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As an Academy-certified Teacher, you will have earned a Bachelor of Education in Holodynamics from the International Academy of Holodynamics. You will be in a position of public trust. You will be addressing the systems within which people operate such as social systems within frameworks of business, education, government, churches, clubs, etc. Your knowledge and experience become transformational tools that lead to positive change in individuals, relationships and in the collective consciousness. As a Teacher, you may charge for teaching Holodynamics courses and workshops. You will also become eligible to become a sponsor to future Teacher applicants, if you choose. At your request, members of the Academy are available to assist in supporting you as you progress into deeper levels of expertise and potentialization.
General Requirements

In order to receive a Teacher Certificate from the International Academy of Holodynamics, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Be active as a Certified Consultant at all levels, having successfully completed all requirements as defined.
  2. Advocate a Holodynamic view of reality to others, which means demonstrating a multi-dimensional perspective, embracing new information that relates to consciousness from various branches of science such as quantum physics, holographics, self-organizing information systems, etc.
  3. Be able to access enfolded dimensions in hyperspace to allow direct communication with one’s Full Potential Self.
  4. Develop the ability to access the holographic dimensions of consciousness where self-organizing information systems called holodynes control one’s thoughts, feelings and actions both individually and collectively.
  5. Communicate with holodynes of the individual, the relationship and other field dimensions, understand the implicate order of their growth, and as needed, be able to apply information in a way that assists in their transformation to a more evolved form of consciousness.
  6. Be skilled at coaching others to reach the potential of their relationships, which may include tracking, relationship coaching and the relive/prelive process.
  7. Advocate the extension of this process into the larger community through potentialization, following the progression of the six stages of development.
  8. Demonstrate mastery of the academic information and the skills necessary to perform professionally as a Teacher.


Required Skill Demonstration

Prior to receiving a Bachelor’s Degree, each applicant must be certified and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of all Holodynamics Courses. The following requirements are designed to document the abilities and skills, and to provide a record for the Academy and the Applicant:

1. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all Holodynamics materials.

2. Set up independent “holon” groups (friends, clubs, church groups, book club, etc.) where you can begin to practice teaching the principles as outlined. Practice groups are established on a no-charge-to-participant basis in order to provide teaching experience for certification.

4. Document at least 20 teaching experiences for a minimum of 5 classes for future review by Sponsor in report form in your own words.

5. Submit to Sponsor 20 documentations of practice teaching experiences.

6. Work with Sponsor to review your teaching qualifications, and for guidance for your teaching experience at a Holodynamics-sponsored Workshop. The sponsor will answer your questions, support you where needed, observe your abilities, and review all of your documentation throughout the application process. The sponsor will be responsible for recommending your competence to the Academy for certification.

7. Arrange to teach all segments at Holodynamics-sponsored Workshops as a co-teacher with the Sponsor present until all course segments have been demonstrated and mastered.

8. Practice your teaching skills where appropriate on a voluntary basis and document these experiences for future Sponsor and Academy review.

9. Maintain a log book of teaching activities, reporting progress being made throughout the process to sponsor.

10. Complete written exam which can be obtained from your sponsor.

Forms Submission and Application Process

The forms outlined below are designed to support the certification process in supporting your qualifications sessions. These records are a necessary part of the record maintained by the Academy and are used to qualify you for teaching Holodynamics Courses on a professional basis.

1. Submit to the Academy a letter of interest, along with a detailed resume of your professional experience.

2. Submit Teacher’s Application Form and the application fee of $10,000.

3. Apply for a Sponsor certified at the Bachelor’s level who will incorporate your teaching validation into their workshop.

4. Teaching documentations as outlined above

5. Completed Verification Forms from sponsor for each teaching experience until all the contents and courses within the complete workshop have been taught, mastered and approved by Sponsor.

6. Notes from personal log book in support of your experience and ability to teach.

7. Completed Teacher’s Exam

All forms and reports are to be submitted to the Sponsor, whose responsibility it is to mentor you through the degree process by answering questions, making suggestions or recommendations, and generally monitoring your progress as it relates to building teaching skills.

Upon completion, the Sponsor observations, along with the required forms, will be submitted to the Academy as a part of your certification requirements.

It is necessary that both the Sponsor and the Teaching applicant maintain the detailed records outlined in these requirements in the unlikely event that a challenge to their competency would occur from an outside source. In this case, the detailed records would serve to support your qualifications.

••• Download TEACHER CERTIFICATION documents HERE •••

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