Photonic Water


Question: I feel a little confused about entrainment. Do you mean because the water coming out of the device is contained and the structure is affecting that particular water, whatever is coming out is structured and regardless of how far the pipes go down in say your county or city, one is still getting optimal hydration?

Answer: Entrainment is a truth of Nature.  When you walk into a room with others present you entrain upon them and they on you.  Structured Water a perfection of Nature, entrains its energy onto all within its field of influence.

Question: Since this water entrains upon water and materials under its influence, how long does the influence hold on same?

Answer: It falls in the same guide lines as I have related of Structured Water in the answers above.

Question: I did watch the videos and saw where it would structure other water by being next to it.  If I add a cup of structured water to a bucket of well water/tap water would the cup of water structure the whole bucket at that moment?

Answer: These Structured Water systems are specifically designed to fulfill an environment of health; well-being and efficiency for all in its path to the fullest extent of this waters ability so bigger is not necessarily better, however, more units strategically placed will extend this energy form indefinitely.

Regardless of what you pay for Structured Water, under pressure, it only structures water up to 300 feet.  However, when there is Structured Water in a system and no water movement a new paradigm is present and that is a phenomenon called entrainment.  Structured Water entrains upon all the water and materials in its field of influence. Look around; be aware, you are Structured Water.

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