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The International Academy of Holodynamics

The International Academy of Holodynamics (the Academy) offers courses and programs about unfolding your potential, finding solutions to challenging situations and living a richer, more sustainable, life.


Each course contains specific, applicable information from science that has been tested and proven effective in expanding and transforming consciousness in various cultures around the world. The courses are sequential. The information in one course lays the foundation for the next. Each course offers specific tools that can improve your ability to find solutions to complex situations in your personal life, in your relationships with others, in your community and on the planet. This is about the whole dynamic: Holodynamics.

The courses offered are:

COURSE ONE: An Introduction to Unfolding Your Fullest Potential

Accessing multiple dimensions of consciousness and applying the science of transformation, including holographics, hyperspacial counterparts and information systems to unfold potential.

COURSE TWO: Transformation Of Consciousness in Yourself and Others:

Exploring holographic information systems in the body (holodynes) and transforming them to their fullest potential.

COURSE THREE: INTIMACY: Transforming Relationships

Unfolding the potential of your relationship with your most intimate partner and developing more effective relationships with others.

COURSE FOUR: Transforming Collective Consciousness

Beginning with genetic codes and inherited patterns from your family tree, relive the past and prelive the future, integrating time and space into the present.

COURSE FIVE: Transforming Systems: Potentializing

Explore how to implement changes in your community: how to systematically potentialize businesses, governments, churches, social systems and your environment.

NOTE: You can take all of the above courses in combination in what we call THE WORKSHOP. The Workshop includes Courses One, Two, Three, Four and Five (above) in one Workshop. It also includes all the texts (for more detailed information, refer to Course Descriptions).


You can enroll Online or On Location.

Online courses provide written course materials and books, and also video coverage of live courses. Personal assistance can be arranged via teleconferencing, phone or email (see services for details).

Since the courses are sequential and progress from less complex to more complex, you have two options:

  1. Enroll in Course One Online and, when you graduate, you can enroll in Course Two and progress through taking each course in sequence until you have graduated from all five courses.
  2. Enroll in "the Workshop" Online and access all five courses, the video coverage and the entire package of texts as part of the Workshop (recommended).

On Location: The Academy offers courses On Location at various sites during the year for those who prefer a more interactive experience. Both individual classes and the Workshop are scheduled on the calendar.

The Workshop is offered for those who live at a distance. They are able to experience all five courses in one setting. For corporations, this course a comprehensive set of tools for deep transformation within the company.

Course Texts: There are specific texts within each course: (1) Holodynamics: How to Develop and Mange your Personal Power; (2) The Dance of Life: Transform your world NOW! Resolve conflicts, create wellness and align your "Being" with Nature; (3) The Holodynamic State of Being: the Advocate's Manual; (4) Presence in a Conscious Universe: the Consultant's Manual; (5) Field Shifting: the Facilitator's Manual; (6) Leadership and Team Building: the Birthing of a New World, the Presenter's Manual; and (7) Principle-Driven Transformation: the Holodynamics of the Dance of Life. For more information see Store.

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In addition to courses, the Academy offers specific programs that require the mastery of more complex information and the development of more sophisticated skills. Programs offer training over an extended period of time.


People are using Holodynamics in many ways in different countries. To assist in this work, the Academy sponsors Assistance Programs that prepare participants to assist in different ways.

Each program is sequential and each requires a different type of expertiece. The Assistants Program includes training as an Advocate, then as a Consultant, Practitioner, Facilitator and Implementer.

Each requires an expanding level of skill.

Graduates from these levels can be certified (see Certification Program) and can offer professional services in their particular area of expertiece.

For those who want to continue there is a Teachers Program, Masters Program and Doctorate program followed by Wellness, Therapy and Sustainability Programs. See below for a brief outline of each program and how to become certified.

The Advocate: An Advocate is anyone who commits to unfold their fullest potential in life and advocates an inclusive view of reality. The Advocate assists people in the community and also those who are involved in Course One, the introductory course to understand what is being taught and how to access your Full Potential Self. The text for Advocates is The Holodynamic State of Being: Manual I (2005).

The Consultant: Those who access the holographic dimension of consciousness become aware of enfolded information systems (holodynes) that control thoughts, feelings and behavior. The Consultant is able to assist those who seek to transform their holodynes and potentializing their lives via a process called tracking. Once trained and certified, graduates can then professionally consult with others and are able to charge a fee for services. The text for this course is: Presence in a Conscious Universe: the Consultant's Manual (2005).

The Practitioner: A Practitioner understands that relationships among our holodynes (inside) control the way we relate to others around us. In order to potentialize our relationships we must access our Being of Togetherness (or BOT) and empower the way we relate. A Practitioner assists those who seek help unfolding the potential of their relationships. The text for the Practitioner is: Field-Shifting: the Holodynamics of Integration, (2005). Those who graduate serve as relationship coaches and receive compensation.

The Facilitator: Those who attend Course Four learn how to shift collective information fields of the past and future so they integrate with the present. A person may explore their family tree, for example, and, through the Relive and Prelive processes, may become instrumental in transforming their inherited genetic codes from the past and implementing information from the future. This work tends to be complex so participants may want assistance from a Facilitator. Those who certify as Facilitators can charge for their work with individuals and within small groups.

The Implementer: : When you are ready to implement what you have learned into the larger society, you can team up with others. What you can't do alone, can be done in groups. As an Implementer you may, for example, team up with others in a project to implement in your community. As you master some aspect of a course you may want to begin sharing this information with others. The Academy provides a Teacher's Kit that contains materials, video clips and charts to assist you in teaching different audiences such as: Holons, corporations, healing professionals, government leaders and members of different social systems. The text for the Implementer is: Leadership and Teambuilding: the Holodynamics of Building a New World (2005). Implementers receive compensation for their efforts. Here are some examples of Implementers in a community:

Community Programs: Implementers offer information and assistance in organizing changes in their community. They help organize study groups (Holons) and offer, for example, information about courses and programs and help implement these changes. Here are some examples of how Implementers work:

Holons: Creating Personal Alliances: In order to further assist in mastering the new information, Implementers team up with others. They get together with family, friends and associates and study the information and practice the skills. People around the planet are creating extra-ordinary results in small groups. For more information refer to Holons.

Sustainability: Establishing Sustainable Communities: In light of the extreme climate changes that are now occurring on the planet, the Academy has formed an alliance with the International Academy Of Natural Science (IAONS) to train people on how to implement more sustainable communities (see www.iaons.org for more details).

Wellness Programs: It is possible to implement a comprehensive community wellness program that includes new technology that helps cure viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. When combined with programs that help transform the holodynes that create disease it becomes possible to shift the field of disease patterns inherent in our collective consciousness. Implementers can assist in establishing wellness programs in any country. The text for this training is The Wellness Manifesto, (2006). For more details see Central Office.

Therapy Programs: The Therapy Program provides those who are interested in effective therapy to apply the new information from science to being more effective in helping people transform their consciousness at a deep level. The text for this training is The Therapy Manifesto (2006). For more information, contact the Central Office.

Teachers: Those who want to teach can enter the Teachers Program and become certified as Teachers. Their text is Principle-Driven Transformation: the Holodynamics of the Dance of Life. (2005). Contact the Central Office for more details.

Masters: At this level, students demonstrate the ability to manifest changes in both individuals and in the collective dimensions of consciousness; write a thesis and initiate a specific field project that make a difference in the world. They can also be certified to teach others to teach. The Masters Program is open to anyone who wants to "master" any level taught in the Academy. It is an ongoing program (see Central Office for details).

The Doctorate Program: Those who successfully graduate at this level will have completed their academic training, written a dissertation regarding a specific hypothesis, and completed a major project in potentialization. See Central Office for details.


Because there are different levels of both academic understanding and skill development involved in these courses and programs, the Academy offers a Certification Program that insures a certain level of competence be attained at each level.

The Certification Program is defined within a number of Circles of Success, one for each level of accomplishment. Beginning at the micro level, the courses and programs explore how to apply the new information to unfold potential in different situations. As you learn the information and develop your application skills, you can be certified at each level and qualify to charge for your services.

Those who assist at each level (Course One as Advocates, Course Two as Consultants, Course Three as Practioners, Course Four as Facilitators and Course Five as Implementers) can be certified as competent to serve (see Certification for details).

Those who assist in different programs (Teachers, Masters and Doctorate, for example) are certified to serve professionally in their prescribed arenas.

Those who serve in the Wellness Program, the Therapy Program, the Sustainable Communities Program and other programs offered by the Academy, can also be trained and certified in their profession area of interest.

Those who wish to participate without certification are welcome to join in the program and will be credited for their participation but will not qualify for certification until all requirements are met. In this program, participation is considered different that certification. Participation in the Masters Program, for example, allows people to learn how to master different situations. They can do this without certifying and the experience can be of great value to those who participate. Certification however, requires that each person, who seeks certification at the Masters level, must first be certified as a Teacher and those who seek certification as a Teacher must first certify as an Implementer and so forth. The only way to guarantee quality performance is to have each person certify at each level of advancement.

Certification is possible Online or On Location. Those who enter the Certification Program and graduate at a specific level of competence become qualified to charge for their services.

Certification in the Assistants Program, for example, as an Assistant in the Unfolding Potential Course (online or On Location) offers an opportunity to assist others in learning the materials and processes. Those who qualify as Assistants can provide these services and receive credit toward their attendance in other courses.

All services are provided independently of the Academy. In general, the greater your level of certification, the greater your earning ability.

Often times people are interested in repeating a course. Repeat courses may be taken at half the stated cost.


People want to encourage others to participate in the courses. Anyone may register as an Affiliate and receive referral fees of 20% for each person who is referred by them to register in the Academy (for Course One). Affiliates may also sell any Products (books, etc.) and receive a 20% commission on all sales. Earnings can be used as credit toward additional training or received in cash. (Details and coupons available on your Affiliate registration receipt).


The Academy sponsors an Assistants Program to help those who are involved in the courses and programs of the Academy and their applications in people's lives and in the community at large.

The courses are sequential. The information in one course lays the foundation for the next. Each course offers specific tools that can improve your ability to unfold your potential. It's about transforming consciousness, becoming more effective, healing, sharing this information with those around you and solving complex situations in your personal life, in your relationships, in communities and on the planet. This is about the whole dynamic: Holodynamics.

The Programs demonstrate different applications of the information presented in each course. The Assistants Program trains people to help those who need assistance at each level of competence. Advocates help with the basic principles and processes. Consultants assist with tracking and transforming holodynes. Practitioners provide relationship coaching. Facilitators assist with shifting fields of information including the genetic codes from your family tree. The Implementers initiate programs in their communities: study groups (Holons), establishing more sustainable communities, Wellness Programs and Therapy Programs. The Teachers Program, Masters and Doctorate Programs serve to enhance each participant's capabilities and expand community consciousness. The Certification Program and the Affiliate Program help insure self-organization within the society.

If you would like more information or want to enroll to serve as an Assistant, click here

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