Glossary of Terms - Ӓ •Ӓ

ARC - Automated Resource-based Commerce: digitized economics that is backed by natural resources. - ˕Ӓ ە ӕӒΝ: ٕӒ , ˕ҝ ԕ˕Ӕ̚ ەҚ.
ARC Bank A virtual credit organization serviced by a public ledger. People, who deposit their assets into their private account, can exchange their credits directly between each other. - ˕θ ͕” ӕ˝, ӕۜ ӷ˒ ӷڒ ԕӓ Ӓӓ ۗ. , ӕ ˕ۜ ˒ Ғ ˗̚ җ, ӓ ӷ˒ڸҝ Ғ ͕”̚ ҕ”ڒ ҕ”ڒ ۓ ۓ.
ARC Credits A specific value placed upon assets that have been verified and cleared by a local clearing house and can be deposited in ARC Bank for exchanges of goods and services. ”̚ ҕ”ڒ - ۔θ , ˗̚ ҕ”ڒ, ӕ ԕӒ•̚ ̚ җ-˕̓Ӓ ڕ ӕ ̚ ӷӔϚ ӯ̚, ӕ ӓ ڸ ̚ Ν ӷ ӒӒ ۓ.
Access To gain entry into, uncover or become aware of, as when the conscious mind becomes aware of or uncovers, holodynes or tunes in to any of the dimensions of the holodynamic plane. - ۗ Ӕ -˷, ͕ “-˷; ӓ ˜ Ӓҝ — ͕, Ӕ̚, ˷ "Μҝ" Μ • Ӕ˗ .
Being of Togetherness (BOT) - The holodynamic information system that controls relationships. ۘڒӒ ۞Ӓ ” () /ڸ;ݔ۞Ӓ ”; ”ڒ ۯ;ԕӒ;˔ ”˝; ӗڸ/ - Ӕ˗ ӕ , ӕ ڕ˕ ӯ˝.
Being of Systems Synergy (BOSS) - The holodynamic information system that controls systems and organizations. ۘڒӒ • Ϛ () - Ӕ˗ ӕ , ӕ ڕ˕ Ϛ ӕ.
Biophysics - The study of the physical laws governing biological systems. - ۗ ˗˞ Ӓ, “˕ۜ˞ ӓ˗ Ϛ.
Black Hole - A region of space where in traditional thought, nothing, not even light, can escape because the gravity is so strong. From a holographic view, a black hole stores information and radiates it out in subtle mass exchanges. • - ӷڸ ԕڕڒ, ӕ, ڕ˖ , ˗“, Ғ, ԕڸ - ˯ θ . ӓ˗ ӗ ˝, • ӕ˜ ۗ ˔ ” Ӓӓ ӷ.
Bose Einstein Condensates - The condensation of particles into a wave form under certain conditions. ̔? ? ̯? ̔˝ ˖ ˔ ̚ ԕ ԕ”̚ Ӓ˝.
Boundary Condition - The initial state of a physical system or the state of the system at some boundary in space-time. The requirements of the past, present and future which determine whether a specific potential can be realized. When the mind focuses upon a Quantum Wave potential, its focus creates an echo wave, which goes back into the past, out into the present and forward into the future and which checks the conditions necessary for alignment with all levels of the Implicate Order, from physical to universal. Once these boundary conditions are met, the echo wave feeds back into the Quantum Wave, which then collapses into manifest (particle) reality. ˗˒ Ӓ - •˗ ӝ ˗ Ϛ ӝ Ϛ - ӓ˗ ԕڕڒ-. ڕ·ڸ ԕӯ, ӝ ۔ۘ , ӕ ԕ”Ν, ڸ Ӓ ԕ”̚ ̖. ӓ ҕ”ӗ ̖ Ӓ ̚, “ ̚, ӕ ˔ ԕӯ, ү˕ҝ ӝ ϝ ԕΝҝ •”, ۔ۘ, ӕ ԕӒ• Ӓ˝, ӷӔϚ Ν Ӓ˜˝ ەӒ̝ Ӕ’ӓ ӕ, ˗ӓ ˒•θ. ӓ, ӓ˗˒ Ӓ˝ ӷΜ̚, ̚ ҝ ӗ Ӓۜ , ӕ ۯҝ (˗) θ.
Brane - An object that appears to be a fundamental ingredient of M-theory, which can have a variety of spatial dimensions. In general, a p-brane has a length in p direction. A 1-brane is a string, a 2-brane is a surface or a membrane, a 3-brane is a cube, etc. - , җҝ ̔θ̚ -ӕ, ӕ ڸ ˗̚ ԕڕڒ̚ •˝. ӷ, - -ԕ.
1- ڕ, 2- Ӓ•ڸ Ϸ, 3- ۷, ..
Brane World - The world, as we experience it through our senses, is considered a 4-brane world of depth, height, width, and time. Other enfolded dimensions, such as are visible through the science of holographics or hyperspacial dynamics, have more dimensions visible than the classical or traditional view of this world. ˕ ˕, ԕϚ • ӕ̚ ےڒ, җҝ ˕ 4- (ښž•̚), ӝ ̚, ˕̚, ښ . ۓ ̚ ӕ, ̚ ӓ •ԕڕڒ̚ , œ θ ˔Ϛ •, ˗ ڕ˖ ˔ ˕.
Capitalism An economic system for the control of goods and services within a market system. - ˗ ڕΝ ӒӒ ۓ Ӓ˝ ӗ Ϛ.
Causal Potency - The power to cause, affect or create such as in biological and neuro-chemical reactions that control body functions. Also refers to holodynes, which control not only biology, but also thoughts, feelings, and states of being. ˗ڸ ӷڸ ڸ, ˝ڸ ڸ -, ԕ•, ӓ˗˞ ȕ-˗˞ ͖˝, ӕ ڕ˕ۜ ͖ .
ҝ Ӕ, ӕ ڕ˕ۜ θ ӓ˜, Ϛ, ےڒ ӝ˝ ˝.
Classical Theory - A theory based upon concepts established prior to the theory of relativity or quantum mechanics. It assumes that objects have well-defined positions and velocities. This does not prove true on very small scales, such as in consciousness, where the Hiesenburg principle applies. ˗ ӕ˝ - ӕ˝ Ӓ ̝˝, ̚ Ӓ˝ ӕ θ ͒Ӓ ž. ԕ”, ӷښ œ ԕ”̚ ˖ ӕ. Ӕڒ•ʔҝ ӗ̸ Κ ү, ԕ•, , ԕ̝ҝ ԕ̖ ̷•.
Collective Consciousness Also known as swarm intelligence among insects, fish, birds and other species including humans. This ability is demonstrated when more than one person shares a similar state of consciousness with others. ˒ - ̚ ’ ڪ ҕ” Ϛ, , ˖ ۓ˞ ˔Ӓ, Μ Ӓ. ӷڸ ԕӝΝҝ ӓ, ӓ Ӕ ̔˒˔ Ν Ӕӷ ӝ ˝ ۓ.
Comfort Zone As represented in the Mind Model, the area of overlap between family and cultural beliefs of the mind, where beliefs are sufficiently comfortable, stable and consistent to be held as true. ӕ , ӷ̝ Ӕθ , ӷڸ ʔ ̚ θە̚ ۷ʔ˝ , ۷ʔ˝ Әۘ ӗӓ ӕ, θ ӝڒ, ӷ ԕڸ ˞ ԕ۪.
Conscious Capitalism A state of being that consciously uses the scientific method based on scientifically moderated resource-based economy from the perspective of a conscious, holographic, multidimensional universe. θ̚ - ӝ ˝, ӕ θ θ ۗ̚ Ӕ, Ӓ̚ ۗ ԕΝ ە , ӗ ˝ θ, ӓ˗, ӓ• .
Conscious Capitalist A capitalist who is aware of the whole dynamic in reality (Holodynamics) and applies this information in the way business is conducted. θ̚ , ӕ Ҝ θ (Ӕ) ԕ̝ ӕ˜ Ӕ ”˝ .
Consciousness Awareness; especially that awareness of thought, feeling and volition which arises when the rational and intuitive processes of the mind are integrated and in balance. ڸ; ӷ ڸ Ϛ, ےڒ , ӕ , ӓ θ̚ ˒̚ ԕӖҚ “˕Ӓ̚ Ӕҝ .
Conservation of Energy - The law of nature that demonstrates that energy (or its equivalent in mass) cannot be created or destroyed. Ӟ • - ԕ˕Ӕ, ӕ ڕ˕, •˝ ( ͒˒ ), ڸ ˗.
Cosmological Constant - A mathematical device used by Einstein to give the universe a built-in tendency to expand, and which allowed the theory of relatively to predict a static universe. ӓ˗ ӝ ˗ ˗, θ ̯, ӷ ԕ˔ڸ ԕ”ԕ”ۜ ̖̔˜ ү˕˜, ӕ ӕ θ ڸ ˗ڸ .
Cosmology - The study of the universe as a whole. ӓ˝ ۗ .
Covenant An agreement made between two or more people in one or more dimensions. ӓ - ӓ ʔ ϝ Μ Ӕ θ˞ •˝.
Counterpart - Defines a one-to-one holographic relationship between states in our four dimensional, classical world, and states in more complex dimensions. - ԕ”Ν ӓ˗ ۞ӕ ӯ˝ ʔ ӝ˝ ښž•, ˗ ˕, ӝ˝ ̚ •˝.
Cultural Beliefs Traditions, customs, habits, attitudes, opinions and persuasions held to be of collective value to non-family groups of a culture; those beliefs as experienced by an individual, stored in the holodynes of the mind and occupying a designated area in the Mind Model. θە̚ ۷ʔ˝ - ˖, ӷ, ԕ˒, Ν, ˝ ۷ʔ˝, ӕ җҝ Ϛ ӷڒ Ν ̚ , ҝ˞ҝ Ӕ θە; ۷ʔ˝, œҝ ̔˒˔, ̝ҝ Ӕ “ ԕ”̚ Ӕ .
Curled-Up Dimension - A special dimension that is curled up so small it can escape detection. ͕ۗ˒ҝ • - ӷ •, ӕ Ғ•ښҝ θ Κ •, “ ӷڸ.
Dark Matter - Matter in galaxies, clusters, and space that cannot be observed directly, but which can be detected by its gravitational field. More than ninety percent of the matter in the universe is considered dark matter. •˝ - •˝ , ˝ ԕڕڒ, ӕۜ ’ Μڸ ҕ”ڒ, ӕۜ ӷڸ Ә ӓ Ν. ’ ԕӖӒ • җҝ •.
Developmental Psychology - The study of how humans grow and change over the course of their lives. It explores all aspects of human development from conception to old age and identifies the stages of development of emerging consciousness. ˞ӓ˝ ˝ - ۗ ӓ, Μ ̝ҝ — ˞ . ” ښ Ӓ—ӓ ˝ ˝ ԕ”Ν Ԛ ˝ ӕ˕ۜ“ҝ ˝.
Dimension - A measurable coordinate in one unique direction, such as the four dimensions of space-time (breadth, height, width and time). There are at least ten dimensions enfolded within the measurement of gravity. Refer to p-brane. • - • ӕ Ӕ θ ԕ, ԕ•, ښ •˝ ԕڕڒ (, , ˕ ϝ). ڕ̚ ͕ • ҝڸ • ̚. ڕ -.
DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid, composed of phosphate, a sugar, and four bases: adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine. Two strands of DNA form a double helix structure that resembles a spiral staircase. DNA encodes all the information that cells require to reproduce, plays a vital role in heredity and is organized by spinners of information emanating from hyperspace. ՠ - ˕˷Ӓ , ӝ , ښž Ӓ̚ Ӓ: , , . ՠ ӷۜ ۜ ˕θۜ ڕە, ӕ Ӓۜ ˖. ՠ Ӕ˕ Ҝ ӕ˜, ӷӔۜ ԕ ; ՠ ˓ ۜ θ ”ڒ ӷӒҝ ҝ ӕ, ҞӔ •ԕڕڒ.
Duality - A correspondence between apparently different theories that lead to the same physical results. θڸ (ڒڸ) ڒڒ ʔ ӗ’˔ ˗̚ ӕ˝, ӕ ԕ˒Ӕ ӔӒ ˗ θ.
Electromagnetic Force - The force that arises between particles of electrical charges with similar or opposite signs. ڕ - , ӕ ʔ ˖ ڕ˗˞ Ӓ ӔӒ ԕ˒̚
Emotional Processing - The capacity of information systems to function according to non-linear dynamics as demonstrated through emotions such as love, hate, elation, and depression. Equated to wave dynamics because the process resembles the way waves behave. ӕ Ӗ - ӷڸ ӕ̚ ͖˕Ӓڸ ڒڒ , ڕ˕ҝ • Ӗ, ΜӒ, ڸ, ӕ ԕ˜. ˕˒ҝ "Ӓ" , ԕӖ , ” · ̚.
Enfolded Dimensions - An object, which appears to be a fundamental ingredient of M-theory, that can have a variety of special dimensions or p-branes. ڕ̚ (͕ښ) ӕ - , ӕ ԕ”Νҝ Ӓ -ӕ, ӕ ڸ ˗̚ ԕ”̚ • -̚.
Entropy - A measure of the rate of disorder of information systems in a physical system, such as the number of different microscopic configurations of a system that leave its macroscopic appearance unchanged. ڕ˝ (• ˗) - • ԕ” ӕ̚ ˗ , ԕ•, ˗ڒ ˗̚ ͕˗˞ ˓ە Ϛ, ӕ Ν ͕˗ Ғڒ ̚.
Event - A point is space-time. ӷ (ۗ) - ڸ ԕڕڒ
Event Horizon - The boundary of any given information system, such as the boundary of a black hole, beyond which it is not possible to escape. Any conscious system beyond which one cannot conceive of any other view. ӕ ӷ - ˖ Μ ӕ Ϛ, ԕ•, ˖ • , ԕ”Κ ӕ ’ . , ԕ” ӕ ˗ ۓ ӗ ˝.
Family Beliefs - Traditions, customs, habits, attitudes, opinions and persuasions held to be of collective value by a family or any group of people living together in intimate relationships; those beliefs as experienced by an individual, stored in the holodynes of the mind and occupying a designated area in the Mind Model. ̚ •Ӓ˝ - ˖, ӷ, ԕ˒, Ν, ˝ ۷ʔ˝, ӕ œ ˒ۜ ڸ Ν ϸ ˷ Ԛ Μ, ԕ˒˞ œ˞ ۷ۜ Ғ; ۷ʔ˝, ӕ ̔˒˔, ̝ҝ Ӕ ԕ” Ӕ .
Field - Something that exists throughout space and time as opposed to a particle that exists within a given point. - — ۘڒۜ ԕڕڒ , ˗ ˖, ӕ ۘڒ ԕ” ӗ.
Field Shifting The changing of the collective network of individuated information sets held among more than one individual at the same time. ˜ Ν - Ԛ ̔˒˔˕Ӓ̚ ӕ̚ ӕӒ, ԕҞӔ Ӕ Ӓ ӔӒ.
Fine-Grained Screens - Identified by Karl Pribram as closely meshed fabrics that cover all of the senses. Fine-grained screens appear to serve as information filters associated with particle data systems involved in holographic information exchange. •ښ ͕̚ - ̚ ˷ •̚ ڕە̚ ښ, ͕ ےڒ. •ښ ͕̚ ӝΝҝ ڒ ӕ̚ θڕӒ, Ғ̚ ԕ”̚ ӕ̚ , ۗڒۜ ӷ ӓ˗ ӕ.
Force Field - The means by which a force communicates its influence. Ӓ - ”ڒ, Ә ӕӓ Ӕڒ Ғ ڒ.
Fractal Scalar Law The geometric fractal pattern of the organization of the universe as outlines by Nassim haramein in 2009 and applied to similar pattern of thought, feelings and actions within the Holodynamic framework of reality by Victor Vernon Woolf in 2011. θ̚ Ν̚ - ڕ˗ ٕθ̚ ӕ ӕ , ̚ 2009 Ӕ , ԕϚ 2011 Ӕ ӕ • θ ӓ˗ Ҟ Ϛ, ےڒ ڒ Ӕ˗ θ.
Frequency - For a wave, the number of complete cycles per second. - Ν ̚ ̚ Ӓ ̔.
Frohlech Frequencies - Named for H. Frohlech, who in 1968 predicted that a quantum frequency would be discovered that allowed coherence within the human body. The frequency (approximately 10 to the minus 33 per second) is used by microtubules to communicate along neural passages, among cells and between organs of the body. Such frequencies are connected to hyperspace. ښ ˞ - ڸ . ˞, ӕ 1968 Ӕ ԕ”, ۔ ӷ ͒Ӓ , ӕ ӷ—˒ ӓӒڸ Ӓ— . (ԕ˷θ 10 33 ̔) θҝ ͕ڕ۷ӗ Ν Ғ ȕ̚ , , ʔ ӕ . ښ Ғ̚ •ԕڕڒ.
Full Potential Self The enfolded fullest capacity of a person, the primary information set or holodyne which influences and shapes experience through all stages of development at all levels of the Implicate Order and throughout all dimensions of the mind. ̖θ - ڕ () ˒ү ӷڸ Ӓ, , •˗̚ ӕ ڕە Ӕ, ӕ ˝ ӕ˕ Ԛ ž ˝ ž ەӒ̝ Ӕ’ӓ ӕ ž Μ˝ •˝ .
General Relativity - Einsteins theory based upon the idea that the laws of science should be the same for all observers, no matter how they are moving. It explains the force of gravity in terms of the curvature of a four-dimensional space-time. ӕ˝ θ - ӕ˝ ̯, Ӓ ˔, ̚ ̚ ڸ ӔӒ Ν ž , ӓ, ҝ. ӷ̝ ڝ ӗ ˝ ͕˒̚ ښž•ӓ ԕڕڒ-.
Genomics - The study of genetic codes, the DNA, gene splicing, and cloning. - ۗ ˗˞ ӔӒ ՠ, ͕˜˒ Ӓ ˕Ӓ.
Global Bank A resource-based economic system. ӷθ̚ - ە-ӕ˕Ӓ (ӷ) ˗ .
Grand Unification Theory - A theory that seeks to unify both strong and weak electromagnetic forces. Ӕθ θӓ ӷ”˝ ӕ˝, ӕ ˘ ӷ”˝ θ̚ ڕ̚ .
Gross-Grained Screens - Loosely meshed fabrics that cover the senses and are thought to be information filters associated with wave data systems involved in holographic information exchange •ښ ( ۷) θڕ - Ғ̚ •, ͕ (ӷ˒) ےڒ, ԕ”θ ̝ ͖˜ θڕӒ Ν Ӓ ӕ̚ , ӕ θۜҝ Ν ӓ˗ӓ ӷ (•”) ӕ
Holodynamic - A school of thought that includes all dimensions of reality and therefore all dimensions of consciousness. (From holo meaning whole and dynamic meaning force in action or motion.) Having to do with the universe as a projection of the Quantum Force through holodynes interacting at all levels of the Implicate Order to create physical matter, life on earth and human experience within one dynamic whole. Ӕ Ϛ ӕ Μ · •˝ θ ”Ӓθ •˝ . ( holo- Κ, dynamic- ˪.) ˗ ̝˜ ԕ͖ Ӓ Κ • Ӕ̚, ӕ Ӕڒۜ ž ەӒ̝ ͕ӓ ӕ Ν ˝ •, Ӓ—ӓ Ԛ ” ˗ .
Holodynamic Healing When a three dimensional holographic image of a healthy raspberry is projected onto a dying, unhealthy raspberry, it gets well. When an image of a persons Full Potential Self is projected (held) in place in that persons imagination, the person tends to get well. Ӕ˗ Җ - ӓ ӕӒ ڕž•̚ ӓ˗ ӷ ӕӒ ̚ ԕ–˕ҝ ˕ۜ, ӕӒۜ , ӕ˒. ӓ ӷ ү“ ̖ Ӓ ԕ–˕ҝ ӷ ӓ Ӓ, Ӓ “ ӕ˒.
Holodynamic Health - The state of being healthy that is coherent with the whole dynamic of reality. Ӕ˗ ӕӒ - ӝ ӕӒ ӕ ” θ.
Holodynamic Plane The plane of the mind where all thought patterns can be seen as part of the whole; in the Mind Model, the diagonal plane between the rational and intuitive portions of the mind, where activated holodynes operate and interact (bond); by extension the plane of all life in the holodynamic universe. Ӕ˗ ڸ ڸ , Ϛ̚ •̚ ڕ˒ڸ ڸ ӓ; Ӕ - θ ڸ ʔ θ̚ ˒̚ ڝ , ڒۜ Ӕڒۜ Ӕ̚; ԕڝ ڸ ̚ ڒ˝ Ӕ˗ .
Holodynamic Wellness - The theory and practice of Wellness that includes the whole dynamic of reality. This approach views reality as conscious, dynamic, multidimensional, and interconnected. Ӕ˗ ӕӒ ӕ˝ ԕ ӕӯ“ ӕӒ, ӕ Μ · ۜ θ. ӔӔ ԕ”Ν θڸ ۜ, ˗ۜ, ӓ•ۜ Ғۜ.
Holodyne - Information systems that are holographic in nature. From holo meaning whole and dyne meaning unit of power as in dynamite or dynamo. Holodynes are considered holographic thought forms that have the power to affect matter. They are thought to exist within the water molecules of the microtubules of the cell. The fundamental unit of the holodynamic universe; the first order of organization on the manifest plane, a multi-dimensional holographic unit of memory storage. Holodynes are thought-forms with causal potency, which behave like living entities within the mind, creating, directing, shaping and experiencing (as subtle attractions and selectors) its thought streams; on the holodynamic plane, they encode the resonating frequencies of the Quantum Wave as it passes through them to all levels of the Implicate Order. Holodynes are responsible for ego-states, engrams, frames of thought, inner dialogues, personality characteristics and behavior patterns. They are formed from sensory input, modeling, experience imprinting, genetic inheritance, imagination and parallel worlds. Ӕ ӕ̚ Ϛ, ӕ Ғ ӓ˗̚. holo- ̚, dyne- ”˖ Ә˪ . Ӕ̚ җҝ ӓ˗ Ϛӕ, ӕ ӓ ˝ڸ •˜. ҝ, ۘڒۜ ڕ Κ Ӕ ͕ڕ۷ӗ . ̔θ ”˖ Ӕ˗ ; • ӕ ӕ ԕӝ , ӓ• ӓ˗ ڸ ˘ ϝ. Ӕ̚ ϚӕϚ ԕ˗ ̖, ӕ ” · ˒ ۘڒ ڕ , ӕ , ԕΝ, ӕ˕ۜ ڒۜ ( ” ӒϚ ڕӕ ӕ ) Ϛ; Ӕ˗ Ӕ˕ۜ ˕ۜ ښ Ӓ • ˞ ԕӞʔ˝ ەӒ̝ ͕ӓ ӕ. Ӕ̚ ڒڒ̚ -ӝ˝, ̓Ϛ, ڕە Ϛ, ڕ ӓ, ˗̚ • •̚ Ӓ”˝. ӕ˕ۜҝ ӕ̚ ̚, Ӕ˕Ӓ˝, —Ӓ Ԛ, ӷ˝ θ̚ ˕Ӓ.
Hologram - A three-dimensional image projected onto a two-dimensional object such as a three-dimensional picture projected onto a page. Holograms can be multidimensional information systems contained within a lesser dimensional space-time. ӓ ڕž•̚ ӷ, ӕ ԕ–˕ҝ ۞•̚ ӷ, ԕ• ڕž• ԕ–˕ҝ ڕ˖. . ӓϚ ӓ ڸ ӓ•̚ ӕ̚ , Ӕ•ҝ ڕ ԕڕڒ-ӓ ̸“ •˝.
Holographic Matrix - The multidimensional information field that gives form to everything. Not confined to the space-time continuum but inclusive. ӓ˗ ڕ˖ ӓ• ӕ , ӕ ӕ . ӓ˗˒ҝ ԕڕڒ-̚ , Μ “ ·.
Holographic Screens - Sensory screens (refer to fine- and gross-grained screens) used in holographic information exchange. ӓ˗ θڕ ӕ̚ θڕ (Қ - ͕•ښ θڕ), ӕ θۜҝ ԕ ӷ ӕ.
Holographic Theory - The idea that the quantum states of a system in a region of space-time may be encoded on the boundary of that region. ӓ˗ ӕ˝ ˔, ͒Ӓ ӝ˝ Ϛ ӷ ԕڕڒ - ӓ ڸ Ӕ˕Ӓ̚ ˖ ӷ.
Hyperspace - A dimension of reality beyond the confines of three-dimensional space and time. •ԕڕڒ • θ ԕ” ڕž•ӓ ԕڕڒ .
Hyperspacial Counterpart - The holographic phenomenon of a one-to-one relationship between networks of information spinners beyond the confines of space-time (thus hyperspace) that are pre-computing the quantum potential sets within every set of circumstances within space-time. In the school of holodynamics, it is referred to as ones Full Potential Self. •ԕڕڒ̚ ӓ˗ ۞ӕ˞ ӯ ʔ ӕ̚ •Ӓ ˖ ԕڕڒ ( ڸ, •ԕڕڒ) ӕ ԕ”θ Ν ӕ ͒Ӓ ̖Ӓ ʔ ӕ ӷӝθڒ ԕڕڒ- .. Ӕ, Қҝ ү ̖ Ӓ.
Hyperspacial Information Spinners - A faster-than-light, quantum potential field, identified by Roger Penrose as made of networks of information systems in vortex motion, which are pre-computing all possibilities for every set of circumstances in space-time. •ԕڕڒ̚ ӕ̚ • Ғ•ҒӒ, ͒-̖θ , ԕ”̚ Ӕ• ̕ ̚ ӕ̚ Ϫ ˞’ , ӕ ԕ”θ Ν Ν ʔӓ ӕ ӷӝθڒ ԕڕڒ .
Implicate Order - One of the basic tenants of quantum physics, first proposed by David Bohm, which gives forth the fundamental idea that beyond the visible, tangible world there lies a deeper implicate order of undivided wholeness. Life and consciousness emerge in space-time according to this built-in order. The unfolded underlying order of the universe, out of which all ordinary experience is manifested consists of six interacting levels, from physical to universal, which correspond to the Six Stages of Development. ͕ښ ӕ Ӕ Ӓ̚ ̝ ͒Ӓ , • ԕ” ˔ , ӓ ӕ ԕ” ˔ӓ •θӓ ˕ Ӕҝ ۷ ͕ښ ӕ ” . ӓ ڕ ӕ, ̸ ڸ ڪ ԕڕڒ . •ښ Ӓ ӕ , ӕӓ ӷ̚ •˒˝, Ӕڒۜ˞ ەӒ, ˗ӓ ˒•θӓ, ӕ ڒڒۜ ˝ ˝.
Information - Literally, in-forms holographic spinners that are projected from a more complex system into a less complex system. Everything in this space-time is made of information in motion. ӕ˝ ͒θ, ӕª ӓ˗˞ Ӓ, ӕ ԕ–˕ۜҝ ̚ ̚ Ϛ. ԕڕڒ- ӕ
Information Theory - First developed by Claude Shannon, a series of theorems about communication systems, beginning with the source-coding theorem, that advocates entropy as the measure of information, and culminating in the noisy-channel-coding theorem, including codes for data compression and error correction. ӕ˝ ӕ • ۷Ӓ Ӕ , •˝ ӕ ̚ , ӕϚ Ӕ˕Ӓ˝ ӗ, ӕ ԕ”Ν ڕ˜ • ӕ, ˓ θ ӕ Ӕ˕Ӓ˝ Ν Ӓ , Μ Ӕ Ν ˝ ̚ ԕ˝ ӯ˷.
Interest Wave The ebb and flow of concern, focus, attention, passion or curiosity, whether conscious or unconscious; within the mind, it is shaped and controlled by holodynes on the holodynamic plane. The interest wave has dimensions of intensity and frequency and is depicted topographically as going through each dimension of the Mind Model. • ԕ˒ ˒ ڒ, ˕Ӓ˝, ˝, ڕ ΜԚڒ, θӓ, θӓ; ڕ ӕ˕Ӓ̚ ڕ˕ۜҝ Ӕ Ӕ˗ . • • ˒ ښ ӷҝ ӓ˗ ԕӞӔ ͒ ʔ • Ӕ .
Interference Pattern - The wave pattern that appears from the merging of two or more waves emitted from different locations or at different times. • ••̖ Ӓ •, ӷۜҝ ԕ ˝ ۞ , ۗϚ ̚ ϝ.
Intuitive Sensory Perception (ISP) The use of the senses by the intuitive mind. The operation of consciousness within the body has three process: particle, wave and presence. Human sensory perception has a corresponding trilateralism. Particle functions are perceived by the rational senses and processed mainly in the left hemisphere of the brain. Wave functions are perceived by the emotional senses and are processed mainly in the right hemisphere of the brain. Presence embraces both particle and wave functions and integrates all information sets into in-to-it-ive being which is non-linear, creative, holistic and artistic. Conscious use of ISP allows the mind to directly access holodynes and the orders within orders of its thought streams, to intervene in their dynamics, and to integrate mental processes at levels of complexity beyond the realm of ordinary rational thought or emotional dynamics. ˒ ےڒ ԕ˝ (׬) - θӒ ےڒ ˒̚ . ˝ ڕ ۘڒΝҝ ڕϝ ԕӖ : ˖, ԕڒ. ےڒ ԕ˝ Ӓ ڒڒۜ ڕ•. ˗̚ª ͖ ˓ҝ θ̚ ےڒ , ̚ ӷ, ӷښҝ ’ ۯ . Ӓª ͖ ˓ҝ ˒̚ ےڒ ӷښҝ Ӓ ԕ ۯ . ӝ ڒ˝ Μ ˗̚, Ӓ ͖, “˕ۜ ӕ ӕ ˒ Ϛ, ӕ Νҝ ̚, ڒӕ, ˗̚ ۔ڒ̚. θ θӒ ... Ν ҕ”ڒ ˒ڸ Ӕ̚ ӕ ڕ ӕӒ Ғ“ Ϛ ¯˒ڸҝ ˞ , ӓӒڸ θ̚ ԕӖҚ ەӒ̝ ԕ” ڒ ӷ θ Ϛ Ӗθ .
Life Card A personal card granted to everyone (even at birth) that gives them credits to receive whatever they need for sustainability: free education, equipment, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, energy, etc. ˗ ӗ ˕Ӓ ʔ ( ԕ ʔ), ӕ ͕”ښ Ν ۗ˝ “, Ν ˒˝ : ӷӒ, ӷӕ۔Ӓ, ”, ͕, Ӕʔ, ڕӕ, •˝ ..
Linear Thinking - The capacity of information systems to function in a logical, sequential, and rational fashion. Equated to particle thinking because the process resembles the behavior of particles. Ϛ ӷڸ ӕ̚ ͖˕Ӓڸ ӓ˗, ”Ӓθ θ. ˕˒ҝ ˗۪ Ϛ˜ ԕӖ Ӟ Ӓ” ˖.
Macroscopic - Large enough to be seen by the naked eye, for scales down to 0.01 mm. Scales below this are referred to as microscopic. ͕˗ θ θ, ӷ ӓ ڸ ˔ ’ӕ̚ Ν, Ν • ڸ 0.01 . • ̸ ӓ җҝ ͕˗.
Manifest Plane The world as we normally view it; that which is evident to, and perceived by, the rational senses, usually limited to the three dimensions of length, width and height over time. ӝ ڸ ˕, Ϛ ԕ˒ “ ˔ڸ; , Νҝ ӗ’˔̚ ˓Ϛ θ̚ ےڒ, ӷ ӓ˗̚ ڕϝ •˝ ̚, ˕̚ ښ.
Maxwell Field - The synthesis of electricity, magnetism, and light into dynamic fields that can oscillate and move through space. Ғ - ڕӛ•, Ғ ˗ Ν ӕ ӓ ·ڸҝ ˓ڸҝ ͒ ԕڕڒ.
Mechanisms of Consciousness - The biophysical mechanisms directly associated with the function of consciousness. ž ˝ ˗ žϚ, ӕ ԕۜ Ғ̚ ͖ ˝ .
Menu of Options - The sum of all possibilities within any set of circumstances. ̜ Ӓ Ӓڸ ž Μ ӕ ӷӝθڒ.
Microtubules - Small tubes that form the cytoskeleton of the cells and contain the capacity to store and disseminate information. Thought to be a key mechanism to consciousness, mitosis, cell growth, organ growth, and quantum coherence in the body. ͕ڕ۷ӗ ̸ ڕ۷ӗ ӕ ӕ˕ۜ Ӕ• ڸ Ν ˝ ԕڕ˝ ӕ. ҝ Μ’ ž , , , ӕӒ, ͒Ӓ ӕ.
Mind A concept regarding intelligence as it encompasses all mental activity, whether rational or intuitive, manifest or unmanifest, individual or collective. ̖Ԗ˝ , Μ · Ҝ θۜ ˒ڸ, θۜ, ˒ۜ, ԕӝۜ ԕӝۜ, ̔˒˔θۜ ˒ۜ.
Mind Model A topological model representing the various aspects of the mind (family and cultural beliefs, rational and intuitive thinking, holodynes on the holodynamic plane and the stages of development) and how these interface with the Quantum Wave and hyperspace. Ӕθ - ӓ˗ Ӕθ, ԕ”Ν ˗̚ ښ (̚ θە̚ •Ӓ˝, θ ˒ Ϛ, Ӕ̚ Ӕ˗ ˝), Ӕڒ Ӓ •ԕڕڒ.
Morphogenic Field - A dimension of reality in which biological systems self organize. First conceived by Rupert Sheldrake. ӕӓ • θ, ӕ ӓ˗ Ϛ ӕۜҝ. • ԕ” • Δ.
M-theory - A theorem that attempts to unite all five string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single theoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood. -ӕ˝ ӕ, ӕ Ԛҝ ӷ”ڸ ԝڸ ڕ̚ ӕ, •˜, ” ӕ˗ ڕە, ڸ ̝.
Multidimensional - An information field composed of more than one unique measurable coordinate. This universe is composed of multidimensional information fields. Consciousness is also multidimensional. ӓ•ڸ ӕ ӝ Ӕ θ • ӕښ. ӓ•̚ ӕ̚ . ӓ•.
Newtons Laws of Motion - Laws describing the motion of bodies based on the conception of absolute space and time. These laws held sway until Einsteins discovery of special relativity. ̚ ˝ ո ̚ Қ Ӓ ̖Ԗ Μӓ ԕڕڒ . ̚ ڒӒ ͕˝ ̯ ӕ θ.
No Boundary Conditions - The idea that the universe is finite but has no boundary in imaginary time. ӝ˝ ˖ ˔, —, ˖ ӷ .
Parallel Worlds - Universes, made of information, running parallel to ours, evidenced through their super gravitational fields, and their impact upon the field of consciousness. Worlds which exist in planes parallel to the manifest plane of our world, such worlds are thought to communicate a time continuum, wherein past, present and future are one. θ̚ ˕ - ˕, ӝ ӕ, ӕ ۘڒۜ ڝ, θ̚ , ԕӝΝҝ • Ғ • ̚ Ν ˞ ˝ ˝. ˕, ӕ ۘڒۜ ڝ, θ̚ ԕӝ “ ˕, ˕ ϚΝҝ Ӕڒۜ , ԕӯ, ӝ ۔ۘ - Ӕ .
Particle - Describes a standing wave or spinner that exists only at one point in time. ˖ Қ ӝۜ • ӕ ۘڒۜ θ Ӕ ӗ .
P-Brane - A brane with p dimensions. Also refer to brane. - •˝. ڕڸ
Phase-Spacing The process of viewing any dynamic in the terms of its space on the Mind Model. Phase-Spacing allows us to consciously step outside of any problem and to view it from the perspective of growth and choice, as related to family and cultural beliefs, rational, emotional, and intuitive processing, holodynes on the holodynamic plane and the stages of development, and how these interact with one another. ˕Ӓ ԕڕڒ ԕӖ ڕ˝ Μ ӯ ԕڕڒ Ӕ . ˕Ӓ ԕڕڒ Ν θ ڸ Μ ԕӷϚ ڕ˒ڸ ӗ ˝ ӕ, ӯ˜ ̚ θە̚ •Ӓ˝, θ, Ӗθ ˒ Ϛ˜, Ӕ Ӕ˗ ˝ ˝, Ӕڒۜ ۓ ۓ.
Place of Peace A dimension outside the confines of linear/wave dynamics that allows access to hyperspacial information systems. ӝ • ˖ ̚/Ӓ , ӕ •ԕڕڒ̚ ӕ̚ Ϛ.
Place of Planning A state of being in which hyperspacial and specific information sets establish covenants for the purpose of unfolding certain potentials ˕Ӓ˝ ӝ˝ ˝, ӕ •ԕڕڒ̚ ԕ”̚ ӕ ӕ ˒ ӓ˝ θ ͕˝ “ ̖.
Potential - Refers to a possible manifestation in a given set of circumstances. ̖ ҝ ԕӝ˜ ӕ ӷӝθڒ.
Potentializing The realizing of any potential by focusing upon it and by aligning it with the holodynes, relationships, systems and principles involved, and with the universe as a whole. Potentializing occurs naturally whenever boundary conditions are met and the Quantum Wave collapses into the manifest (particle) reality. ̖˝ - ˝ Μӓ ̖ ˕Ӓ˝ ˒˝ “ Ӕ, ӯ˝, Ӓ—̚ ԕ̖ . ̖˝ ԕҞӔ ڒ̚ ӷ, ӓ ڕ—ҝ ӓ˗̚ Ӓ˝, Ӓ ҞԚҝ ԕӝۜ (˗ۜ) θڸ.
Pre-Computed - Computations that may have influence prior to conscious realization. Used in the context of hyperspacial computations within one dimension (beyond time) that affect another (within time). ”θ җΝ ˝, ӕ ӓ ˝ڸ θۜ ˜. θҝ •ԕڕڒӓ җ˝ ԕ” Ӕӓ •˝ ( ), ӕ ˝ ۓۜ ( ).
Prelive To access and experience future events before they occur in this space-time time. ԕ˒ Ԛ ۔ۘ ӷ˝ ˞ ԕүڒ˝ ԕڕڒ- .
Presence - The ability of information systems to function on more complex p-brane dimensions, such as the influences of the hyperspacial counterpart or Full Potential Self of individuals or collectives. ڒ ӷڸ ӕ Ϛ ͖˕Ӓڸ ̚ •˝ p-̚ ӕ œ ˝ •ԕڕڒ̚ Ӓ ˗̚ ̚ ̖ ˗ ˒
Quantum - An indivisible unit of wave dynamics. ” ”˖ Ӓ
Quantum Force A universal force pervading the fabric of space and time. The Quantum Force is thought to be the source of all energy on the manifest plane and so powerful that a single cubic centimeter of space contains more energy than all known matter in the universe. Ӓ ˒•θ , Ν Ӓ ԕڕڒ . . ҝ, ͒Ӓ Νҝ ӗ ž • ԕӝ ”ڒ̚ ۷˗ ڕ ԕڕڒ Ӕ• θ •, ̚ • .
Quantum Frequencies - The measure of very small waves in terms of the number of complete cycles per second. Ӓ ”˖ •˝ ӗ̸ ̸˞ •җ ˗ڒ ̚ Ӓ ̔.
Quantum Mechanics - The physical laws that govern the realm of the very small, such as atoms and protons. Ӓ ž ˗ ̚, ӕ Қ ӗ̸ ̸ ˖, Ϛ ԕ̚.
Quantum Potential Fields - The matrix of information that exists through space and time. Such fields constitute one of the theoretical foundations of quantum physics and are thought to make up the majority of reality. Ӓ ̖θ̚ Ν ڕ˖ ӕ, ӕ ۘڒ ԕڕڒ . Ν ԕ”Ν ӷ Ӕ ӕ˗˞ Ӓ ͒Ӓ , , җҝ, Ν θۜ ڸ θ.
Quantum Thinking Thinking which combines rational (particle) and emotional (wave) processes in a balanced, synergistic way and which allows the mind to grasp events, changes and connections inaccessible or incomprehensible to either process of the mind used separately. Quantum thinking accesses the intuitive quantum dimension of the Implicate Order that underlies all manifest reality. Ӓ Ϛ Ϛ, ӕ Ӓ˜ θ̚ (˖) Ӗθ̚ () ԕӖҚ ҷ˕Ӓ̚, •˗ ӷ ӕ Ν ڸ ӷ˝, ˝ Ғ, ”̚ ̝̚ Ν ڔθ. Ӓ Ϛ ӷҝ ˒ ͒Ӓ ͕ӓ ӕ Ӓ ž ԕӝ θ.
Quantum Wave A universal wave containing all possibilities on the unmanifest plane for any circumstance also called the Offer Wave. From the rational (particle) perspective the Quantum Wave is composed of an infinite number of quanta or discrete bits and pieces, which together make up the complete set of possibilities for any given circumstance. From the intuitive (presence) perspective, it is a field in which all possibilities exist without distinction until a mind focuses upon the field with specific intent. Ӓ ˒•θ , Ӕ• · ԕӝ Ν Μ ӷӝθڒ, ӕ ҝ ”˝. θ ӗ ˝ (˖) Ӓ —ӓ ͒Ӓ ڔθ̚ ӗӒ Ȫ, ӕ ڒ Ν ž ̚ ӷӝθڒ. ˒ ӗ ˝ (ӝ˝ ԕڒ˝ ) ӕ ۘڒۜ ˗˝ ( ̚) ҕ”ӗ ͕̚ •.
Relive To access past events after they have occurred. •ԕ˒ Ӓ (˒) - ӷ () ԕӯ” ӷ˝.
Resonating Energy Field A field of encoded resonating frequencies emanating from a source with causal potency, ie, an I or holodyne and creating a growing environment in which matter or living entities are formed, take shape or grow, as for instance, crystals, molecules, cells, plants, animals, humans and social systems. ˕ۜ •˗ Ӕ˕Ӓ̚ ˕ۜ˞ , ӕ ҞӔ ԕ˗-”ڒ ӗ, ڸ, "" Ӕ, ˞ ۘۜ ҕ”, ӕ ӷۜҝ •˝ ˒ ۘڒ, ԕ ԕ ӕ ˷ , , ԕ•, ͕Κ, Κ, , ˝, ˒̚, Μ Ӗθ̚ Ϛ.
Resource-Based Economics Currency that is backed by natural resources and digitized for exchange of goods and services (like a debit card). ە-ӷӒ ̚ ӷӕ, Ӓ̚ ԕ˕Ӕ̚ ە ԕ”̚ ٕӒ ӕ Ν ӷ Ӓ ۓ ( Ӕӷ · ښ)
Round Table In tracking, a place within the mind where mature holodynes can meet and communicate with one another, with the I and with the conscious self, so that principled peaceful processes can be incorporated into an individual life. ۓΚ ˒, ڕ , Κ Ӕ̚ ӓ ڕ—ڸҝ ӷڸҝ ۓ, ˗ڸ, , ӷ Ӓ̚ ԕ̖ ˕̚ ԕӖҚ ӓ ڸ Ә̚ ˗ .
Simulation To mirror situations and explore potential solutions to challenge facing humankind. Ӕ˕Ӓ ڕ ”Ӓ ̚ ¯ Ν ԕӷ, ӝ˞ •” Ӓ—ڒ. ,
Space-Time - This four-dimensional space whose points are events. ڕڒ-ϝ (ԕڕڒ- ) ښž• ԕڕڒ, ӗ ӕӓ Νҝ ӷ˝.
Spatial Dimension - Any of the four space-time dimensions that are space like. ڕڒ • Μ ښž ԕڕڒ-̚ ˗, ӕ Ӕӷ̚ ԕڕڒ
Special Relativity - Einsteins theory based upon the idea that the laws of science should be the same for all observers, no matter how they are moving, in the absence of gravitational fields. –θ ӕ˝ θ ӕ˝ ̯, ӕ Ӓ ˔ ۗ̚ ̚ ӔӒ Ν ž Μ, ӓ, ҝ ԕ ڒ .
Spin - An internal property of elementary particles, related to but not identical to the everyday notion of spin. ڕ Ғڒ ˖, Ӟ, , ˔˗ ”’̚ ԕ”˝
Spinner - An internal property of elementary particles thought to emanate from hyperspace. • ڕ Ғڒ ̚ ˖, ԕ”θ ۗϚ •ԕڕڒ.
Stages of Development - From developmental psychology, the stages of development refer to specific stages each person goes through in life: conception, in vitro, birth, early childhood, young adult, marriage, career, family, midlife, golden years, declining years, and death. Consciousness emerges during these stages according to its own implicate patterns. ˝ ˞ӓ, ˝, œ ӯ •̚ , • ӕ ԕӞӔ ʔ Ӓ — : , ڕڕӷ , ʔ, ڒ, Ӕڸ, ڸ, •, ϸ, ҕ” , ښ Ӕ, ԕ̚ Ӕ, •ڸ. ԕӝΝҝ ԕڝ ˞ ӓ ˞ ӷڒ̚ ̚ •..
String - A fundamental one-dimensional object in string theory that replaces the concept of structureless elementary particles. Different vibration patterns of a string give rise to elementary particles with different properties. ڕ Ӓ Ӕ•̚ ӷ ӕ ڕ, ӕ ̖Ԗ˜ ڕە̚ ̚ ˖. ̚ ˷̚ Ӕ ڕ ̚ Ғڒ ̚ ˖.
String Theory - Also known as superstring theory, which explains particles as waves on strings and attempts to unite quantum mechanics and general relativity. ӕ˝ ڕ ӕ˝ •ڕ, ӕ ӷ̝ ˖ ̚ ڕ ڕҝ ӷ”ڸ ͒Ӓۜ ž ӕ˜ θ..
Subtle Attractor The underlying and potentially powerful influence of any intent whether conscious or unconscious, which attracts things, persons, relationships, systems or principles aligned with it. ӗ ԕڝ˝ Ӓ ̖θ Ә ˝ Μӓ ӓ ӓ ˝, ӕ ԕڝ˒ ˜, Μ, ӯ˝, Ϛ ԕ̖Ԛ, Ғ̚ .
Subtle Energy Senses A biological sensory system, distinct from the normal five senses, extending throughout the body, wherein each cell acts as both receiver and transmitter of subtle energies. The system is governed by the brains limbic center which processes sensory information and determines the bodys responses through the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. ̚ ےڒ ˞ • ӓ˗ ӕ̚ Ϛ, ˗̚ ӕθ̚ ԝ ےڒ, ԕڕ̚ , ʔ Νҝ ԕ •”ڗ ’˔Ϛ •. ԕΝҝ Ϸ˗ ڕ , ӕ ӷښ ےڒۜ ӕ˜ ԕ”Ν ͖˜ • .
Superconductivity - The ability of certain materials to conduct electrical current with no resistance and extremely low losses, which is now possible at high temperatures via infused ceramic superconductors. •ԕӒӔڸ ӷڸ ԕ”̚ •Ӓ ԕӒӔڸ ڕ˗ ԕ˒˝ ӗ̸ •, ȗ ԕ ˞ •ە Ә •˗˞ Ғ•ԕӒӔӒ.
Super Fluidity The ability of certain materials to flow through space and time with low resistance and extremely low losses and at low temperatures via infused ceramic superconductors. •ۗڸ ӷڸ ԕ”̚ •Ӓ ԕӞӔڸ • ԕڕڒ ϝ ԕ˒ ӗ̸ • ԕ ˞ •ە Ә •˗ Ғ•ԕӒӔӒ.
Super Gravity - A set of theories unifying general relativity and super symmetry. •˝ ڒ ӕ ӷ”̝˞ ӕ˜ θ •ڕ.
Superposition The ability to be both in and out of a situation at the same time, such as a quantum computer that can be both on and off at the same time or a person who can be both in conflict and out of it or in solution at the same time. •˖˝ ӷڸ ڸ ӔӒ , ͒Ӓ Ը• ڸ ӔӒ Μ Μ ˷ Ӓ ڸ “ ˷ ¯ ӔӒ.
Super Symmetry - A principle that relates the properties of particles of different spins. •ڕ˝ ԕ̖, ӕ ˒ ӯ˝ ʔ Ғڒ ˖ ̚ Ӓ.
Sustainability The ability to continue to sustain oneself, or the ability of a system or community to continue to exist. ˒ڸ ӷڸ ԕӔڸ Ӕ•˒ڸ · ˷ ӷڸ Ϛ ӷڒ ԕӔڸ ۘڒӒڸ.
Swarm Intelligence - The ability of some species, such as ants, termites, fish, birds and humans, to act as one collectively conscious entity. This ability is thought to be a function of the quantum dynamics within microtubules that function hyperspacially. Ӓ ӷڸ ӕ ˔Ӓ, ˞ ە, •ښ, , ˖ Μ ӔڒӒڸ Ӕ ˒̚ θ̚ ӕ. ”ҝ, ӷڸ Νҝ ͖ ͒Ӓ ڕ ͕ڕ۷ӗ, ͖˕ۜ˞ •ԕڕڒ.
Symbiosis A state of two dissimilar organisms living together in a mutually beneficial, cooperative relationship and creating extra energy. Ϸ ӝ ۞ ӕӔ̚ ӕӒ, ˒ۘ˞ Ӓ˝ ӒӔӓ ڕ۔˗ڒ, ӯ ˝ θ •.
Telepathic Tunneling - The ability of microtubules (or other life forms) to share information without any visible means of transferring this information. Thought to be a demonstration of quantum frequencies that transmit information via hyperspacial wormholes directly from within the microtubules and causing swarm intelligence. ˗ ˕Ӓ ӷڸ ͕ڕ۷ӗ ( ۓ˞ ӕ ) ԕڕ̝ڸ ӕ˜ ˞-˷ ˔Ϛ ҕ”ڒ Ν •” ӕ. ۘڒ , ԕӝ ͒Ӓ , ӕ •” ӕ˜ • •ԕڕڒ̚ ͕Ӓ ӕ (ԕڕڒ-̚ ), ҕ”ڒ Ә ͕ڕ۷ӗ Νҝ ԕ˗ Ӓӓ .
Thermodynamics - The study of the relationship between energy, work, heat, and entropy, in a dynamical physical system. •Ӕ ۗ Ӕڒ˝ ʔ •, , ڕ ˗ ˗ .
Time Dilation - A feature of special relativity predicting that the flow of time will slow for an observer in motion or in the presence of a strong gravitational field. ү˕ • • –θ ӕ θ ԕ”, — ”ҝ Ν ΜΝ ԕڒ θӓ ӓ Ν.
Time Loop - Another name for a closed time-like curve. Ν ۓ Ν ϝӷ ͕˒.
Time Reversal The ability of mater ( atoms, cells, organs or beings) to revert back into their original state of being when specific frequencies are presented in a consistent manner. ’• ӷڸ • (Ӓ, , ӕӒ ˒ ۘڒ) ڸҝ ˞ θ ۘڒӒ˝, ӓ ԕ”̚ ښ ԕڒۜ ȗ˒ ˔.
Topology - The schematic representation of the mathematics of abstract concepts such as the topology of the mind model, which shows a schematic drawing of the various dimensions involved in consciousness. A branch of mathematics which deals with changing the shape of objects without changing their function; as applied to the Mind Model, a diagrammatic representation of aspects of the mind which does not change their function. ӓ˝ Ҟ˗ ӷ ڕ̚ ̖Ԗ, ˞ ӓ˝ Ӕ , ӕ Ҟ˗ ӷ ̚ ˗, ۗڒۜ˞ . ڸ , ӕ ڕ˒ ӕ ӷӒ ˝ ˞ ͖; ԕ̝ Ӕ , Ҟ˗ ӷ Ӓ , ӕ ̝ ˞ ͖.
Tracking The process by which a person, using Intuitive Sensory Perception, accesses a specific holodyne, befriends it, learns its positive intent, transforms it into its mature image (potentializes it) and commits it to a systematic, principled, universal relationship. ˒ ԕӖ, ӕ Ӓ, θ۝ ˒ӓ ےڒӓ ԕ˝˝, ͕ ͕ Ӕ, Μ ҝ , ۗ “ ˒ •, ڕӕ˕ “ ۜ ӕ (̖˕ “), ԕ˒Ӕ ˗ۜ, ԕ̖θۜ, ˒•θۜ ӕ ӯ.
Transform - To change in form. Information systems cannot, according to the laws of conservation, be created or destroyed. They can only be changed in form. ӕ˝ ӕϚ. ӕ̚ Ϛ, ӓ Ӟ˝ (•), ӓ ڸ ̚ ˷ ۯ̚. ˯ ڸ ˞ ӕ.
Uncertainty Principle - The principle formulated by Hiesenburg, which states that one can never be exactly sure of both the position and the velocity of a particle. The more accurately one knows the one, the less accurately one knows the other ̖ ԕ” ԕ̖, ӕ˕Ӓ̚ ̷•, ӕ , ӓ θ ڸ ӗ ے•̚ ӔӒ ӕ ˖. ӗ •ҝ Ӕ • ˖, ӗ •ڸ ӕۜ.
Unified Theory - Any theory that describes all four forces and all of matter within a single framework. ӕ˝ Μ ӕ˝, ӕ Қ ښ Κ ˜ڒ ” ڕ͖
Vacuum Energy - Energy that is present in apparent empty space. Thought to cause the expansion of the universe to speed up. •˝ •˝, ӕ ԕڒ ӗ’˔ ԕڕڒ. ۘڒ , Ν ے˗˒ڸҝ ӕڸ ү˕˝ .
Virtual Particle - A particle that can never be directly detected, but whose existence has measurable effects. ˕θ ˖ ˖, ӕ ӷ ҕ”ڒ, ۘڒӒ •Ϛ ښ.
Vortex Energies - The forces associated with spinning wave dynamics. ˞’ • Κ Ғ̚ ˝ .
Wave Dynamics - Also known as wave function, wave dynamics are a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics that declares that a number at each point in space associated with a particle determines the probability that the particle is to be found at that position. Ӓ Ӓ ͖˝, Ӓ Νҝ ̔θ ̖Ԗ ͒Ӓ ž, ӕ Ν, ʔ ӗ ԕڕڒ, Ғ ˖ ԕ”Ν •ӝڸ ӓ, ˖ ˖.
Wave/Particle Duality - The concept that there are no distinctions between particles and waves. Particles may be like waves and visa versa. ӕΝ-Ӓ ӷ ԕ” , ˗˝ ʔ ˖ ڒۜ. ˖ ӓ ڸ Ӕӷ̚ ӷӕ.
Well-Being - The natural state of being well, healthy, robust, internally and externally coherent, biologically balanced, and in harmony with life. ۗ ڒ ӝ ӕӯ“ ӗےڒ˝ , ӕӒ, ͕, ڕ ¯ , ӓ˗ ҷ˕Ӓ, ˗ .
Wellness - The state of being physically healthy and, in the context of this writing, wellness refers also to a healthy presence state of consciousness, including psychological, social, and universal health. ӕӯ ӕӒ ӝ ˞ӓ˗ӓ ӕӒ, , ӕӯ ӕӒ ԕ” ˗ ӕӒӓ ӝ˝ ˝, Μ ˞ӓ˗, Ӗθ ӷ ӕӒ.


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