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Olga Sokolova's Story

In her own words

Just now it is quite and beautiful snowing outside my window, but at the 16 of December 1996 the real snowstorm happened in our city and Vernon (Victor Vernon Woolf) had to stay in Khabarovsk because all aviation companies had cancelled all their flights… and thanks to that occasion people in Khabarovsk had a chance to have not only the seminar of 1-st stage of Holodynamics, but the seminar of the next, 2-d stage too. After those seminars all participants started actively to practice the new method. For me it was really easy to start, because I was really motivated. I had a cancer and along before Vernon seminar I was in the very intensive search of effective ways to help myself and others. I was really interested in finding the effective approach to support people who are staying face to face with a death coming to them closer with the every day; I wanted to help myself and all those people who are trying to come out from the hopeless situation.

All methods I found before the meeting with Vernon were rather a kind of "partial" solution, helping not in whole to the person and I felt a lack of integrity. And what was really difficult - there was not any group of support for patient with cancer in Russia before 1992 and methodologically the psychological aspect of cancer was rather "terra incognito".

Patient with diagnosis "cancer "was a kind of social outcast and such diagnosis meant death sentence with some respite of execution time. People had to die just because of fear in hopeless situation. Social situation was a real killer for a lot of people: hopelessness; lack of money; betrayal of your own family; violence in relations; impossibility to change a life, etc. Exactly because of everything like this during 1995-1996 we've lost 18 women.

In July 1994 I've organized a group of support in Khabarovsk and named it - Surviving School HOPE. It became the 4-th of such group in Russia.

So about two years before Doctor Woolf arriving in Khabarovsk we were in desperate need of knowledge and experience in psychotherapeutic work with oncological patients and, what was even more difficult, psychotherapists in Russia were afraid to work in oncology.

At the seminar Vernon have shown us how to track holodynes which are controlling the cancer. The women he worked with are still alive and remember Vernon with a Love. At the 2-d seminar in April 1997 in Khabarovsk Vernon made a tracking with the Alexander, who was at the 3-d course of chemotherapy because of lymphogranulomatosis. Now Alexander is healthful and successful businessman.

Thanks to those practical examples we understood better how the new approach is working and started to use it actively in our work.

Our group of support had no any official status, because the appropriate law article for such community appeared in Russia later, in 1998. Everything in "Hope" was doing by volunteers.

Else was very difficult to work because the new medical direction "Psychosomatic illnesses" appeared officially in Russia only in 1998. So before that moment psychotherapeutic work in oncology was in a kind of persecution. The common point of view was - "only oncologist could decide how and how long the patient will live and the psychotherapist is a destroying element of the cancer healing process, so all psychotherapists should be taken out of oncological clinic… as well as all patient relatives.

So, now you know in what situation in age of 49 I had to become a student of psychological faculty. After that I wrote a book "Rehabilitation Problems of Patience with Cancer" describing 9 techniques of work. In total 9! And only 1 - Russian!!

And there were no more, because the only one - Andrey Gnezdilov, Doctor of Medicine in Russia, psychotherapist, story-teller, sculptor, musician and artist - used to work with the oncological aspect in Russia. He is an author of image-therapy. In 1990 together with English journalist Victor Zorza, whose daughter died because of cancer, Andrey created the very first in Russia Hospice.

Later we've become friends with Andrey Gnezdilov. But in December 1996, walking along full of snow streets after Vernon Woolf seminar, I didn't know about this and a lot of others events on my future way.

At the snowing day in December 2002, in Moscow in Pushkin Museum I was awarding with the premium "For the Selfless" for the input in medicine of Russia in the field of psychological support of patients with cancer. Later in 2005 I was nominated within the project "Nobel Prize - 1000 women of the World."

I didn't know that a lot of things would meet their "moment of truth" in future. Such as calumny, persecution, rumors, gossips, treachery of children, divorce with husband, confrontation with medical system and religious fanatics, protection of own "good name", parting with those whom I loved and who loved me.

At the same time a lot of beautiful things were waiting me in future. The help from people whom I love and who love me, the obtaining of recognition of all efforts made for God's and people sake. New people and joyful events. New ways and discoveries. Farewells, forgiveness, declaration of love, gratitude and thanksgiving, and love to me just because I am in the world.

I didn't know. And I was feeling sad. Because I was overwhelmed with the loneliness of this person, which were that moment already somewhere in the sky on his way from Khabarovsk. Because of presentiment of something bigger than we are, unavoidable no matter how strongly we will want to avoid it.

Then an intensive work started. A lot of work. A lot of tracking processes were done. Different cases, different reasons. And with every new process something were changing inside of me and in the world outside. Now we are taking this without saying, very naturally, but at the very beginning such changes seemed to us very amazing, as miracles.

The way back to ourselves was not easy. Step by step, from one process to others, we were changing the old ways of thinking and actions, and what was really challenging - we had to be always ready to take gifts of Full Potential. And sometimes it was the most difficult part on our way. Now 10 years have pasted from the first seminar.

Several tens of Holodynamics seminars I've organized by myself or with friends. About 40 seminars in different regions and topics: art-therapy, personal growth, psychological consulting, Helinger method, and rehabilitation of patient with cancer. Plus 940 meetings of the group of support "Hope".

I've published two books with a number of stories about people who had a cancer. The title of one of stories written by Alla Golik sounds as "Oncology - different country".

Twice I was in USA. Within the project "Community Connection" I visited Alaska in 2002 and Los-Angeles in January-February of this year. The project is financed by USAID. Thank to this project, the translator of our group Anya Sosnovskaya and my friends Lon and Natasha from Portland I met with Doctor Vernon Woolf and the meeting gave me such happiness for all of us and the new impulse for development.

At the 18-20 of May in Ekaterinburg Lubov Hoklova will hold a symposium "Problems of Person and Society in a transition period as the resource for the development. Transmodal subjective and Holodynamic approaches". About 30 reports are planed now for the symposium. Lubov could tell you much more about Holodynamics in Russia because she is one in Russia who is trying to achieve an official recognition and license for Holodynamics.

I am working as a psychologist - consultant, practitioner and I have no time for developing scientific terminology. My job is people - their lives, health, relations and family systems with all their connections.

The name of my city is Khabarovsk. It's not the name of project, it is a city. The name of the project, which is working for patients with cancer; is called "Choice - Life". The mottos of the project are: "Celebrate a Life!" "World is starting from Home;" "Nobody could take our way."

Usually the rehabilitation process is taking from 3 to 5 years. Very seldom - 1 year. So rather long process, because it include all aspects and, of course, all six levels.

Not for all people Holodynamics works from the very beginning and sometimes I had to try some other methods to "turn on" the interest, so to find a space for joint creativity of therapist and patient. In my own life it works and in result there is a huge transition - from being critically ill to the way of realizing the whole beauty of mine Full Potential.

Lubov Latypova wrote the book "Dreams I live in" with description of all processes, which happened with us after Vernon Woolf seminars. This book is published in the Internet and could be find at the site: http://efee.ru/shop/sny.html All opinions, references and photos you could find here. Look please it is really interesting.

Lubov is living now in Colorado, Fort Collins and you could communicate with her by phone 970-493-4388 or email: lloveru@yahoo.com . Lubov is a journalist, speaks English very well and will be happy to explain you the specific of Holodynamics development in Russia.

Best regards,
Olga Sokolova
The chief of NGO "Chance for Hope"
Khabarovsk, Russia
Phone 8 (4212) 222-471

Translator: Ludmila Lyametz - Holodynamists and student Dr. Woolf 1996-97 years.


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