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The objective of the Academy is to reach ALL people with the most appropriate consciousness training available and involve them, where possible, in Projects that will increase their vitalized sustainability.

The Academy offers opportunities to EVERYONE regardless of age, race, color, ethnic background, nationality, health conditions, handicaps, social status, educational background or position.

All Scholarships are offered on a Pay-it-forward basis. What is offered to any individual is a gift from someone else and can be paid back by the recipient to at least three others by sharing this information with them. You can share it forward.

The Academy's Scholarship program provides support to those who claim hardship or handicap on the following conditions:

  1. Sliding Scale: Those who apply for Scholarships are evaluated on an individual basis according to perceived need: the greater the need, the greater the amount of Scholarship available.
  2. Scholarships are available for no greater than the cost of registration for Online and Onsite Courses.
  3. The number of recipients attending any Onsite course is limited to ten percent (10%) of the number of participants who attend that course. There is no limit to the number of scholarships for Online courses.
  4. Acceptance into a specific Onsite course is based upon a first-applicant-to register-and-be-accepted basis.
  5. Scholarships are also available for the cost of books and materials on condition that the Scholarship Fund is able to pay for the wholesale cost plus the cost of handling and shipping. Online courses offer e-books as part of their program.
  6. All Scholarship applications must be filled out completely and accurately.
  7. All applicants must complete the course they receive on a Scholarship basis before they qualify for further assistance.
  8. Each recipient must participate as fully as possible in the follow-through processes including attendance at weekly Holon meetings.

To apply for a scholarship, click here to open the application and print it out. After you've filled it out, please mail the application to the address indicated.



Each recipient is encouraged to participate in the programs offered by the Academy. These include: the Pay-it-Forward and Projects programs.

The Circles of Success program offers certification training. The courses offered by the Academy are sequential: they progress from less complex to more complex and, since each course deals with specific dimensions of reality, we have come to call these the "Circles of Success."

As participants graduate from each Circle of Success they are qualified to receive pay for services rendered. Thus, the Circles of Success provide each person with an opportunity to earn-as-you-learn. In brief;

  1. Those who graduate from the first Circle become Advocates and, if they choose, can sign the Affiliate Agreement and receive a commission for recruiting others into the courses or selling products.
  2. When they graduate from the Second Circle of Success they can be certified as Consultants and charge a fee for helping others track and transform their holodynes.
  3. As they continue the certification program they can qualify at ever-increasing levels of service - Practitioner (relationship coach), Facilitator (family system's consultant), Implementer (social systems transformer), Teacher, Master Teacher and Doctorate.

At each level of service their ability to receive remuneration increases and their need for scholarship assistance decreases. Each Circle of Success is part of the earn-as-you-learn program.

The Pay-it-Forward program encourages participants to render assistance to whomever, wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. Each person becomes a transformer: an advocate of a more Holodynamic view of reality and one who becomes part of the solution rather than remaining part of the problem. In the Middle East this is referred to as "entering the River of Life rather than staying in the River of Death." On the street each person is encouraged to help others transform their holodynes and unfold their potential. In the home and at work those who Pay-it-Forward are ready, willing and able to contribute in a constructive way to whatever situation is transpiring.

Those who receive Scholarship are encouraged to participate in Projects. There are specific projects being sponsored by the Academy:

  1. Constructing more sustainable communities.
  2. Creating Remediation Parks that:
    1. Transform all toxic wastes and community by-products into useful product streams and energy.
    2. Provide a local source of continued energy.
    3. Insure that future generations have precious resources for their survival.
    4. Help establish zero emissions into the environment.
    5. Create a stream of new, environmentally clean products.
  3. Development of super capacitor batteries that are much stronger than anything on the market.
  4. Implementation of new solar cells that are six times stronger than the ones currently on the market.
  5. Application of new solar paint that provides a continual local source of electrical energy in the home and on the job.

It is estimated that these projects (and others not mentioned) will provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs, a continual source of new resources, the decentralization of energy and the basis for new economic structure based on resources rather than money.

The Academy Programs and Projects provide opportunities for extra earnings and productive activities. Scholarships are available for those who seek to be include the Earn-as-you-learn program, gain meaningful employment and take their place in building a better world.

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