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Relive Prelive
November 16, 2009

Note about this Prelive/Relive: This was a journey that took place in four dimensions of time simultaneously, and reveals how one man was guided to step into a more conscious frame-work to find forgiveness, which then resulted in tribal cooperation, collaboration and good will that filtered through the generations to effect change in the present time.


It was a very powerful force resulting in lack of ability to take action – position as victim – feeling helpless, hopeless with lack of will to carry on.

Image #1

We were shown a little girl in a war-torn scene (like Hiroshima). Her body was emaciated with scars, and in her state she had no will to continue living.

(We thanked her for showing herself to us and placed her in the arms of her FPS to hold and rock. We shared with her that it was our intention to help her and that we would be back soon).

Image #2

(We asked the FPS/guides to show us a scene/condition where this information first became present).

We were shown a place long ago where one tribe had killed all but one man in another tribe. They had put this man in a hole in the ground and covered the hole with sticks where he was left to fate. The man had lost everything and was left to die. All he could share was that his tribe had been attacked and killed, with a wanting to join them in death.

(We then taught him some basic principles of Holodynamics) He was able to recognize our presence. He knew we were there to help. We taught him that everything was information and that the information could all be changed. He became interested in listening. We shared that we knew he had designed his life in the knowing this updraft element would rein, and we wanted to help him find what it was.

He was very interested. We asked him what he was empowered to do from his present state. He began with “keeping my dignity”. We shared with him that even though we knew that those who he had known to be his family in his tribe were those living together, that—in fact—all humans were part of his family. That was a little more difficult to digest, but with a little conversation around how humans mature, he got the idea and was OK with it. Then he moved to “forgiveness”. Then he moved to a proactive state. He knew many things that would be of value to the (killing) tribe if they would only be willing to hear him.

We also told him that once we were able to transform his current situation that we would help him re-write the activities that resulted in his own tribal and family deaths. He really liked that concept.

We asked all the FPS’s to arrange for the tribe members to come for him. They came with their spears, pulled him out of the hole, gave him a fur wrap, and sat him by their fire where they fed him. It was a short distance from the village. He talked with his captors. After awhile they led him to the village where he was given living quarters and where his needs were met.

A fast-forward into the future a few weeks showed him a valued member of the community. People brought him gifts in exchange for his wisdom and knowledge.

We arranged to meet with him at a quiet time to help him relive his tribal deaths.

Image #3

We were shown a gathering of tribes—a celebration that was held once or twice a year where different tribes came together. His tribe was very abundant, and in their celebra-tion failed to properly notice that the other tribe showing up had nothing and was in great need.

In their anguish the tribe in need decided they had to take what they needed. It was food. It was not so much what they wanted to do as much as their drive to survive. The tribe in need killed everyone except this one man and took the food to their village.

We taught the man how to go back to visit the scene with what he now knew and talk to those present to teach them what was needed in order to rewrite the outcome.

With the Medicine Man’s now enhanced consciousness, he pre-lived in such a way that when he saw the other tribe’s need he offered to share what their tribe had in exchange for a fair amount of assistance with what his tribe needed.

The two tribes worked things out very nicely as they found each had something of value to the other. Intermarriages occurred which strengthened their bloodlines. There was great joy in their (daily) lives.

Image #4

At this point the man expressed he would rather be there than where he was currently. We reminded him that he was there as he had clearly seen, and he was here now also. He came to understand quite clearly that he was being given the opportunity to create in his present state what he had just re-written in another dimension.

Fast forwarding into the future of where he currently found himself, he had become a loved and powerful leader in not only his community, but he saw himself involved with many other communities as well, showing them the ways of peace and cooperation.

Note: The participants in this tracking are all feeling the true effectiveness of this process with its integration through an entire collective field of consciousness. At this point we decided to return to the little girl in the war-torn circumstances.

Image #5

On returning to the little girl we found her playing happily with other children. The information systems present on our first visit had transformed into a much healthier state of being. She was not “quite” up to average speed, but getting there quickly. She was really happy to see us and wanted us to stay.

We shared with her some simple principles related to her connection with all people/all times in terms she could understand. We shared with her that it was not possible for us not to be present; she had to just remember our connection. She asked how she could connect. We told her she just had to “speak it” internally and we would all share in the same space. She got it and was happy to go back to playing.

Note: It was clear to us that the cooperation and collaboration of the two tribes showing up here, with the transformation to maturity will play a part as we move into our time-based future as well.

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