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To qualify for a Bachelor’s Degree a candidate must identify a course of study and skill development which meets the criteria equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree. If the degree is BH (Bachelor in Holodynamics) the criteria must be inclusive of a major project or subject. A BEdH (Bachelor of Education in Holodynamics) can be met by fulfilling the requirements outlined in the “Teacher Certification Process” document. A BEd in other subjects is also possible, and may require training from other certified educational institutions in combination with The International Academy of Holodynamics. A BSc (Bachelor of Science) and BPs (Bachelor of Psychology) is also possible under the same conditions.

Identify a significant issue in need of transformation and include it in an outline of the proposed project.

Submit Letter of Application to The International Academy of Holodynamics who will review and approve the proposal.

Ongoing: Maintain relationship with committee representative who will supervise your activity, mentor you, and oversee your progress.

Maintain a Log Book of your experiences or progress.

Submit the details of any approved implemented project which explains what was needed, what was done, and the results, studying something happening and bringing forth a whole new perspective
(Examples: learning platforms, food production, system creation, etc.)

Complete a written and oral exam.

Cost of Bachelor’s Degree: $15,000.

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