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Holodynamic Coaching

Results begin immediately! To start on the path of unfolding your fullest potential, call the office at 928-649-1958 for more information.

The Situation:

Our generation faces challenges that are far more complex than anything our ancestors ever had to face. The good news is that our generation has also gained more information about our planet and what is real and how to deal effectively than any of our ancestors ever could have imagined. We have applied this new information and learned how to solve even the most complex problems on the planet.

For decades the Academy has specialized in solving problems that defied solutions. We learned how. We have an extra-ordinary successful track record and we can coach you on how to do the same. We are on the cusp of the rising tide of consciousness. Coaching is about developing a state of being that reflects the deep quality of consciousness of your pristine state of being – accessing those enfolded dimensions where choices were made and agreements established – that set the stage for your life. It’s why every problem is caused by its solution.

Solutions? In this great game of life, you can learn to take the best information and apply it to the worst situations and unfold the potential solution. Those with the problem are the ones with the solutions. All they usually need is a bit of coaching so we set up this coaching program to teach you to be a more effective coach.

How do we do coaching?

In clusters and tracks.

Dr. Woolf

What is a “cluster”? A cluster is a small group of people who want to learn this stuff and become certified coaches. They work together as they move along a specific track from A to B.

What is a “track”? A track is a specific path (obtaining a body of information and the skills to apply it) from point A (where you are and don’t have the information or the skills) to point B (where you want to be and have the information and the skills). Once you get to point B you can coach others along the track you have completed.

How may tracks are there? There are eight tracks (see the Certification Program for details). Each track may have sub-tracks which take you along specific paths that all lead to the same major objective (point B). As you move along each track your coach can guide you on how to “play the game” (in this case it’s the “great game” of life - transforming consciousness). It’s easier to play when you play as a team in small groups.


What is “the Coaching Program”?

The Coaching Program provides a one-hour phone call each month. The call is facilitated by a certified coach (usually Dr. Woolf). At the beginning of each month, each participant will outline their goals for the month and submit these to their team players and to their Coach. Any blocks to achieving these goals will be identified and potentialized among team players prior to the Coaching Call.

Because the information is contained within multiple dimensions of reality, the courses progress from the less complex to the more complex. The Coach Program follows the Certification Program for each level of complexity. Those who are certified are qualified to assist you in this coaching program.

It’s a matter of following the outlined tracks. The Coaching Program assists you via one live teleconferencing call for $19.95/month with a certified coach. This is an online program. Allow us to point out some of the reasons you may want a Coach. To join the Coach Program click here.

How a coach can help...

• We live are in the middle of the greatest transformation in the history of humanity.

• Everything is changing and it's changing at such a fast pace that just keeping up can be overwhelming.

• If this were a football game you would need a coach and this situation is a lot more complicated than a football game. A good coach knows the game.


We have been at this for several decades and we know the "change game". We can teach you how to:

• Transform your blocks,
• Potentialize your fears,
• Transform those patterns that you inherited from your ancestors,
• Step out of time and shift the field of collective consciousness and
• Meet the challenges of the day in the most effective way possible.

How do we know? Because we have done it - from micro to macro - and we can coach you on how to do it as well.

What kinds of things can you coach me on?

Anything! Anything? Yes! Anything and everything. In fact, after decades of research and testing, we can step out of time, transform the past and bring the future into the present. We started out at the micro level and progressed through to the macro. Individual issues to relationships to systems to global. We are the application guys. In reality, everything, everyone and everywhen is made of information in motion. So no matter how complex the situation is, the solution is driving it. It’s natural. It’s based on the best of science and it’s waiting for you to do it.

Is this Guy Nuts or What?

Nope. We coached the people who wiped out the illegal drug system in six cities in Utah. We coached those who emptied out more than 80% of the Utah state mental hospital, transformed maximum security prisoners in the state penitentiary, helped hundreds of kids in gangs on the streets of LA get back into school, helped restructure some of the largest corporations in the world (Boeing, Bank of America, Toyota, etc.) helped end the Cold War and set up a program in the Middle East for transforming terrorists (the Order of the River of Life). We are now involved in coaching those who are establishing sustainable communities that transform wastes and pollution into useful products. It's about the whole dynamic: Holodynamics.

What exactly are we teaching?

We follow through on what is taught in the Holodynamic courses. It’s about how to apply the new sciences in your daily life. For example:
1. Everything is made of information in motion (everything is conscious at some level).
2. Every situation is driven by potential (we set the whole thing up).
3. We live in a holographic universe (our bodies are projections from a more complex dimension).
4. There are multiple dimensions to reality (including the hyperspacial dimension where your hyperspacial counterpart is both “inside” and “outside” of time at the same time).
5. The solutions to problems are found in enfolded dimensions (we can coach you on how to access them).
6. Everyone, everywhen and everywhere are connected in some dimension (this gets really interesting).
7. Everything is dynamic: constantly changing.
8. There is a built-in order by which everything grows - including humans and systems.
9. Your senses are covered with holographic screens and your thoughts and feelings are controlled by self-organizing holographic images - holodynes.
10. When you come off cruise control and take control you can transform your holodynes and unfold your fullest potential - individually and collectively. And this is just the beginning!

How does coaching work?

Coaching works because it's all about you. It's about coaching you on how to unfold your potential so you can more effectively coach others to do the same.

You begin at exactly where you are and progress step by step until you get to be where you want to be. It's a process and you can take it at your own pace.

It's about exploring what is real and how to more effectively deal with your life.

This is why the Coaching Program helps you focus on consciousness itself and teachers you how to focus on what drives the actions you take, reinforces you to remain on your path until you reach your goals.

Once a month you phone the Coaching Conference Call number and you follow these steps:

1. Evaluation of your monthly goals. (Did you do what you said you would do? If not, why not? Did you ask your other team players for assistance? Did they help you transform your blocks and unfold your potential?).
2. Commit to the next month’s goals. (Identify specifics on how to unfold your fullest potential).
3. Write out your goals and e-mail three team members of your choice who commit to support you in reaching your goals.

Results begin immediately! To start on the path of unfolding your fullest potential, call the office at 928-649-1958 for more information.


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