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A War That No One Wins

By V. Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.

Every day at least one train, loaded with heroin, crosses the boarder from China into Russia. Boarder guards in the city of Khabarovsk (“Ha-bar-off-sk”) are well paid for ignoring these “White Powder” trains and its “product” is soon distributed through highly organized multi-level marketing network that now spans the globe. The primary target of the multi-level marketing is elementary children from 8 to 12 years of age. “Parties” are held and “free candy” is given to those who bring five or more of their friends. The candy is laced with heroin. The White Powder trains are part of a war. It is a war based upon a 2000 year plan and it is a war that no one can win.

One of the back doors from China to the world is through their boarder with Russia. On this boarder is the city of Khabarovsk, about one days ride west on the Trans Siberian railroad from Vladevestok on Russia’s eastern coast. I became interested in Khabarovsk as the result of a holodynamist (Olga Polina) who went from door to door in that city, recruiting support so the Holodynamic courses could be taught there. Her first recruit was Tatyana Chepel, a psychiatric nurse in the local mental hospital. Tatyana agreed to sponsor a course and arranged for a week-long seminar. I was recruited as the facilitator.

It was 35 degrees below zero when I stepped off the plane in Khabarovsk. Snow, wind and bitter cold were on the weather menu every day I was there. I visited the mental hospital. It was like a cheap motel with single rooms attached to a central hall. In the rooms were only beds. Nothing else. People were confined to their rooms. Tatyana explained that the staff was so depressed they had all taken LSD a few weeks earlier to see if they could find some method of being successful with their patients. “Nothing was working” she explained. When I asked how her “trip” on LSD went, she laughed and said “It was total misery. We all had bad trips.” She said with genuine concern, “Olga said you could bring us happiness and I wanted to meet the man who could bring people happiness.”

Because Holodynamics produces highly self-motivated people, Tatyana almost immediately came into conflict with the “hospital” administrator. If she was going to insist on holding a seminar and attending it, she could no longer work at the hospital. She resigned her position and sponsored the seminar. Thus began the Holodynamic program in Khabarovsk. Tatyana is a natural leader and the community responded well to her tireless efforts. Within months of that first seminar, she opened a Holodynamic Center, the first in the Far East, and in later months, helped begin programs in all seven of the major cities in the Far East. Three cities now have Holodynamic Centers and all have working programs at the time of this writing.

On my next visit to Khabarovsk I learned about the White Powder Trains. I also learned that the head of the Board of Education for Khabarovsk is also director of the community martial arts school. About three dozen young men, all trained in the martial arts, and all drug free, are the personal body guards of this man. Now why would the head of the Board of Education need a small army of young men, all in their late teens or early twenties, to serve as his personal body guards? Because this same man is the Drug Lord of Far East Russia and his organization is in charge of the White Powder trains. I called a meeting.

The room for the meeting was small and about 40 leading citizens of Khabarovsk were in attendance. The meeting opened with Tatyana introducing me and turning the time over to me. Immediately, before I could say anything, the Drug Lord stood and welcomed everyone and said how impressed he was that such a distinguished group could be pulled together to hear from such a distinguished guest. He then said in good English, “Dr. Woolf, are you not the same Dr. Woolf that has received the highest award the world has to offer?”

The room was silent and I was a little confused. “I don’t know what you mean?” I responded. “Ah,” he said, “I mean are you the man to whom this book refers as having won the Nobel Prize?” Now I was really confused. He could see my confusion and, with a slight smile, he held up a book written by Valerie, who was a visionary man, one totally devoted to Holodynamics. I had never read the book but, fortunately, I had heard Valerie had written a book. “He writes,” the man said, “and I quote, Dr. Woolf has received the Nobel Prize.”

“Well I am the man he writes about,” I answered, “because I know of this man and I knew he had written a book but I have not read the book. It is in Russian and I do not yet read Russian. But he is in error. I have never received the Nobel Prize and it is not in my ambition to attain such honor. I cannot be responsible for every person who decides to write a book. I can, now that I know about it, have him correct his text. Thank you for asking.” I then went on, “I am here because Khabarovsk and Russia face an opportunity for growth that is unparalleled in history.” Our discussion then focused on education, social restructuring, and maintaining a drug free society. I learned later that the Drug Lord had offered to take charge of the program to end the White Powder Train crossings at the boarder.

The Russian sell-out of their own people leaves vast regions of that country devoid of their best minds in the future. The gradual infusion of Chinese from across the boarder soon turns the country into a natural population of Chinese. Weakened by a government in transition, immobilized by profiteers, dulled into apathy by so many years of propaganda, and burdened by an education system that lacks funds, focus and a sense of well being, the youth are extra vulnerable to drugs. They are virtually, without leadership.

I made it a point to visit their schools. Sometimes you can smell the school from several blocks away. Frozen pipes, toilets that don’t work and kids who have to go, make for a mess that does not go away. Central heating that breaks down for weeks at a time, teachers who make the equivalent of $20USA per month and haven’t been paid for almost a year, and students who have lost the leadership of home or community. Usually the schools have a total lack of teaching materials. The chalkboards are 50 years old, cracked and bent with age. The chalk comes in yellow cubes and any attempt to write upon the chalkboard is futile because there are so many cracks and no way to clean the board, so writing can barely be discerned. Still the few remaining teachers gather their students, often heavily clothed, shivering from cold, and, with a few items brought from home or from around the neighborhood, without funds, they teach.

Meanwhile the tracks of the White Powder Trains sink deep into the hills of North East China. Entire communities have, over the decades, stop growing other crops and most of the land is used for the growing of poppies. It will take, even on the best of terms, more decades to switch back the land to alternative crops. It is like a great machine, the growing of the poppy crops, the refining of the heroin, the transporting, distribution and sales, that has developed over time, into a global network. It is a network that has declared a silent war on humankind. It is a war that no one can win. It is a war that drains human vitality, enslaves people to a slow death, creates most of the crime in America (and I assume, elsewhere) as addicts try to pay to maintain their life style, and leaves the future without its most valuable resource – human resources.

In opposition to the vast fields of poppies, in the center of the city of Khabarovsk, nestled in among the larger commercial buildings, is a little Holodynamic center. There a handful of people are teaching others, counseling educators, encouraging spiritual leaders, holding meetings, sponsoring ecological awareness, modeling how to get high on life, creating the opportunity to connect with hyperspacial dimensions and learn the leadership skills that will build a better future. While not far away, over the hill, the White Powder Trains slip quietly through the city, depositing their product at every stop, part of a war which no one can win.


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