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Installation & Placement

Question: I just purchased an under sink unit from you and I’m trying to figure out the best way to install it.   I have an under sink Multi pure (charcoal) filter unit with a sink side faucet.  If I attach the structured water unit before the filter, it will have the best and most consistent faucet delivery, as the water to the filter is always pressurized. Will that set up deliver the desired structured water? or do I need to hook it up directly to the above sink  faucet?

Answer: Hook it up where it fits best for you. Regardless of where it is placed, you will receive Structured Waters’ multitudes of benefits.

Question: We are purchasing another home that has a well. We will be having the water tested, but I understand that there is currently a filter and water softener installed.  Where do I install your unit? Before or after the filter and softener?  Is it possible for this unit to eventually replace these other units or do they perform a different function?

Answer: Placement of your Structured Water unit may be before all other water conditioners, it will just make them more efficient, or after these systems. Regardless, structuring will improve your health and well-being.  If you have a carbon filter after the Structured Water unit it will potentially decrease the ph about one point, 7.5 down to 6.5. Additionally, any calcium build up in conditioners and pipes will also cause a potential decrease in pH (hydrogen).

I suggest placement be such that hose bibs and all other water outlets have the benefit of Structured Water.  It will change your world.  Remember the 300 foot rule; Structured Water is only effective for 300 linear feet, after which it becomes dead under pressure (moving water).  However if the water lines have Structured Water in them and water flow is terminated (shut off) then we have a condition called entrainment and all the waters connected will be entrained and therefore Structured (a Truth of Nature).

Most people turn off their water softeners and conditioners because Structured Water is soft like rain water (another Truth of Nature). Know that in time everything in your home and surroundings will eventually be in tune (harmony) with Nature.  I have a friend who likes to demonstrate the differences between Structured Water and tap water.  He has to go to his neighbors to get chlorinated city water for his demonstrations, but finds when he brings it home, it too, is structured.

Question: I have a 2300 square foot house, one story, “L” shaped.  It has been added onto twice and I’m not really sure how the pipes run.  There are three full baths, one half and one quarter.  There are two water heaters.  I would like something to take care of the house and the sprinklers.  Would one whole house unit do this?

Answer: The Whole House unit will serve you very well.

Question: I will install the home unit at the point where the waterline enters my home so everything with be using structured water. This includes the landscaping and fish pond (500 gallons) which draw their water from connections inside the house.  This means that a total of about 30,000-50,000 gallons of water a month will be passing through the structuring unit and all the way through my home.  The house is tightly sealed/ weatherproofed for efficiency to prevent loss of heat or cooling.   If I understand correctly, the water structuring system will be converting the chlorine in the 40,000 gallons of water into a chlorine gas which will dissipate through the highest point in my home’s water line.  The high points in this case would be the faucets and shower heads.  I am wondering if this quantity of toxic chlorine gasses and possible other vaporized contaminants, constantly released into the sealed environment of my home each day will be a health concern?  If not, could you explain please.  Is the chlorine gas toxic?

Answer: It is structured along with the water, and in my view, this places these things in a sphere of no harm, however, to scientifically prove this knowing of mine an Infrared Mass Spectrometer will be required to show definitely what is in the air and the percentage of that element. There are many more considerations here.  Is it better to ingest these toxins or to release them?  Why are they present in your life?  Is it not for us to get beyond this view of resistance?

Back to what I know Structured Water will do. To the fullest extent of its’ ability (in its field of influence) it will protect you and yours from all things detrimental to life by pulling these toxins into itself if there are toxins after Structuring.

Question: Most of our pipe is 1-1/4” and I was planning on bushing down the two units I have.  Does this minimize performance in any way?

Answer: You can bush down the Commercial units and they will do just fine.

Question: I have a circulating pump on the hot water line in my home which keeps the hot water moving all the time.  This allows hot water to be waiting at the faucet in the bathrooms which are a long distance from the hot water tank and therefore saves running the water while it “warms up” for a shower.  Will this pump or continual hot water movement negatively impact the structured water?  Similarly, will the circulating pump and constant water movement in the fish pond damage the structuring of the water?

Answer: If your water is constantly circulating without a source of freshly structured water within the system, it will become dead after moving 300 feet under pressure.  The solution is to install another house unit on the circulating line so it is freshly structured each time it passes through.  The fish pond would be best served by having a structuring device somewhere in line with the pump unless freshly structured water is coming from another source.

Question: What if I live in an apt complex?

Answer: For an apartment application a Shower unit will work anywhere and an Under Sink is applicable if your complex is ok with it.  They are both easy to install.

Question: I received your Under Sink device.  Can you advise me how to attach? or can I just let it sit on something?  In other words, can it be free-standing (hanging)?

Answer: It can hang free or you can go to a hardware store and buy a 2 inch wall bracket in the electrical department for securing a 2 inch PVC pipe stand for electrical installations.

Question: I have yet to notice any difference in the water quality as of yet.  Do you recommend any specific test or demonstration to potential customers?  I love the idea of your product but still need some convincing of its effectiveness.

Answer: I have sent testimonials and information I can’t think of any more than to try muscle testing or dowsing.

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