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As an Academy-certified Relationship Consultant, you will be in a position of public trust. You will be assisting clients shift the information systems running within the consciousness of the relationships. Your knowledge and experience become transformational tools that lead to positive change in individuals, relationships and in the collective consciousness. As a Certified Relationship Consultant, you may charge for the professional services you perform, and you may also receive referrals from the Academy if desired. You will also become eligible to become a sponsor to future Consultant applicants, if you choose. At your request, members of the Academy are available to assist in supporting you as you progress into deeper levels of expertise and potentialization.
General Requirements

In order to receive a Relationship Consultant Certificate from the International Academy of Holodynamics, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Be active as a Certified Personal Consultant, having successfully completed all requiremens
  2. Advocate a Holodynamic view of reality to others, which means demonstrating a multi-dimensional perspective, embracing new information that relates to consciousness from various branches of science such as quantum physics, holographics, self-organizing information systems, etc.
  3. Be able to access enfolded dimensions in hyperspace to allow direct communication with one’s Full Potential Self.
  4. Develop the ability to access the holographic dimensions of consciousness where self-organizing information systems called holodynes control one’s thoughts, feelings and actions both individually and collectively.
  5. Communicate with holodynes of the individual and the relationship, understand the implicate order of their growth, and as needed, be able to apply information in a way that assists in their transformation to a more evolved form of consciousness.
  6. Be skilled at coaching others to reach the potential of their relationships, which may include tracking and the relive/prelive process.
  7. Advocate the extension of this process into the larger community through potentialization, following the progression of the six stages of development.
    8. Demonstrate mastery of the academic information and the skills necessary to perform professionally as a Relationship Consultant.
Required Skill Demonstration

Prior to receiving a Personal Consultant Certificate, each applicant must be able to demonstrate the ability to track holodynes and to function as a professional Consultant. The following requirements are designed to document these abilities and skills and to provide a record for the Academy and for the Applicant:

1. Complete the following tracking sessions and submit Tracking Log Forms:

  • 21 Trackings on others (maximum of 3 per person) and 21 Log Forms
  • 9 Trackings on yourself done by others and 9 Log Forms
  • 3 Trackings on yourself done by you with 3 Log Forms
  • 3 Verification Log Forms completed by others who you tracked (for references)

2. Arrange for the sponsor to witness three live sessions (in person, conference call, recorded).

3. Complete at least one successful Relive-Prelive processes that are fully documented. This must be done in the presence of a sponsor

4. Complete written exam which can be obtained from your sponsor.

Forms Submission and Application Process

The forms outlined below are designed to document the sessions and provide verification of these sessions. These records are a necessary part of the record maintained by the Academy and are used to qualify you for performing sessions on a professional basis.

1. Submit the Relationship Consultant Application Form and the application fee $1500.

2. Apply for a Sponsor who is already certified as a Relationship Consultant who will supervise your progress through the certification process. The sponsor will answer your questions, support you where needed, observe your abilities to transform relationship Holodynes and review all of your documentation in the applicant process. They will be responsible for recommending your competence to the Academy for certification.

3. Session Reports: consulting sessions and relives/prelives.

  • A explanation of the circumstances addressed in the session
  • How the session began
  • How the session moved to a place of resolution, i.e. holodynes transformed, the potential of the relationship defined, covenants addressed, relive/prelive included, etc.
  • What participants learned from their experience in the session
  • Elements that were transformed for each participant as well as the “being” of the relationship
  • Other relevant information that address the effectiveness of the session

4. Completed Verification Forms

5. Completed Relationship Consultant Exam

All forms and reports are to be submitted to your Sponsor, whose responsibility it is to mentor you through the experiential process by answering questions, making suggestions or recommendations, and generally monitoring your progress as it relates to building coaching skills. When you are ready, the Sponsor will observe or witness two sessions, and verify your level of proficiency as a Relationship Consultant.

Upon completion, the Sponsor observations, along with the required forms will be submitted to the Academy as a part of your certification requirements.

It is necessary that both the Sponsor and the Relationship Consultant applicant maintain the detailed records outlined in these requirements in the unlikely event that a challenge to their competency would occur from an outside source. In this case, the detailed records would serve to support your qualifications.

EXAMPLE: Relationship Consulting leading to Relive Prelive
Alice, Larry, Vicky, & Daughter


Alice (a land manager) has a vision of what she wants to create on the land they share. Larry and Vicki came onto the property earlier in time with an agreement to assist the older couple living their with various personal needs. Sally inherited them as “caretakers” and is frustrated that she cannot “get” them interested to come into alignment with her intentions for the land. They have shown an interest in taking Holodynamic principles seriously, but cannot really relate.

Alice has told them if they can’t align with a sustainable demeanor she will need to find someone else to be there. It has been a frustrating journey for them all so far. Her efforts to track them or teach them to track have not met with success. We agreed to meet altogether to discuss.

Prior to our meeting together Alice and I held two trackings to bring her back to a place of peace personally.


The session began with a general introduction of how Holodynamics came about and that it offered an effective tool for transforming any unwanted circumstance into something more desirable. It was agreed that everyone was experiencing the desire to improve their present circumstances.

We have a lesson in what tracking was and how and why it works. Larry shared that his attempts to make sense of it so far had not been productive.

It was also stated that how-to participation would be appreciated, so they could learn the process to be able to do successfully on their own.

Example of Tracking

The example that we were given with which to demonstrate the tracking process was Larry’s addiction to nicotine. The wife was also addicted as was the daughter.

The addiction image that appeared was a strong, solid, black, rough triangle. It wouldn’t talk, didn’t know anything, wanted nothing, had no intentions, etc. etc. etc. It wouldn’t budge.

This prompted us to address a simpler issue so it could see how easy it was. We went to address the frustration that Larry had around it’s not being willing to cooperate. The frustration appeared as
a large red ball. It wanted information and knowledge. It was introduced to his place of peace. It transformed into a red canoe on the creek where it could enjoy a place in the rapids.

The rapids would bring to it a constant and exciting flow of knowledge coming in from another place. The red ball (frustration) turned into the red canoe (joyful participation).

We took the canoe back to the triangle to show it our intentions. We talked to it first lovingly, then more sternly. Its edges softened—smoothed a bit and it began to talk a little. It wanted attention. It wanted a different response.

For over an hour we talked with it and showed it many, many options, and we showed it again the transformation for the ball/canoe. It did say it would rather be in a joyful state, but absolutely stayed black and sullen and again went silent.

Lesson in Prelive

There were several observations I made in the watching of the dynamics. Vicky’s hands kept moving over to Larry to stroke him as if to show her support, but underneath the support was a powerful message of needing to rescue in a way that didn’t honor he could do the process without her encouragement. In short I could read “co-dependent/enabler” dynamics throughout. The daughter was basically forced to be there and was making an effort to be present while at the same time she was also feeling a victim of their circumstances. She was the only person in the family who had a driver’s license so she had driven them there.

All along this journey we dealt with Larry’s tendency to be unsure of the presence of his FPS, and would substitute with a linear comment or analysis when he felt he wasn’t connected. We kept guiding him back. I suggested to Vicky that her stroking may be part of what was drawing him back into linear. (There were actually quite a few telltale dynamics all occurring simultaneously, and all supported the fact that we needed to look deeper into the origin).

Guides were dog Patch, grandpa and all FPS’s.

Scene #1

We were shown that Larry’s grandfather and the grandfather’s mother were addicted. That was about all there was to that scene. They were enjoying a fishing expedition and smoking.

Scene #2

Fire circle with 4 Native Americans, Larry and his grandfather. They had struck a peace accord and were celebrating with the smoking of a peace pipe. We took note that the smoking was a result of the peace—that the peace was not a result of the smoking.

Scene #3

People using smudge pots to create pest control and warmth for crops—using smoke as good tool. No other message here.

Scene #4

Cigar factory. Many people outside on their break smoking. The concept of cigars for money grew out of their interest in profitable commerce. Smoking had gradually grown into general acceptability and they were not aware of the pitfalls.

Scene #5

An overview of how smoking progressed.
The message was to demonstrate how—in their limited understanding of tobacco—people were asleep to the unwanted effects of nicotine. It had just kind of crept up on them. The important thing for us to see was that they had been asleep to the whole process and now they can awake. There are still choices they can make but now those choices can be made consciously, and with awareness and knowledge.


We had taken the black triangle on this journey so he could gain the benefit of the message, and just as we turned to address his response he jumped in and said “I want to be fresh air….Fresh air for everyone, lots of it, for everybody”.

Larry described the new demeanor as being life sharing, glorious, radiant, like getting a new life. He felt it in his lungs which were happy. He talked about being more green—more plants, keeping cool, creating more oxygen.

As his new companion the fresh air would be literally with him (and everyone else) all the time with each new breath, and from this it gained the attention it sought and wanted more of.

We addressed the aspect that this transformation went deeper than the object of nicotine, but went to his becoming personally empowered, and from that place would be able to create whatever new scenario he chose in his life. (We talked about resonance, the collective field, etc. etc. etc.)

Shifting to Paradise

The conversation then shifted to Alice’s desire to use the land like a blank canvas on which to design a workable, sustainable example where creative, conscious people would gravitate. We looked at how the dynamic of self empowerment would be in alignment with the intensions of the project, and how that would benefit the individuals while benefiting the group. (We had previously covered the lesson about individual choices versus being stuck in the collective mindset, and how we could be in both places at the same time. And how everything is contagious, but updraft is more contagious than downdraft, etc, etc, etc,)

Larry “got” how the process worked. We had a lesson about what he might expect when processing Vicky. How to listen to the lifeform of the potential in guiding the process rather than applying a set of steps. We went back over the process for review from a learning perspective, showing how the process itself was our guide.

And we talked about how to stay in a place of being able to hear what was shared with us out of the experience. Everybody was quite pleased and off to a beautiful day—out into the fresh air!



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