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How one woman transformed a city

It was 35 degrees below zero with a wind chill making it closer to 55 below. We waited for 25 minutes before we deplaned half a mile from the terminal. After what seemed like eternity but only was about 10 minutes later, a double bus airport transport pulled up. The military guard stood and the passengers waited another 15 minutes huddled together for warmth. Nothing I wore made any difference against the Siberian winter cold. It seemed I was frozen almost completely through by the time we shuffled into the bus and were transported to the semi-heated airport terminal. I had been invited to Irkutsk by a group of people I barely knew. Irkutsk is a city of over one and a half million people and nestled on the frozen plains of Russia near Lake Baykal in Siberia. One woman, Maria, had attended one of my classes. I was not sure I would even recognize her by sight.

During the endless lines I was at least partly warmed up by the sight of a man holding up a copy of the book Holodynamics. I waved in recognition. In a relatively short time, some very robust beaming people, who had come to greet me, embraced me. Their eyes were ablaze with excitement as a young lady stepped forward and introduced herself as my translator. "At last the father of Holodynamics has come to visit," she explained. "They are very excited that you are here in their home city. They are so anxious for you to see their Center." She turned and introduced Maria. I must admit I only barely recognized her. She stood about five feet tall and looked like a rather normal person, a little overweight, who would not stand out in a crowd. Little did I realize how truly amazing she was.

We packed ourselves into several cars and made our way to a nice restaurant, much like one would find in any large city. I remember sitting near the fireplace. I was so thankful for the warmth. The conversation was wildly Russian with a lot of laughter. My translator could not begin to keep up with their enthusiasm. The translator kept getting so involved in the conversation she would forget to translate and we would all laugh when I would burst in attempting to be an active part in the celebration.

After a leisure dinner we piled in the cars and the translator explained they were going to visit the Holodynamic Center. "A few guest had been invited who had a special interest in Holodynamics." We drove right to the center of the city and pulled up in front of City Hall. The step of the building must have spanned over 100 meters in a gentle curve that had been cleared of ice and snow. City Hall is a large contemporary building made of Russian white marble.

A distinguished gentleman, with silver hair and wearing a blue pin-strip suit, stepped out of the door to greet us. He shook my hand and said in perfect English, "We are extremely pleased to welcome you to our city. It is a great honor that you have come." As we quickly huddled back into the building to get out of the cold, my translator nudged me and whispered, "He's the Mayor!"

Our heavy coats were gathered in the waiting room and the Mayor ushered us through two beautifully carved double oak doors each standing over 18 feet high. They led to the city council room, an auditorium holding more than 300 people. I saw at a glance there was not an empty seat in the auditorium. As I stepped into the room the audience rose as one and began a long ten-minute ovation. Finally the Mayor quieted them down. By then we had moved to the central podium. I was impressed at the beautiful d?cor of the place, very modern, every detail finished with fine craftsmanship. He spoke for only a minute and everyone rose and began clapping. "He greeted them and asked how many of them have been helped by Holodynamics!" the translator explained. Again he had to quiet them. "I present to you Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf, the father of Holodynamics." Again they stood and clapped. "They have been waiting for two hours," the translator whispered as I rose to my feet.

We spent an hour and a half together. I had been warmed by their welcome and we discussed in some detail the principles of Holodynamics and I brought them news about the outside world. I thought the meeting was over as I thanked them for inviting me and sat down. But Maria, the coordinator for Holodynamic courses in Irkutsk, came over and whispered in my ear, that some of them would perhaps like to personally greet me and would I mind? I agreed and, as she announced that they could personally greet me, almost the entire group immediately scrambled to the front forming what they call "a hug line" that went almost around the entire auditorium and out the door.

This was no normal greeting. The first woman in line was tall, big framed even for a Russian woman and she was dressed in expensive clothing and wrapped in fine furs. Through broken English she explained, "Dr. Woolf, I have had a liver ailment. I am very wealthy and have traveled around the world looking for something that could help me with my ailment. I could find nothing. I even went to your Mayo clinic and they could not help so I had given up and returned home. Then here, in my home town, I found that person over there." She pointed to Maria and continued. "Since then she has taught me Holodynamics, I have been able to completely heal myself. I am so grateful!"

She wrapped me in her arms, laid her head on my shoulder and wept and wept shaking with gratitude. She was unwilling to let me go. It was all I could do to keep from weeping with her. Maria finally stepped forward and literally pried her away from me. By the forth person, I wept openly right along with everyone else. Such miraculous events were reported. So many people so filled with so much joy.

Every person in the line had a similar story. Healings, families miraculously reunited, new businesses started, problems solved as a small team of people, trained in Holodynamic principles, had taught others to access and transform their holodynes. So many people had been helped in such a short time that even I was amazed at their results. Their Holodynamic Center was situated on the main floor of City Hall with their office right next to the Mayor's. Much of the city had become awakened to these new dimensions of consciousness. They found a way to solve problems, heal disease, empower potential, and create success in an environment that was extremely harsh.

The reason I mention the people of Irkutsk is because similar Holodynamic programs became active in over 100 cities throughout the former Soviet Union and played a major role in the transformation of the Soviet Union and ending the Cold War. It's beneficial to know a little bit about how this came about in the past so we can use it now in order to handle what's coming. It's about information. Everyone will need this information in order to establish sustainability in extreme climate change.

Holodynamic programs began in the 60's here in America when the applications of the findings of modern science were applied to solving individual problems. The results proved to be so extra-ordinary that applications to more and more complex problems soon led to transforming collective consciousness such as drug abuse, mental illness, crime and even transformation of corporations. In a matter of a few short years, the solution to personal and relationship problems expanded to community dynamics and international relationships. People have used Holodynamics to solve some of the most complex challenges on the planet because, by definition, it includes the whole dynamic.

It seems that humans are built to find solutions to complex situations and the ones we face today will take everything we have to find solutions. Our situation is bigger than all our wars and all our self-interests. That is why we created the Phoenix Project.

The Phoenix Project is about how to survive and thrive as extreme climate changes that are occurring all over the planet. Global warming is the most serious situation ever faced by the human race and the Phoenix Project presents a clear plan for how to remove pollutants from our environment, harvest the precious resources that are needed by future generations, create a new local source of renewable energy in every community, create thousands of new green jobs and provide every community a way to be sustainable in the future in spite of extreme climate changes. We know how and yes, we can do together what we can't do alone. For more details, click here.


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