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You have reached the official International Academy of Holodynamics information and training website, representing the only authorized Holodynamics Program for consciousness transformation as received and developed by Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf, and supported by respected professionals in many fields.  We hope you enjoy your adventure in learning!


The Holodynamics Program of books and courses offers a real, scientific and multi-dimensional explanation of how human consciousness unfolds, and explains how this information works in everyday life so that people can successfully navigate through the many challenges and changes that are occurring in our experience with optimal effectiveness.

The information reveals to each person how they can personally contribute to desired global changes by transforming the things that show up individually within and around them. It is about accessing other dimensions for solutions to real problems.

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Being Conscious
In a
Living World

We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and every situation is driven by potential.

Every person has a Full Potential Self, the "I" that is connected to hyperspace, and serves as the source of character and meaning to every experience.

Holodynamics is the study of the whole dynamic of life and includes every aspect of understanding life - including tools to transform your life, positively effect your relationships, your work, your love life, and in a larger sense the global environment.

What We Do
Who We Are

We offer information in the form of books, courses and personal consultation that explains the dynamics of shifting unwanted aspects of our live experience into those that support us in positive ways.

Grounded in new science, the information is easy to understand and apply to to challenges such as:

  • Peaceful existence
  • Personal empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Intimacy
  • Addictions
  • Personal Wellnes, Etc.

Transformation begins with an awareness and understanding, and evolves into an automatic process, resulting in a more conscious, fulfilling state of being, because a joyful and healthy life is our natural state.

What is Holodynamics and the tracking of holodynes and what can it do for your life transformation?

Holodynamics views reality as a coherent, dynamic, living, holographic information system whose structure, from micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) is intimately connected with human consciousness. Consciousness is considered a prime condition of the holodynamic universe. It is not limited to a single space-time continuum but emerges from parallel dimensions into a coherent potential for each individual (the fully potentialized self). This personal potential manifests as a quantum potential field within the microtubules of every living cell of the human body and underlies all bodily functions including mental and social functions.

Dr. Vernon Woolf

An interview with Dr. V. Vernon Woolf
Course Overviews
5 Introductory Videos
The way consciousness develops and maintains control over body and mind can be more clearly understood in terms of holodynes which appear as self organizing information systems created as virtual reality graphics among the water molecules within the microtubules


Holodynamics photos
Mind Model


An understanding of Holodynes and the relationship they play in your everyday actions and thoughts is necessary if you would like to transform your life NOW and have:

  • Learn how to transform problems into solutions.

  • Access hyperspace where potential solutions to problems are found in multiple dimensions.

  • Step out of time and learn your part in the plan to create the situations you face so you can unfold your fullest potential and move beyond old patterns into a more sustainable future.

  • Become effective love and vitalized peace; establish a deeper connection with your hyperspacial counterpart - your Full Potential Self - that part of you that is now fully potentialized in hyperspace.

  • Transform your relationships into their fullest possible potential now. Understand the root causes of your challenges with others and resolve the issues.

  • Learn to communicate more effectively and to deal with the "bullets" people sometimes shoot at you, especially in the most challenging situations.

  • Understand that each unwanted experience in your life is a perfectly timed invitation to unfold a potential.

  • Learn how transforming any part of yourself transforms the collective; in some dimension everything, everyone and everywhen are connected.

  • Access your family tree to transform your genetic codes and the inherited patterns from your past, then step into the future and bring it into the present.

  • Join the millions who are taking the next step in our evolution; integrate the new information; access multiple dimensions; become more conscious; create more economic and environmental balance; become sustainable.


Why study about Holodynamics?

What are the benefits to me and to society?

When we come into alignment - operating as a fully potentialized self - we experience a positive shift in our consciousness. Because of the connection we share with other through hyperspace, each individual shift affects all people simultaneously. Read more HERE...

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