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"Tracking" the source of what guides your daily life involves accessing the heart of your information systems (holodynes). The Tracking process gives you the information needed to transform your holodynes.

Your holodynes are "causal." That is, holodynes are holographic information systems that cause things to happen in your life. Tracking transforms your internal information systems. The simple Tracking process is part of an implicate (built-in) order of consciousness. It produces extra-ordinary results in overcoming obstacles and unfolding personal potential.

Materials are available on the tracking process (see “Holodynamics: How to Manage your Personal Power” by V. Vernon Woolf, or “Tracking” as a self-help tape). But the best way to learn tracking is to ask a tracking coach to guide you as you learn to track yourself.


Home Tracking Sessions

You now have the opportunity to experience the life changing process of tracking in the comfort and ease of your home. Purchase a block of tracking time with our PayPal program and set up an appointed time for your personal and confidential tracking session over the phone. The Fee is $2/minute.

All trackers are professionally trained and have completed a rigorous certification program.

Apply for a tracking session.

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