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The purpose of all courses and texts of the Academy are to provide practical tools for fully potentializing your life and the lives of others around you.

This information is based upon the most current sciences available and is geared to teach the application of multiple dimensions, hyperspacial counterparts, and genetic codes to transforming your personal consciousness and assist with the transformation of our collective consciousness.

There are five courses. Each course is sequential; the information grows in complexity as you progress through each course.

Courses may be taken Online or On Location and each contains course texts that are included. All course texts are sent by mail or UPS to each registered/paid participant. For On Location courses, it is recommended that you read the texts before you take the courses.

When attending a course On Location, the first two courses are always combined, so the information can be applied and the skills practiced to achieve maximum advantage for each participant. We also offer follow-through support through self-help groups (Holons) and assistance (see Services) via email, teleconferencing and telephone services.

The ADVANTAGES of attending the On Location courses are:

  1. Participation in interactive exercises provides practice in the application of each lesson segment.
  2. Immediate feedback to questions that arise from course participants about the materials being presented and their applications.
  3. Ability to fully utilize deeper aspects of the transformational processes immediately following course completion.

The ADVANTAGES of taking the Online course are:

  1. The course may be taken at your convenience-anytime, anywhere.
  2. Questions that may arise during the course can be answered via email to an Assistant.
  3. Taking one course immediately following the next, results in better assimilation of course content and encourages the earliest possible applications.
  4. Course experiences can be viewed via live video coverage anytime.
  5. No travel or lodging cost is incurred.

(Continued Education Credits to be announced).

The five courses are:

  1. An Introduction to Unfolding Potential
  2. Transformation of Consciousness: Unfolding Your Personal Potential
  3. Effective Relationships: The transformation of the way you relate to your partner and others
  4. Transforming Collective Consciousness
  5. Potentializing Systems: Implementing Changes

In brief, the courses are outlined below. We begin with the Workshop.





The Holodynamic WORKSHOP contains the five core courses combined into one Workshop. Each course is sequential so the information gets more complex as you progress through the Workshop. The sequence provides an opportunity for people from different locations to learn both the scientific information and practice skill development necessary to transform human consciousness in different dimensions. Each section has been developed and tested over the years in multiple cultures and consistently proven effective in solving complex problems.

The WORKSHOP is about having a real experience in dealing with real issues and finding real solutions to real situations. We have made this training available both Online with written materials, books, video coverage live from On Location courses and personal assistance is available to all participants.

All books and materials are included in the WORKSHOP. Participants are responsible for their food, lodging and transportation for On Location courses.

To register for the On Location Workshop CLICK HERE
To register for the Online Workshop CLICK HERE
$ 697.00

When you complete your registration/payment for the on-site workshop, the books will be forwarded to you by UPS or priority mail. On-line workshop registrants will receive the workshop and all e-books via email.


COURSE ONE: Introduction to Unfolding Potential

Accessing and mastering multiple dimensions: holographics; hyperspacial counterparts; holodynes and consciousness. The application of the new sciences to personal life management. It's all about unfolding potential. Since information organizes from micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) we begin at the micro level of consciousness. We explore hyperspace, microtubules, quantum and holographic dynamics and how information is processed within each person. We identify specific information patterns that control behavior (holodynes) and outline how to potentialize them. This is an introduction to exploring the micro level where:

  1. Every set of circumstances is driven by potential - how to focus on potential.
  2. Everything is made of energy and information
  3. Information manifests in three ways, particle, wave and creative intelligence.
  4. These three forms of information are manifest in how we think, feel and in the core essence of our being. Our core essence is called our Full Potential Self.
  5. Solutions to problems are found in the core essence of our being.

In order to master the holodynamic state of being, it helps to:

  1. Create a Place of Peace for self management
  2. Access your Full Potential Self for internal referencing
  3. Access other people's Full Potential Selves
  4. Create a field of positive regard

Texts included for this class are: (1) Holodynamics, How to Develop and Manage your Personal Power; (2) The Dance of Life: Transform your world NOW! and (3) The Holodynamic State of Being: The Advocate's Manual I.

To register for the On Location Course One CLICK HERE $320.00
To register for the Online Course One CLICK HERE $ 80.00

NOTE: Individual courses can only be taken in sequence.


COURSE TWO: Transformation of Consciousness: Unfolding Your Personal Potential

By accessing holographic information systems in the body (holodynes in your microtubules) and guiding them through the natural order of their own growth, it is possible to unfold their potential.

This course focuses on the micro dimension of consciousness: the holodynes within your microtubules. We explore:

  • Accessing the holodynes which block unfolding potential
  • Tracking or transforming holodynes
  • Establishing a process of integration
  • Potentializing

Those who have taken these courses declare they have learned:

  •  Internal Self Management Processes
  •  Integration skills and quantum coherence
  •  To effectively use a Holodynamic Mind Model
  •  To potentialize almost every set of circumstances
  •  How to manage situational dynamics
  •  Daily time management and master planning
  •  How to create master planning from a state of being
  •  Clustering: Mapping mental and emotional dynamics for more effective processing

Text included with this class is: Presence in a Conscious Universe: the Consultants Manual II.


To register for the On Location Course Two CLICK HERE $540.00
To register for the Online Course Two CLICK HERE. $135.00


NOTE: Individual courses can only be taken in sequence.


COURSE THREE: Effective Relationships: The transformation of the way you relate to your partner and others

This course in Intimacy explores how intimate relationships are established and nurtured both for intimate partners and for friends, family and others. By discovering how to operate from your fullest potential to your partner's fullest potential, relationships become a living, dynamic, empowering Being of Togetherness. This is for individuals and couples and shows how to cultivate the magic of love, transform blocks to intimacy into invitations to grow and cultivate couple-consciousness in new refreshing ways. Learn to transform that "ideal mate" into a "real mate" and those crushing problems into stimulating motivators to a new way of supporting one another.

In Course One we explored hyperspace and the origins of our consciousness and we accessed our Full Potential Self. In Course Two we stepped into the holographic dimension of our holodynes in our microtubules and found their fullest potential. In this course we deal with relationships. Beginning at the micro level, we first explore our relationship with our Full Potential Self. Then we look at our relationships with our holodynes. We also explore how our holodynes relate to each other and discover that the patterns, that we use to relate to those around us, are controlled by the relationships that exist among our holodynes. We access control holodynes such as "the ideal mate" and transform these holodynes into their fullest potential. Everything changes. We learn to transform and potentialize our relationships.

Text included with this class is: FIELD-SHIFTING: THE HOLODYNAMICS OF INTEGRATION - The Facilitator's Manual III. .

Course Three on Intimacy lasts two full days and is available Online and at various locations. The course is tailored for both individuals and couples.

To register for the On Location Course Three CLICK HERE $700.00
To register for the Online Course Three CLICK HERE $175.00

NOTE: Individual courses can only be taken in sequence.


COURSE FOUR: Transforming Collective Consciousness


Course Four takes us into the network of relationships that form morphogenetic fields (Rupert Sheldrake) of self-organizing information systems that control our collective consciousness. In order to potentialize and transform such fields, it is necessary to understand "field shifting." Course Four teaches field shifting which includes:

  •  Your life overview
  •  The dance of your holodynes, human dynamics and games people play
  •  Accessing the Place of Planning, Covenants made and the lessons to be learned
  •  Exploring the field in which the dance occurs
  •  Family Genealogical Fields, their influence and potential
  •  Influences of parallel worlds
  •  Field overview, family, cultural, trans-generational effects
  •  Relive/prelive processes and the power to shift the field

In a world of exploding human population where people are ravished by continual conflict and extreme changes in climate, few would argue that we could use a little help. The patterns of our past have left us with great advances in technology and, at the same time, immaturity as a species. Thus, we are threatened by things like weapons of mass destruction and burdened with the effects of global warming. We need to change our patterns and we can. We know how to shift the field of collective consciousness. The good news is that this shift begins at the micro (that is within you and me) and progresses into the macro (the collective state of consciousness that is perpetuating the problem). We invite you to take the course of your fullest potential and join with us in the greatest transformation ever experienced by the human race.

The prerequisites for Course Four are: Courses One, Two and Three. Text included with this course is: LEADERSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING: THE HOLODYNAMICS OF BUILDING A NEW WORLD - The Presenter's Manual IV.

To register for the On Location Course Four CLICK HERE $1020.00
To register for the Online Course Four CLICK HERE. $ 255.00

.NOTE: Individual courses can only be taken in sequence.


COURSE FIVE: Potentializing Systems: Implementing Changes

Course Five explores the information fields that control systems: businesses, governments, churches and social systems. Systems dynamics, conflict resolution, strategic alliances and managing self-interest are integrated into the multi-dimensional field of the environment in which systems operate. Our collective consciousness is viewed as part of a dynamic interactive, living system in which participants can creatively implement change.

The most successful business people in the world are endowed with certain skills. They can sense the deeper, hidden dimensions that are enfolded within any situation and they intuitively know how to make the best choices possible. They make strategic alliances that hold and, invariably, they have a multiple bottom line. This course brings together the information from the previous courses in Holodynamics and applies it in the world of business and government. It moves beyond the usual limited thinking and the games that people play and focuses on the whole dynamic from micro to macro. It teaches how to potentialize business transactions and manifest the fullest potential of your business. Furthermore, the applications will attract financial abundance and enrich your entire organization while establishing a perspective that embraces multiple dimensions while being in harmony with Nature.

NOTE: We offer both consultation services and training programs on unfolding the potential of systems. A preliminary assessment is required before you can enroll Implementers to access the dimension of the Being of System's Synergy (BOSS) that controls your company or your organization. We also recommend that a support group be trained in the first Four Courses prior to initiating this program in your organization. This can be done through the Holodynamic Workshop either Online or initiated On Location at your place of business.

Texts included for this class are: PRINCIPLE-DRIVEN TRANSFORMATION: THE HOLODYNAMICS OF THE DANCE OF LIFE - The Teacher's Manual V. & CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM: The Holodynamics of Business

To register for the On Location Course Five CLICK HERE. $700.00
To register for the Online Course Five CLICK HERE. $175.00

NOTE: Individual courses can only be taken in sequence



Conscious Capitalism is an outgrowth of the Holodynamic program on Social Consciousness (Course V). Its purpose is to assist in the change from a monetary based economy to a resource based economy. In order to reach this goal the Academy provides an ongoing series of training and consultation services. The text for this series is the Conscious Capitalism Manifesto: Holodynamic Business which provides the scientific basis for the movement. The consultation/training program follows the 14 Elements outline that gives questions we ask and services we provide according to the specific needs of each organization enrolled.

This is an ongoing program and anyone can join (for more information or to register CLICK HERE).



Event Hosting opportunities are available that include Courses and Workshops, as well as customized speeches and programs for organizations such as corporations, government agencies, associations, clubs, churches, etc.

To host a class or a speech, contact the Central Office.

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