Portability & Storage of Structured Water

Question: What is the best container to store water in?

Answer: When you are in a place of needing to fill containers with Structured Water for later use; there are several considerations.  It would be easier for me to answer this question on the phone, but there are others who also have a need to know this answer with the availability to reference the answer over and over.  When water is structured it will be constantly incorporating its mandate to protect life.  Structured Water will to the fullest extent of its ability assimilate into itself all energies detrimental to life (to include disharmony, stress, toxins, hydrocarbons, elements that detour life just to name a few).  As Structured Water pulls these elements within it; it is assimilating memory.  Memory is an attribute of water that potentially takes it back to whence it came, convoluted.  The only way to correct this condition is for water to return back to its natural origin and then reemerge to again blossom into its freedom to do what it is meant accomplish.  Our structured water devices accomplish this.

Question: Does the water prefer glass to plastic containers?

Answer: No. However we have to be practical.  Everything man made is detrimental to life.

Question: What is the duration of live water in stored containers?  30-60 days in direct sunlight…. how about overcast and evenings – dark?  Since we really don’t “know” this is a sincere if foolish-sounding question.

Answer: The duration Structured Water remains structured depends upon its surroundings in the moment.  Direct sunlight 7 to ten days but if it is indoors or covered it will stay structured for a time depending on its surroundings.  If the energy in its field of influence is detrimental to life, it will correct this energy to the fullest extent of its ability and once saturated will fall back.  If the energy is enlivening and life giving it will last a very long time.

Question: Do any of these - heating, cooking, refrigerating, alter water’s qualities?

Answer: No!

Question: If water’s in a glass container, does a plastic lid alter it? how about a metal lid?

Answer: Structured Water will to the best of its ability correct all elements detrimental to life in its field of influence; this statement includes these things plus everything man made.

Question: Is it o.k. to carry this water in a stainless steel thermos when going out? and carrying in car?

Answer: Yes.  But it is not perfect either.

Question: Where does one find sodium bentonite clay containers?

Answer: I have not looked for them.  As I proceed through my journey they will be produced and available to all who ask.

Question: Lacking the cobalt glass and/or bentonite containers; can you suggest some suitable shielding material one can wrap the container in that will help preserve this water?  There is a shielding film that Ormus producers keep their products in and mail them in. It sort of resembles very thin shiny aluminum but it isn’t and I can’t at all recall now what it’s called.   You will no doubt know this. Will this be an o.k. material to wrap water container in?

Answer: In my view Structured Water is meant to be free so I wouldn’t be much help.

Question: My question is, it looks like the only devices for sale are ones that must be hooked up to the piping for the sink/faucet, shower faucet, etc.  I don’t drink tap water, currently I just buy bottled spring water like Deer Park.  I would like to use your device to structure my bottled water.  Do you have stand alone device that would do this?  Or will one of the faucet type devices on the website work if I just kept it on the counter and poured my bottled water through it into an empty container?

Answer: There are people doing exactly what you seek just pouring their water through the unit.  It does work, however, the more pressure you have the more the efficiency you will potentially get.  I am working to produce a portable unit you can carry with you.

Question: I talked to a friend who I told the unit about, and she said that the water from the unit does not stay structured indefinitely.  Was she mistaken, or is this true? I was under the impression that once the water is structured, as long as it doesn’t travel through a long length of straight pipe, it stays structured.  I have been filling up a jug from my shower unit every morning to drink during the day assuming that it stayed structured.  Would you mind clarifying this for me?

Answer: Structuring; lasts under pressure only 300 feet of straight pipe.  In direct sun light – seven to ten days.  Indoors in an environment of calm without stress and a natural surrounding –   up to 45 days plus.  In a plastic container in your car (not in direct sun light) – up to thirty days.

However, imagine structured water running in a straight pipe under pressure ten miles long. A valve at the other end is shut off. When that valve is shut off, all the water in the pipe is instantly structured.  The term for the event is entrainment.  Structured water placed in the presence of any other water will cause it, also, to be structured by entrainment.

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