an organization's list of objectives with a set of measurement criteria.

Events take on a context of ongoing patterns of events when you dance from a wave perspective. While there is no real beginning or end and no boundaries, there are themes that run in sequence as in the steps of a dance when one dances. The same is true when you are considering the principles that guide the delivery of a message.

Beyond the wave, isolated events are happening not just as part of an ongoing pattern but within the time-fullness of universality. In some world, at this moment, everything is happening. While one does not have to remember this in order to dance in the dance, some do remember. Jesus likely remembered and, because he remembered, he loved everyone - past, present and future. Thus the dance he danced and the principles he taught were not confined to his own culture but took on a timelessness of their own. This quality of moving beyond the confines of time and space are characteristic of most great leaders.

In a finite mind, only one person can be head of a corporation. Only one person can be team captain. Only one person can be father. All the others are ranked according to specific status in the order of the system's dance. You may not be the one that “wins” the highest honors, but you may find yourself dancing some dance in order to gain some rank within the hierarchy. From this ranking, society creates structure and individuals create an artificial sense of security. You know this is an illusion. Still, you may choose to dance.

Exercise 76: What do you do when you find yourself in a dance that provides you status, a place in the hierarchy of society, recognition and promotion? What do you do when it provides you with a better income? Discuss. Are you able to remain in superposition or are you drawn into the event horizon of the situation? If you are drawn in, what might be the consequences? Discuss.

Structure in society can also be nonlinear, relative and dependent upon who is playing and the purpose of the play. It can become irrelevant, seen as the makings of a dead mind to remake an old memory in order to keep each person busy until his or her time is past. It can be the hope of the future or the memory of the past, but it is only by agreement that structure of any kind exists.

Exercise 77: What gives coherence to structure? What gives coherence to group dynamics? What field dynamics hold in place the structure by which things and people grow and have their being?

What we have learned is that every organization has a driving potential woven into the structure itself. Every organization is a living being that has a structure built according to its own inherent unique order. We give it power, order and structure. We are its parents. It lives because of the covenant. Physical existence or reality as we experience it - all of life

-exists because everything is part of a conscious interactive universe.

Reality emerges from an implicate order. Mathematics is a language that is used to describe this built-in order and physics is the science of exploring it. Chemistry shows it molecular dynamics, psychology its human manifestations and information theory its patterns of motion while social systems reflect its emergence into community. Every philosophy, religion and political system is part of the order that emerges from the Covenant. Our covenants made up The Plan.

Even the structures of war have such an order. War and all its structures, are freely chosen by all who participate. The meaning of war is impossible to comprehend to a finite mind. It is always viewed as a contradiction. It is a contradiction because it is impossible to tell who wins. War, how it is to be orchestrated, the capabilities and limits each warring party demonstrates, and how long it will last, is agreed before the parties begin.

A war can be “lost,” as in Vietnam from the American side, and still “won,” as in the demise of Communism in Russia and its erosion in China. The entire dance is superseded by the losses, suffering and cost to all participants. Then there are many types of war zones. There is physical war, as above, but also emotional war, mental war, spiritual, social, economic, religious and philosophical wars and so forth. Even the pioneer Quakers, who did not believe in war, were warriors. They fought for an ideology, for the right to believe and the right to their own representative rule. They fought passively, like Gandhi, and they fought with words.

So, the larger dance, the infinite or wave dynamics of war, is reflected in the ongoing struggle for property, material resources, ideological influence, economic presence, information, spiritual or political power. These also are filled with irresolvable inconsistencies. To end war requires new levels of consciousness about war, politics, money, resources, religion, philosophy and ever other dimension of social consciousness.

While particle dynamics are externally defined - as in the statement: “We declare war!” wave dynamics are internally defined as in the statement: “We are fighting for Freedom!” or “Justice!” or “Honor” or “Peace!” The inconsistency occurs when we ask how can you “fight” for “honor” when to admit one “has” to fight is to admit one has lost all honor.

Wave dynamics have only self-referencing time. Thus, time references link to openings in time and new horizons within “the endless struggle” for justice, honor or the right to choose, and are created within the dynamics of the dance itself. Anything created within the dance is part of the dance. War, created within a wave dynamic, is part of the wave dance. Thus war is eternal, locked within the bubble of an event horizon.

Holodynamically, war is freely chosen and can stop as soon as anyone agrees to “be” peace. If someone called a war and no one came, there could be no war. People choose war in order to manifest peace, to overcome the ravages of war, to wound and then to heal themselves. War is “the dance of the gods who seek total devastation in order to create total renewal.” These “gods of war” are immature. War does not have to be abolished. One does not create war against war. War is diminished by alternatives to war. Alternatives provide choice, and war becomes a possibility among countless other possibilities.

Exercise 78: What causes war? Make a cluster on the wars in which you are involved or have been involved during your life. What created the war? What ended the war (if it ever ended)? What contributes to the extension of the war games? What can you do about it now? Present your Plan.

Exercise 79: Is war a way of making money? Who makes money during a war? Who makes money after a war has ended? What have the war games got to do with the exchange of goods and services? Who has the advantage when a war is waged? Who pays the price? Discuss.

The Music

It becomes impossible to say in which world or dimension the music is played. There are any number of worlds, an infinite number of combinations of information and endless ways in which the information can organize. In one world, we may be the winners in a war. In another, we might be the losers in a similar war. We could be the parent to a person in one world. In another, we may be the child to the same person. The ongoing relationship dynamics can be manifested in every possible combination, all going on at the same time.

Thus war represents the collective relationship dynamics among myriads of peoples from parallel worlds playing multifaceted music to which we dance any number of dances. No one dances alone. All life is in complex relationships with all other parts of life. Ancients cultures of the past, present myriads of cultures of the world, and cultures of the future in this world are only part of the picture.

When you consider this world, in all its complexity, can you imagine the complexity of a million worlds all in relationship to one another, all manifesting potential within one complex field? It is both humbling and exciting because the mystery, the possibilities for discovery and the potential for life is endless. Every single event that occurs in this life is part of the whole dynamic of life everywhere.

Exercise 80: What is the music that keeps all worlds in harmony? How can you attune yourself to this music? What are some of the implications of this view of reality? Discuss.


One of the easiest ways to sense the music of life is within relationships. Understanding the deeper implications of any relationship allows its potential to surface. A chance meeting, a casual comment or the twinkle of an eye and participants realize they are talking to an eternal friend.

Consciousness opens to experience this moment in time, to carry out some synchronicity upon which they have mutually agreed in some beyond-time dimension. Each person’s Full Potential Self collects the information and organizes it into a coherence that gives form to the potential that is inherent within the meeting. Each event is orchestrated, the music is playing and the steps are coordinated to the music being played.

This is evidenced when, for example, two people meet for the first time and become instant friends. That friendship is experienced as a living thing, a “Being of Togetherness.” Those who are conscious of the Being of Togetherness and follow its potential are led to adventures without being tended, nourished or renewed. The relationship is experienced as having always been. Relationships are. They always are.

Exercise 81: Choose a partner with whom you have a natural, always-has-been relationship. Sit together and discuss your relationship. How did it come about? What does the relationship have to teach you? Can you both hear the conversation going on between your relationship and yourselves? What does the conversation tell you? Share.

From a particle perspective, relationships begin, are developed and have an end. From a wave perspective, particle dynamics occur within wave dynamics. One can meet and develop the relationship but the entire scenario occurs within a larger context. Friends can meet, develop an expression of their streams of relationships within an event and, even though they may never see each other again in this life, they know relationships have neither beginning nor end. From a holodynamic perspective, relationships are experienced as living entities with multiple-world specificities, all understood and linked by covenant.

In this world, everyone has agreed that particle experiences occur within the larger wave dynamics and smaller wave dynamics occur “within” every particle event. Our fine-grained and gross-grained screens are adjusted to sense the boundaries of our chosen event horizons. This is a physical reality. This is why finite dances can be placed within an infinite dance floor and an infinite dance can be danced within a finite dance. Most participants have forgotten who they are and what the nature of their relationship really is and so confine themselves to a muted expression of what, potentially, they could be and, in reality, are -if they could but remember.

Exercise 82: Who is the least-liked person in your life? What distinguishes this person from the others? Are you satisfied with the relationship that now exists between you or can you imagine that there is some enfolded potential within it that might be unfolded? What can you do about it? Discuss.

Quantum scientists understand particles are “standing” waves. That is, every particle is made of waves that are cycling within a specific event horizon. The boundaries of the event horizon are defined by the harmonics or wave frequencies of the information system enfolded within the wave. They appear as particles.

Thus, in quantum thinking, a particle is defined within the confines of the event horizon in which the information in wave motion is cycling. Since everything is made of information, it is completely consistent to suggest that such harmonics are the freely chosen parameters of “particle-ness.” Information looks, through our screens, as though the black holes are drawing energy in. Thus, particles attract. They are implosive. Waves, on the other hand, are explosive. They move outward, toward a horizon unknown and unknowable to particle dancers.

It is the interaction of particle and wave dynamics that creates and is created by the holodynamic dimension. Our reality is a universe in which all particle and wave dynamics are part of the greater whole dynamic. The implosive and explosive hold each other in balance, giving form to matter. There is no end to smallness and no end to bigness. We appear to be “in the middle” of space and time because we are conscious. The more we look for smallness, the more smallness we will find. The universe asks: “How much smallness do you want?” or “How much bigness?” Then it answers by forming more smallness or more bigness. Discovery is a never-ending process. This is a holographic world in which what is known to the part is known to the whole and what is known to the whole is known to the part.

The dance of life is all about the rules of the dance. We get to dance whatever dance we choose as long as the rules of the dance are followed. It’s when we get into the dance that we become defined by the dance. We get locked into the event horizon of that specific dance. We are born into a specific family with specific belief systems and within a society that, more or less, reinforces the family system. Society also contains its own belief system, values, traditions and taboos.

When two people meet, and are attracted to each other, they may decide to become intimate. This situation is sometimes called “being in love.” Being in love follows an implicate order. It is a natural state that usually starts with self-discovery. One cannot love another person more than one loves oneself. To remember another requires that one remember oneself first. Intimacy, friendship and trust begin within, among one’s holodynes, and then spread to others and then to the world.

To win in a particle dance ends the dance. To win in an infinite dance is to experience the continuation of the dance. People can be substituted and the dance goes on - a new husband, a new wife, a new family, a new way the family interrelates - and still, the dance goes continues.

Exercise 83: What relationship do you know about that is dominated by a wave mentality. How can you tell? Is there any way that such a relationship can be transformed that would be an additional advantage to those in the relationship? Discuss.

In a holodynamic sense, to relate is to honor the nature of the Being of Togetherness. Relationships are viewed as a living dynamic. Your relationship might exist in order to keep a karmic debt, fulfill a cosmic promise and play out the orchestration of emerging intelligence (which can be played just as well from the loss of the game or from not playing at all - whatever the choice or covenant). It might represent a future potential emerging through the relationship to reach heights unperceived by the normal dancers in the dance.

It is in the focus, distinctions, and choosing; that intelligence is manifest. It is in the playing; that passion and compassion emerge. And it is in the combination of focus, distinction, and choosing, as well as dancing with distinction; that the future is sculpted.

Winning or losing are part of the dance, part of a larger scene wherein intelligence is manifesting through choices that determine the nature of dance participation, its boundaries, schedules and rules. Wave experiences center on how these can be made flexible and how to play with the playing, dance with the dancing, live with life.

It is not within the particle mind to comprehend this larger wave dynamic. Nor is it within the wave mind to discern the subtle but powerful fullness of the dance on all dimensions at the same time.

Particle minds are bounded by time, space and linear dynamics. They can be written out, drawn on paper, scripted and defined by rules. The rules may differ from one dance to the next. Rules and roles as well as scripts and taboos, function to establish the range of limitations of the dance. These limitations allow the dance to be danced and the play to be played and they restrain the participants from playing any other game while playing this one.

There is a sacred covenant among all particle players that must be agreed by all the players. They form a contract to obey the rules so they can tell who wins. The rules cannot change during the dance. It is the agreement of the participants that gives a finite dance its validity and gives rules their power.

The laws of the land are not valid because a small group of people in the Supreme Court have said they must be obeyed. They are valid only when the people who are bound by them agree to be bound by them. Marriage is not valid because an external source, such as government, community, church or somebody’s God, says so. The covenants are only valid to the degree each participant agrees to follow them.

When one or both of the members of a marriage decide to make their marriage “forever,” it is a contradiction. “Forever” cannot be confined to a particle action. To confine a relationship to a finite act would not be attempted unless the participants had already forgotten the nature of their relationship. Relationships are already eternal. Nothing can be done to “make” a relationship something it already is, so, at best, the marriage ceremony is a symbolic statement. Marriage is a reminder of something already real, an acknowledgment to each other and society of something remembered.

Rules about marriage can change when all the players agree that the dance is threatened by a finite outcome. As soon as someone wins, for example, or someone is about to lose, the dance is threatened with extinction. It will end as a finite act, or an event.

Wave awareness creates a change in the rules so the relationship goes on. The inconsistency occurs when the rules allow those who have forgotten, to remain veiled, yet still in the marriage. The marriage relationship dies. A marriage composed of the dead may allow the dead to marry the dead and keep the dance of death going, but it remains a dead marriage.

When the epicenter of marriage is sufficiently broad that freedom to relate is maximized, the entire experience can be viewed from an unlimited perspective. The purpose of the marriage, its impact upon other worlds and their impact upon it, as well as the domains of its byproducts, such as parenthood and the interface of family and community, all become part of a much larger dynamic.

In this larger dynamic, particle dances and even dead marriages are viewed as stepping stones on a path of unfolding potential. The challenge becomes how to bring life into a dead marriage, how to create an ever growing awareness of the larger dynamics, and how to resurrect the dead.

Exercise 84: How would you “resurrect” a dead relationship? How would you bring to life a dead marriage? Upon what do you base your position? Discuss.

Collective Intelligence

Part of this larger dynamic is reflected in what, in the animal world, is called “swarm” intelligence.

Swarm intelligence is evidenced when a group of insects, like ants in a disturbed ant hill swarm to cover a breach in their defenses, or when a school of fish suddenly turn and flee a possible predator. Bees swarm to move the hive. Termites swarm for the same reason and are able, through complex, linear and nonlinear communication process, to choose the best possible site for the next building of a hive.

Humans also exhibit swarm intelligence. They swarm to defend their belief systems, their country and their property. Swarm intelligence can also be evidenced in such phenomenon as the Internet.

The Internet

The Internet is a computer communication network originally created by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to coordinate information around the world. A few years ago, the service was opened to the public and now, in a matter of moments in time, hundreds of millions of people are participating in the Internet. It has become a dance in which the network has created its own brand of swarm intelligence.

No one controls or sets boundaries to the Internet. Millions of people around the world are sharing whatever information they choose. While the input is always specific (each person puts in or requests specific data that makes it a particle act), the Internet is an infinite dance. Its purpose is only to keep sharing information. No person wins. No person loses. The agreement is to keep the dance going and to involve as many people as possible.

On the Internet, collective decisions are made, instant by instant, depending upon the stimuli users encounter. When encryption was needed, encryption became available. The

U.S. government tried to stop encryption because it provides private communication, but the codes were made public and encryption became a reality overnight. Now debates are arising about “push” and “pull” dynamics. Should marketing firms be allowed to force their products into spaces of customers without their permission (push) or should customers request these services (pull)? Pull will win. The push-pull dynamic is part of the same field. Once a person requests information, firms will assert their right to push until told to stop.

Much like flocks of birds that can change flight direction in 1/70th of a second as a swarm, the “decision” to change collectively passes through the flock of Internet users as a form of collective intelligence, making decisions faster than an individual mind can consciously decide.

Swarm dynamics occur constantly among schools of fish, insects and other life forms. Yet, in a particle-focused human society, it goes unrecognized. Once a person becomes aware of swarm dynamics, the scientific tools to measure and record the phenomenon soon develop. Traditionally, first we identify, then we quantify, then we replicate. In the case of swarm intelligence, the process is nonlinear. Replication within the collective can be instant. Identification and quantification run in parallel. Consensus is a byproduct.

Since the birth of quantum mechanics (which defines wave functions and their interface with particle dynamics), the discovery of holographics (laser light images) and the rise of information theory (development of artificial or manufactured intelligence), scientists are realizing that swarm mentality or wave-induced coherence (among self-organizing information systems) has distinct advantages. Swarming provides a unique arena of function in human experience (see “Out of Control” by Kevin Kelly for examples).

As Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogene found, information systems become self-organizing when they:

  1. contain excess energy;
  2. are in flux; and

3. are nonlinear. When these conditions are met, information systems experience a dissipative order and seemingly spontaneously self-organize into higher forms of life.

Along these same lines of thinking, David Bohm suggests the reason information and energy form into more complex systems is because everything is driven by a hidden potential containing an implicate order. This implicate order appears to be holographic in nature, yet it is dynamic, which Bohm suggests is a “moving hologram.”

Moving holograms are holodynes. Holodynes are guided to take certain form in this space-time continuum. From a linear view, holodynes are formed via dual information input from the senses (particle and wave) stored within the microtubules of each cell and thus produce a maximum environment for self-organization. They account for the natural patterns of growth that the body develops for neural synapses, brain plasticity, biochemical activity and consciousness. Holodynes account for the way in which personality manifests through the life cycles of each person. Holodynes also account for the way in which families, communities and entire international relationships develop and maintain their stability. They are the key to mental health and personal wealth. From a rational view, holodynes and their networks are central to human consciousness.

What I have learned from the new sciences and from my experience in applying these sciences to the human condition is that millions of years of inherited memory have created complex labyrinths of self-organizing information that give form to quantum potential fields of energy. These forms or holodynes are constantly changing, receiving information, organizing according to long-established patterns, stabilizing their coherence in specific patterns and storing them accordingly. I have also learned that wave dynamics are involved in the process of consciousness.

The entire system is self-governing and self-organizing. Through minute, subatomic Frohlech Frequencies, quantum coherence constantly sends information among cells, tissues and organs so each person is able to function as a whole unit. Social coherence, cultural values, nationalism and global consciousness are part of this same wave phenomenon.

Take, for example, the rising number of people on the planet. Nature has a built-in population control system. When entire nations become overpopulated, the birth rate drops without intervention. The population of Russia has showed a declining rate of growth for almost 15 years. The same is true of other nations. Farmers know how much to plant without central government control. People have a sense for when to go to the beach, when to buy extra food and hundreds of other little things that, when taken together, allow civilization to flow at a fairly smooth pace.

Another type of swarm intelligence shows up in collective pathologies. Riots sometimes break out, causing normally peaceful citizens to become riotous looters. When diseases such as polio show up, a cure is found, only to have another disease show up that cannot yet be cured (AIDS, for example – and the cure has now shown up). This endless cycle of new disease and new cures is another indication of collectively held holodynes that create undercurrents within individual, family and social life. When held in common, these holodynes grow in a cumulative manner until they break out as disease. Disease and social unrest are “swarm” occurrences.

Exercise 85: Which collective patterns of your society do you consider to be disruptive or pathological? Cluster these patterns. What are the root causes of these patterns? What gives them collective power? What can be done about these patterns? Outline the steps to potentializing your collective pathologies. Enroll others in your quest. Team up. Potentialize your collective. Report your results.

In a like vein, the life of the planet can be viewed as a self-governed holographic phenomenon (see Mike Talbot's book “Holographic Universe”). Disease is an integral part of the whole life dynamic. When studied as a collective dynamic as well as an individual dynamic, ancient cures make more sense.

At the same time, disease is more than wave or particle. To find a cure to some diseases requires addressing the whole dynamic: particle, wave and the holodynamics of enfolded dimensions, such as parallel worlds. To focus holodynamically is to focus within and beyond particle and wave dynamics. The dance in the brain lies mainly on the plane between particle and wave, at superposition.

To communicate with the “entity” that represents the entire Internet, to access the “guide” that leads one through the swarm and to use the entire system to maximize its potential, are normal activities for a holodynamic conscious people. At the same time, the holodynamic mind will maximize personal potential. It can focus on unfolding any other potential at the same time. Every set of circumstance is driven by its potential. To align with that potential unveils infinity of choices and is a challenge to character because multiple channels can be running at the same time.

Choices can be made without loss of identity or diminished awareness. Nor do choices diminish the interconnection with the entire field of dynamics in which specific action is set. Those aware of the nature of reality enter the internal domain of potential. They explore morphogenic (growing) field dynamics (Sheldrake) that “set the field” in which the dance is conducted. They are free to enter the “Place of Planning” wherein networks of living covenants are in operation regarding the dance.

Because of these added degrees of freedom, holodynamic players develop the conscious awareness, personal power and scope of vision to extend their part more deeply, intimately and richly into the whole. To be holodynamic is to play in the best of possible ways.

The ultimate dance is always to increase or decrease the life potential according to personal choice. If you want to increase the life potential, you “updraft” the dance, and to decrease the life force, you “downdraft” the dance.

Thus the Internet can be used to expand freedom of information all over the world, to share resources on cleaning up pollution, to transform military resources to constructive, more intelligent use, to feed the hungry, house the homeless and educate the ignorant. Or it can be used for creating new forms of crime, abuse, deceit, propaganda, pornography or any other activity the participants choose. The life of the planet depends upon how people choose to take part in the dance. We sculpt our future.

Exercise 88: How many dimensions are involved in the process of solving complex problems? How can you tell? Discuss. How many do you choose to have involved in the choices you are making regarding your relationships, loving someone, doing business and living life? Discuss.

Remembering to Choose

Will controls energy by giving it form. Will gives form to the quantum potential field by activating holodynes within the microtubules. When life-generating holodynes are chosen and activated, the energy moves into updraft. When life-limiting holodynes are chosen, the energy moves into downdraft.

Both updraft and downdraft dynamics occur within every life system. If living systems did not have downdraft dynamics, there would be no death. Like encryption (which limits information systems to within controlled limits), death limits life systems. Without downdraft dynamics and the ultimate death of a system, life systems would fill the universe so completely that everything would die at once. Every event, from conception to death, is part of the living system of the universe.

To focus upon one's Full Potential Self and follow its path is to take part in the dance of life that maximizes life. Maximization of life comes from a position of choice. To stray from the path of fullest potential is to polarize into particle or wave dynamics and forget who we are.

As soon as people forget who they are, they drop out of the holodynamic dance and play from a more limited perspective. They begin particle or wave dances. People begin to die because life can only take place when choice “is.”

The first symptom of forgetting is to veil one's freedom to choose, or to forget one always has the ability to choose. To change the dance or change the rules of the dance or to step into another dance creates a downdraft dynamic in life. There is no choice within a dance of the veils where holodynes create loss of consciousness.

Holodynes control everything within the dance. This is why so many people continue to struggle from one generation to the next, handing their forgetfulness down from parent to child. Forgetting is the beginning of death.

Forgetfulness is dominant in particle and wave dynamics. It is particularly dominant in particle dynamics where the finite dances are taken so seriously. When people get serious, they separate from the whole dynamic into particle thinking. Separation requires an agreement to forget and this must be serious business.

In wave dynamics, the remembering begins again as each participant begins to realize the dance is only one of many dances. They are only playing “in” the dances. To move from dance to dance is to forget. Forgetting is the beginning of death.

In holodynamics, the memory comes back and with its coming dawns the knowing, celebrating, joyfulness of dancing in the light of choice.

Exercise 89: What situations are you currently in that do not seem to allow you choice? Are you trapped? What holds you in this trap? Identify the dynamics and explore your options. What options do you have? What are the consequences of each option? That is, if you choose a certain option, what happens? Are there any options that have optional consequences? Discuss. What dimensions can you access that give you more options? Explore this possibility with others. With whom did you explore? Did you engage any other enfolded dimensions in your exploration? Discuss.


Language is an example. Those who seek to define the words of language from the past definitions are linear. Language becomes a finite dance. Language becomes serious. To spend one's life learning the finite distinctions of a language is to fulfill the linguist's ultimate victory. Many a life has been spent reading, studying, faithfully learning language distinctions made centuries before perhaps by some scholar who spent his life doing the same. A life lived through words of the past cannot be a life lived fully in the present.

Language can also be a reference to those who seek to express their deepest feelings, insights and reflections of truth. Language can be a caress, a weapon, a show for entertainment or a forked tongue upon which to roast an opponent or used to kill or to heal. It is an arena of creativity for those who seek to find new combinations of words. It can be a nonlinear pot of pure poetry filled with richness, sensitivity and creativity. Some are able to use language in new, dynamic ways, making a dance of the love of language and a dance of love with language.

Those who allow for both the old and the new combinations allow for language to become a living thing. When language becomes a living thing, the speaker comes alive in the act of speaking.

As a living thing, language grows from moment to moment, word to word and generation to generation. It must be redefined in every new generation. The old is not abandoned but referenced as the foundation upon which one lives life more fully, deeply and with more artistry. The richest position of all is one in which life is granted to the language.

To communicate with birds, talk to the animals, take flight with fish and taste the whisper of what is to come are byproducts of a living language. Language becomes a medium for sharing the life of a lion, a cat or a dog. It is to be not just as a friend in their domain, but to live in oneness with the life harmonics of every creature. It is to become the forest, to know each plant; to sense oneself in everything; to become the fruit of our common tree of life and to feel the life force coursing through one as it does with all life.

It is to center every act until the harmonics lift us to the heights we are born to explore and enlighten with our presence, until every act of speaking becomes a loving, deeply touching nurturance. Language becomes the healing, the unfolding of the petals of our inner being to the sunlight and the encouragement of the coming day. It shares our common covenant, and our connection with all domains and distinctions, qualities and characteristics that we bring to the altar of life.

Language is the medium for games. We use it to set the rules, play the games and compete. Serious competition, as another example, exists in an atmosphere where all participants have agreed to set aside who they really are in order to compete.

When one is veiled from self-realization, roles can more easily be accepted with total disdain for all else. Thus, a football player or a “prophet” must “overcome” all his “personal weaknesses” in order to maintain his identity as “team representative” or as “spokesman for God.” His life must be cleansed first. He must be tried and found worthy.

The language (of God) or the rules of the game becomes the ultimate “win” over all other voices. It becomes the ultimate truth, nonnegotiable and superior to every other sound. It drowns out the voice of all opposition. It even drowns out the voice of nature and can be used to justify the genocide of any who do not agree. It cannot fathom that it, itself (the mind that believes that anything must be “overcome”) is a serious competitive mind and is already in a particle dance. It cannot fathom that it, itself, has forgotten everything outside of the dance. Thus, the words of God are enclosed in a limited event horizon and, as they become the basis of religion, they enter the arena of death and die falling on deaf ears and dead hearts.

The same dynamic occurs when a person takes on the role of teacher, heavyweight boxer, mother, father or friend from a serious, competitive nature. All participants must agree to particalize in order to play the role assigned by those in the dance. One becomes “teacher of the year,” or “best friend,” “champion” or “favorite” daughter. The role required by the dance blocks out information outside of the role. They are on the stage of life playing their assigned role. They can no longer be themselves. They forget themselves.

Exercise 90: What titles do you hold? What roles have you agreed to play? Would there be any value to you and perhaps to others, if you chose to transform these roles or move beyond their natural limitations? How might you accomplish this task? What steps would you take and how would you potentialize your situation(s). Outline and discuss.

Wave players, on the other hand, can compete but only for the sake of the dance. They love competition but as self-improvement, enjoyment and the life energy they develop from the playing. Thus wave players are not serious. It is not position but disposition that fascinates emotive players. It is not the “position” of teacher, parent, friend, boss, football player or governmental official that draws the focus. It is the feelings people have for one another. They find life in their feelings.

Love, kindness, sensitivity, warmth, openness, trust, respect and oneness are references that take priority. Even in business, it is not results and productivity that matter but the bonding harmony of the group, the feelings that were generated in the meetings and how people relate to one another.

Exercise 91: Who among your associates is locked into wave dynamics? What are the consequences of their position? How are you a part of their condition? How would you like to see this changed? How could it be done? Who will do it? Upon whom does it depend? Discuss.

Competition is Serious Business

Holodynamic players see competition as part of the larger dynamic by which one chooses one's dances. It is neither good nor bad, nor polarized in any way, even though it may be a serious dance of polarization to its particle/wave participants. The particle player sees competition as a win-lose scenario. Wave player looks at competition as part of the endless flow. It’s just part of the game.

The holodynamic player understands that what appears as competition of one life form against another (for food, territory, dominance, etc.) may be part of a higher order of life that may be balanced in unseen ways in many domains of many worlds. Life and death are a balanced dance affording maximum unfolding of potential.

From this view, competition cannot cause loss. It is impossible, for example, to lose one's self-esteem over the loss of a game, some territory, even basic sustenance or any earthly thing. One must choose to give it up, or choose to lose.

Likewise, it is impossible to lose one's power or state of being because each person's uniqueness exists beyond anything that could possibly take it away. To try to take it away requires forgetting of the whole dynamic.

Besides forgetfulness as to who a person really is, the taking on of roles requires a linear type of “seriousness” to convince everyone that the dance is “serious.” Thus a parent, teacher or leader is expected to suspend personal freedom of choice in order to step into the role prescribed by the dance. Personal words, actions, feelings, thoughts and one's perception of his or her very nature must reflect the role and be dictated by the role-never by the person.

One can tell when another is “in” polarization because he or she is “serious.” Some people are so good at “performing” their roles. They even persuade themselves this is who they really are and their belief is reinforced by external words, rewards, titles, acknowledgment, and remuneration.

Their entire identity can become defined by the role and by those who support the role. They cannot tell the difference between the feelings that a parent is “defined” as having and the feelings the person who is acting as “parent” actually is having. When personal feelings are denied for the sake of the role, a veil is drawn and the finite dance becomes that much more consuming.

Sometimes, in order to find oneself, a leader will attempt to change the boundaries of the role (enter the wave). Everyone's expectations are thrown into disarray when this happens. Great pressure is put on the “wayward” leader to “conform” to the accepted definition of the role as defined by the audience that watches the dance and the players who participate.

If a leader seeks to go against the flow and change the boundaries, the finite members of the dance will form coalitions that isolate the damage and seek to re-establish a stable system. Gatekeeper holodynes take over. Information within the system reacts in a natural, stabilizing way that has value inherent in its function and is part of the growth of any system. Any person's identity cannot spring from particle and wave dynamics. Thinking and feeling are not sufficient to stand the heat of the furnace of life.

Identity that stands the heat must come from the furnace of the Full Potential Self. Using the Full Potential Self as an internal reference stabilizes a person's identity without locking into polarization dances

How, then, can each person share this state of being? There is really no need to share it. It already exists, and the essence of life seems to be in the manifesting of our potential that naturally emerges from choosing to align with our Full Potential Self. We can, however, read between the lines, find meaning around the words and tell stories.

The telling of stories creates a metaphoric series of symbols beyond linear and wave dynamics. It allows the information within to self-organize according to one’s own meaning attached to the story. It stimulates self-discovery and self-understanding.

The Explosion in Inner Space

“Once upon a time there was a young man who looked out into the world and this is what he saw:”

The young man was astounded. He remembered that his grandfather talked about seeing the first car, the first telegraph and the first telephone. He remembered that his own father remembered the first airplane, the first submarine and the first air conditioner. He could remember standing on the corner, outside a hardware store, getting his first view of the first television set in his city.

He wanted to learn about computers so, when he was a little older, he studied the first IBM automatic card-sorting machine. He watched the emergence of the Computer Age.

Now, in the golden years of his life, he watched as his children took part in the emergence of the Information Age, with its high-technology transceivers and worldwide information networks. They spoke freely about robotics, artificial intelligence, photonic transistors that are 2,000 times faster than electric transistors and about holographic computers so powerful and so small they can fit on the head of a pin and do the work of all of the government computers put together.

They talked about microdiscs with terabytes (12 zeroes) of memory and were planning to program their own personal transceivers. They saw their lives as extending into the world and connecting to anyone they choose via the Internet and also via instant worldwide video conferencing directly from person to person without telephone wires, cables or fiber optics.

His were the children of inner space, the pioneers of the mechanisms of consciousness and they viewed life with unparalleled enthusiasm. They were part of a growing collective consciousness, an inner explosion that spawned the outer explosion of new technology, causing universal interest in global dynamics and extending human awareness, creativity, synergy and synthesis.

He watched as this new age was lifting them to take new measures to balance their ecological impact on nature and draw hundreds of millions of people to study everyone’s lives, beliefs and cultural roots; to communicate with one another on a daily basis; and to create the beginnings of global neural networks of the future. It was an age of transformation.

He wondered why, suddenly, hundreds of millions of people (literally) wanted to communicate with one another every day. Why should they demand, not just “want” but “demand,” their own personal transceivers? Why would they want enough memory to store all known information within a space so small that it can be carried in their pocket? Why did they demand eye-to-eye video telecommunications, automatic banking, universal access to products from around the world and their own place in the new economic picture?

Then he realized what had happened: It was because of an explosion in inner space. The new technologies and international networking were caused by an expansion of consciousness of such monumental proportions so rapidly and so unheralded in history that it could only be compared to an inner explosion in the collective consciousness - an explosion so rapid, expansive and universal that every child born in this generation was automatically aligned with it.

Finally, after all these years, he saw the fallout from this inner explosion in the development of new technologies, in the formation of the Internet, Worldwide Web, the transformation of governments, the dissolution of borders and the revolutionary changes in industries, schools and families. Every society in the world was transforming from its impact.

In the jungles of Brazil he saw the natives, dressed only in single G-strings with bodies painted and tattooed, who seemed strangely out of place except in their native forests, as they took up professional video cameras and began to record every aspect of their community life. He realized they were systematically recording the flora and fauna and the insects and animals of their rain forests. They were making permanent records “to open the secrets” of their healing herbs, ancient wisdom, languages, teachings and stories for the world to see. They were creating “a window into the world” that they shared with outsiders. They were recording their languages and culture to be preserved for the children of the future.

It was amazing that, in the academic arenas, there were hundreds of new disciplines, including at least a dozen major schools of thought, which were attempting to explain consciousness. He knew that, within the domain of consciousness, the inner world of awareness had expanded explosively.

His view expanded into the panorama of how each person, each model and each school of thought added some part to the picture. Each contributed in some vital way to the explosion. He could also see that the existing theoretical frameworks provided the sophistication necessary to incorporate the essentials of all the others.

He realized that his world was holodynamic. His eyes expanded. His comprehension exploded and he began to fathom the phenomenon of consciousness and its rapid inner collective expansion. Within the whole dynamic he could explain the individual and collective madness that drove them at the height of our expansion to the brink of their destruction.

He knew that their lack of understanding of the whole dynamic of life was filling their mental hospitals and prisons, as well as emptying out their schools of some of their brightest students before they were educated.

He knew that what was needed was a new, more inclusive view of life, one that reflected both the sophistication and the comprehension to explain consciousness, its mechanisms and its manifestations in such a way as to be inclusive of all other theories. At the same time, this holodynamic view had to provide the practical applications necessary to solve even the most serious problems of the human condition. To implement effective solutions required technology that provided eye-to-eye communication on a worldwide basis, high quality information and dynamic education, as well as new and practical solutions to every problem facing humanity. Amazingly, everything needed was now available. He saw the rise of social consciousness and its impact on spiritual consciousness and conscious capitalism.

He sat down to rest. His entire life was passing before him. He searched, deep into the depth of his own experiences and looked for clues that could give others a more expanded view of reality. He knew that they were part of the inner explosion and were now emerging into the new global consciousness. It was an age of information and an age of transformation. He wanted to tell his story. He began to write. This is his story.

Exercise 92: Write your story.


The story I write is contained in the five courses on Holodynamics and in the ten books (see Segments of the story can be found in the text (see Chapter Five of The Dance of Life for an example) but the story is much more than reporting on singular events. It’s about multiple dimensions of consciousness that have emerged from science and society. It’s about both individual and collective consciousness and how anyone can make a difference in life. It’s about you and it’s about me. It’s about all of us as we journey together in a field that is more complex and magnificent than anyone has ever imagined. Write your part of the story. Share it with your friends. Share it with the Academy.


No training strategy is every complete. On the contrary, any training strategy that works is dynamic and is alive, composed of its participants and manifesting a never-ending menu of options as it faces the dynamic changes of society. At the same time an effective training strategy will contain an underlying foundation of living principles that correlate with the best information available. As we discover more information the strategies will change, adapt and remain effective.

The Academy Courses (One through Five and the new ones being developed) are a manifestation of a training strategy on the whole dynamic of reality and designed to create movement toward developing consciousness. Any subject can be included in this field of conscious learning. We have mentioned a few that we experienced along the path to our own conscious evolution. We will now focus on sustainability because it is the most serious challenge ever faced by humans.

What follows is not meant to be a complete coverage but rather an invitation to you and others to add to the picture, improve the strategies and share your information with us and the world. Together we can create sustainability. Alone we will fade into the waters of the rising ocean or be drowned into the fabric of the earth’s crust. To meet the challenges of sustainability we have created a special Online Course on Strategies for Sustainability (coming soon). In brief, the course contents are as follows:



An Online Introductory Course

MISSION: Our mission is to establish a sustainable future for humans and for life on the planet. In order to accomplish this mission we embrace the holodynamics or the whole dynamic of reality.

The purpose of this course is to explore how people and organizations can unfold their personal and collective potential as part of unfolding the future potential of the planet.

WHO WE ARE: We are a conglomerate of people and organizations dedicated to establishing a sustainable future for humans and for life on the planet.

HOW WE DO WHAT WE DO: The primary functions of the Academy are to explore the whole dynamic of reality as it applies to sustainability and implement programs and projects that will help accomplish sustainability. In this course we explore:

1. The purpose of this consciousness program is to:

Help people advance to the next stage of personal and collective consciousness and help empower conscious capitalism, politics, spirituality and education.
Establish affordable, sustainable communities.

2. Services offered by the Academy are:

Community health programs that heal bacterial, viral, fungal and psychic diseases and establish a collective state of wellness.
Environmental remedies for all toxic wastes, garbage and municipal sewage systems.
New self-sustaining, local energy sources including energy from the transformation of toxic wastes and garbage.
New capacitor super-batteries for energy storage.
Alternative forms of transportation: advanced electric vehicles, made in part from retrieved products.
Sustainable housing structures resistant to earthquakes, floods, fires and extreme weather conditions.
Purification of water, desalinization and new ways to provide clean water.
Transformation of municipal sewage going into the oceans and streams.
Precious resource retrieval from industrial and municipal wastes.

3. Projects undertaken by the alliance:

Global aid: distribution of resources to those in need.
New technologies: reaching into the streets and homes of everyone.
Sustainable food: the future of food supplies for every locality.
Alternative power sources: the creation of local sustainable power sources (Remediation Parks).
Development of new products: bringing into the communities the new products that will improve their quality of life and sustainability.

4. The works of the Academy are:


5. The finances of the Academy include:

Global banking.
Micro banking.
Virtual banking.
International trade.

THE FUTURE: We hold a vision for a future in which all people are part of sustainable, pollutant-free communities that maintain balance among themselves, with others, and with Nature.

NOTE: For more information see

Exercise 93: What contents would you like to include in the above course that might add to sustainability? Discuss with your Holon, make notes and let us know.

The Holodynamic courses are designed for training leaders and teachers. The Workshop includes the first five courses within one workshop. For those who are ready to explore the new findings from applicable branches of science that apply to developing consciousness, these courses offer the most comprehensive menu available.

Since consciousness is complex, we have distilled the information into condensed packets that have been tested and found effective in multiple cultures. The results have proven this information efficient and effective in transforming both individual and collective consciousness. Our conclusion is that every leader and teacher must become educated in consciousness in order for us to meet the challenges of this day.

The courses are available online and on location (see for details). Congratulations on completing these courses. The people of the world need this information. As the Elf Comcom said to Nicholas: “Become the Sender!” (ELVES (2005) by Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.


It may seem to some that there is a lot of science in these courses. To others, it may seem that real science has been largely ignored. From my view, the references lead you, the reader, to each scientific premise presented in these courses. My goal was not to present the evidence but to present the applications. What is presented herein works and that’s what these courses are all about – applying what is known to our situation today.

There are no words that can convey my thanks to all those who helped make these courses available. I have documented some but, somewhat to my dismay, I apologize for those who helped so much and were not mentioned. Please accept my heart-felt thanks.

To those who are in the United Nations, I want to thank you for your cooperation in this amazing transformation movement. Let’s teach this information to everyone of every nation. We (our entire network of people) are with you all the way.

With love, Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.