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Question: Q&A response to the persistent requests for authoritative documentation regarding the effects of Structured Water.

Answer: The scientific community around the world abounds with various research, findings, articles and analysis of water structure, its enhancement, its quality and the immense value of its energetic effects on living things. For those of you requesting more info, more answers about the effects of Structured Water on plants, animals, bacteria, virus, and other microbial life forms as well as analytical observations of water’s energetic effects on molecular structures, chemical reactions, enzymes and mineral substances in “non living” components of the world around us, I can only say yes, the data is immense.  It is overwhelming but equally quite incomprehensible.

Despite the countless fortunes being spent in furthering scientific understanding of water and its energetic structure, the most effective and greatest analyzer remains the human mind and body.  Our senses are tens of thousand times more sensitive than the most expensive and elaborate analyzer. Despite the great advancements in scientific research, the analysis drawn from our basic human senses are what the worlds fortunes most rely.  Personal experience remains the truest test and the highest value is placed on that experience.  The analysis of our worlds’ oldest and largest industries (i.e.) Medical, Food, Cosmetics, wine and beer depend almost exclusively on the final word of personal experience, personal observation, person taste, personal touch. Our health and the health of world population and industry depend on our five senses (our personal analyzer) and it is to this ultimate scrutiny we submit our Structured Water Devices.

We will continue to test, gather data, and expand our understandings and applications.  We will continue gathering collaborations with the worlds’ top scientific minds and expand existing studies and related research to add to our own in an effort to help meet the needs of those wishing to use, promote and expand the implementation of these remarkable life enhancing, world changing devices, however, much of this material (both officially published and non-published research data) is and will remain highly complex and in many if not most cases make little meaningful sense to anyone outside these scientific fields of inquiry.

So here in the end as in all new beginnings it is you who must determine  what is good for you. It is you we most trustfully rely. It is your experience, your insight, your personal experience and results we most implore. We and all those using and researching these devices know their value. We see the results but it is you who most ultimately determine its value. The only true failure is to fail to try, to fail to inquire, explore. What is of most value for you can truly be best determined by you. We can offer our experience and findings but you are your own best resource, best advisor and best personal counsel for what is good, healthy and beneficial for you. For more information on these units you may stay tuned to our websites, blogs and newsletters but, for the surest truth, the best testimonial will be your own. Don’t wait, order one today, risk free, fully guaranteed and lovingly offered in exchange for your testing and experience which will always remain our most valued commodity.

Comment: Wonderful advice.  Thank you.  It was hard for me growing up.  I did things people weren’t suppose to do and it got me into lots of trouble.  For many, many years I’ve been shut down.  I just shut the door to it all.  I’ve been a work in progress, finding my way back to myself.  I’m sure that’s why I developed the cancer.  It was my wake-up call.

Comment: You are so wise.  As you now know we are all here to participate.  No putting your head in the sand.  No wonder it has taken so long for humanity to get on with it, you weren’t present.  So that’s not going to happen again, right?

Question: Maybe you could explain something to me.  Years ago a friend came to visit me from Arizona .  Before she left, she gave me a really nice turquoise ring with a oval stone.  She told me before wearing it to take my pendulum and dowse the positive end and wear the positive end up towards my heart.  I took my pendulum and lo and behold the ring had a positive side and a negative side.  For some reason I took the ring and placed it in some water I had charged with my hands.  I left it in there a couple of minutes, took it out and dowsed it before putting it on my finger.  I dowsed and re-dowsed because BOTH sides of the ring were now positive according to my pendulum.  I was told by my friend that any object like a pen, pencil, piece of pipe etc. will have a neg. and a pos. end, and my pendulum verified it.  If I placed a pen or pencil in my charged water, once again both ends would be positive.  I found out I just had to hold something and it changed.  I have a feeling your units probably do the same thing.  If you hold a pendulum over the palms of your hands, you should have one hand pos. and one neg.  I have 2 positives.  I had a person tell me I was a mono-pole whatever the heck that is, if anything.  I thought if anyone knew something about this, you would.

p.s. I love the concept of drinking our dreams!!

Answer: What a beautiful expression of knowing one’s own power.  It’s all energy.  We do have the power to bring it into our view.  Our image.  Congratulations on demonstrating this to yourself and sharing with me.  Now take this knowing to other aspects of your life and be in joy.

Question: There is a retired chemist/engineer who comes to the Vipassana center between courses to take care of stuff and he is really sweet but he thinks that Structured Water is psuedo science.  He said there is no real science that explains it.  He says the only thing that makes water change its properties are the minerals or chemicals you add to it or take away from it.  So he doesn’t see how anything but an actual filter would make water healthier.  He also believes that the crystal pictures that Masuro Emoto takes are ice crystals not water in its soluble form.  If you have any good info I could relay to people like this that would be nice.  If not, that is okay as well.

Answer: Believe me, a Chemist or Engineer has little or no concept of Physics.  I would just let it go until we have proof that he could accept, but I am not sure that you will ever convince an educated man that may be unwilling to go beyond his envelope, his ego.  That’s possibly why he is there.  I don’t think it is our place to change people.  The only way that can happen is for them to change from within.

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